Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Female Albino Space Spider- Not Your Average Halloween Manicure

Hi polished pretty (or pretty handsome!)

I hope you are doing well today, and have survived Stupid Sandy.  What a b13@#  :_(  I send out my sincere wishes for the well being and recovery of any and all affected, especially to those suffering direct losses.  It is hard for me to think of other things again today, but I do want to share some fantastical nails with you.

On the subject of scary and unwelcome guests at Halloween time, I almost stepped on an unwelcome guest in my shower, and this guest inspired my manicure.  I am glad my husband came running with the flyswatter!  I HATE SPIDERS in my shower!

Here I am showing you Vicki the Alpha Female Albino Space Spider, the original nail art I promised you yesterday, applied over Immortal.

Poor Vicki, she is lonely because she ate all the other space spiders, you see there are no more floating around out there.  Stupidly, she often wonders where all her friends went, while she pats her satisfied belly with all eight feely grabber thingies.

Female Albino Space Spiders are famed for their bloody and cannibalistic meals. This little beauty has just finished saying goodbye to her lover with more than just words.

It is said that you are never more than three feet from a spider.  Last year, two golden orb-weaver spiders were flown on the very last Space Shuttle to the ISS (International Space Station) in a laboratory
experiment. They grew very well and spun webs and captured prey!

They could escape and maybe mutate into SPaCE SPiderS!  I wonder how many spiders launched into space as stowaways.
Here is a link to a video of the spiders!

Vicki is a clever spider who wears sunglasses because of the lack of atmosphere in space to filter the suns radiation.  Plus, they make Vicki look HOT.

These stars glisten and sparkle!  Jordana Lunar Lights and Outer Space both feature in my starry skies.  The cheerful colors in my manicure help cheer up shocked witnesses to this horrific space spider munching spectacular.
I also entered this one in the Jordana Halloween Nail Art Contest. I think I will get points for originality, lol.

Here I show my pinkie with both glitters, but the rest with lunar lights, no topcoat.  These jordana glitters are fantastic, they are very durable and glittery.  The glitter spreads perfectly, the formula is great, and the price is right.  You can get some of these glitters for as little as $1.00 when Kmart puts them BOGOHO (Half Off).

I hope you liked my space themed Halloween manicure.  I wanted to do tombstones but they don't have much glitter, and space spider came out! I like to think outside the pumpkin! LOL

Today I add the fabulous and final polish to my whopping 20 polish jackpot, LA Colors Treasure Island, featured in my ocean waves mani, is going to be going home with the consolation prize winner in my random drawing as part of the Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA competition!

Today is the final day.  I look forward to sharing my polish with you for real.  I want each of you who have entered that I am really having trouble deciding, you have made my job difficult with your SCARIES.  I am going to take this very seriously indeed, and really determine without bias which polish would be the very last one I would want pick up and actually wear.  I wish I had huge prizes for all who entered and you could all win!  I think you are all big winners : )


PS I am planning to go ahead with a somewhat toned down Halloween Blog Party - I think we can use a bit of a distraction from other unpleasant realities.


  1. I love this


    kate xx

    1. HI Kate, thankzzzzzz! I don't mind links so much if you are a beauty blogger, I know some don't love them, but ok sparkledust, since you are so sweet! Spam it is! Yum@


  2. OMG I had a mini panic attack thinking of spiders in the bath tub...so not cool. Your mani is fantastical and amazeballs though. That glitter polish is super gorg! Great job on Vicki too :)

    1. Awww, you are really sweet Jasmine! I tried to make the best of a silly awesome manicure. It isn't for everyone, I am sure of that! Hahahaaha Thanks for your kind and encouraging words!

  3. LOVE this mani! Your nails in the last picture look beautiful, so very very jealous!

    I attempted Halloween nails myself, I always seem to do it really well the first time and then when I recreate the look it is rubbish! Practice makes perfect I suppose!

    Awesome blog!

    www.queenmorsh.com xxx

    1. Thank you Morshmellow! You are sweet to say! Yes, I have had lots of practice LOL

      Thank you!

  4. Gaaaahhh I hate spiders!!! I would be screaming in that shower!!! And although beautiful, that poser on your nail is scary looking!!!! Awesome job though!!

    1. Hi Gosia! I don't like them coming at me, and I must tell you, when I looked down and saw a spider on my nail it rather freaked me out!


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