Monday, October 22, 2012

Glitter Goblin is Great! + Aqua Crystals Added

Hi there!

I hope you are doing well today!  

I mistakenly stated on my last post I was up to 100 posts.  I am, but I neglected to observe that 16 of the posts were drafts! Not finished, never published. Lol. Oh well! : )

I don't worry too much about mistakes if I just can learn a lesson, it's a good thing in the end.

Here is a polish that is a winner in my book,  no mistake!  I added Glitter Goblin to an accent nail, really at first to cover a ding!  I was very hard on my Roguish Red manicure, I conducted a garage sale wearing this manicure.  I placed a fresh coat of Roguish Red to dress these nails up for you a little more nicely.

Then I put more Glitter Goblin!  I needed more of this glitter. Glitter Goblin has gorgeous orange glitters with holo glitters throughout.  It is breathtakingly beautiful in the bottle, and on the nail it does not disappoint me at all.  In fact, I have been looking at Amazon to buy up a supply of them to hoard, er, I mean re-sell or give away as gifts.  Plus I need a  back up of this!  I am very happy with this glitter, more than I have been with a glitter for a long time.  Here is a shadow shot to show a bit of the depth of the sparkle in this polish.

I have long wanted a gorgeous orange glitter, but they are rare when I found them they are a pale orange.   Until now.  Orange is a special color for me and I really love to wear it.  It is a lively color, and it lights up my life!  It is said to make you hungry, it also is said to make you look younger, if you wear a scarf of orange to frame your face.  Instant vitality from the reflection on your skin is the result! Always a +!
My pointer is loaded with 3 coats of glitter over Roguish Red, Pinkie too.  Topcoat is on all but pinkie.

Orange nails signal youth and strength and vitality, they are EXCITING!  They can make people take notice!  That is why traffic cones are bright orange, so you will really see them. Orange is not for the timid.  You notice my blog background is orange, it is my favorite color!  If you have never loved orange, I know it is hard to get used to at first, but I believe the right orange can sing with the right outfit on any skin tone.  
Blurred for sparklage

When I see this polish in the sun I feel real joy and wonder!  It is exciting, to my eye very beautiful, close up and at a distance on the hand.  The overall effect is metallic orange, with all the holo glitter colors mixed in.  It is similar to the effect and sparkle of Mad As A Hatter, which is my all time favorite glitter.  I can not capture the beauty of this polish fully.  But I have tried.
One more for good measure

The formula is good, and the layers I have applied make my nails feel super strong.  I shopped at Homey Depot, and took a pic of this color between the orange and red on a sign.  It fits right in between.  I absolutely love both of these colors.

  I think China Glaze did a wonderful job on the Halloween collection.  The only disappointment was the Ghoulish Glow, which works, but not as well as a Sally mini glow in the dark.  Ghoulish Glow is more sheer which would make it better for layering over other polishes, however.  The Sally mini is more cloudy.

TIP: A glitter like this is easier to remove if it is placed over a few coats of a non glitter polish.  I place remover-soaked cotton balls over the nails to soften and remove the glitter easily after a few minutes.

Pomegranates ready for harvesting for a bit of fall color.

 Check out my brand new shiny Dream Factory on the link up at the top!  It is already at work.

Today's addition to the Alternate random prize in my Scariest Bottle Contest is LA Colors Aqua Crystals, a beautiful blue glitter!  

Have a beautiful day.



  1. That is a beautiful orange glitter! Your posts always make me laugh :p and those pomegranates look DELICIOUS!

    1. Hi Julz! Thank you for reporting back about your LOLLING! YOu are funny too, so I take that as a high compliment! I am trying so hard to be funny, it is good to know I am not the only one who LOLs in here!

      : D

      Wink Wink Nudge Nudge!

  2. Just bought the China Glaze Wicked set yesterday... Can't wait to do something fun with these! I have a pom tree too! They are definitly ready for harvest... I have so many I think I will set up a Pom Stand in front of my house and sell them. :-)

    1. Hi Kell! Great idea on the poms. I wonder if I could do that here? I am waiting now to see what magic you make with this set. It is so inspiring! I am going to get a lot of mileage out of the oranges.

    2. Oh, and Orange is one of my favorites too!

    3. That is freaking awesome Kelly! I don't have to do the "Hard Orange Sell" on you anymore then :D

      Orange is the BOMB! You have good taste, has anyone told you that before? I am sure they have ; )

  3. Replies
    1. You are such a sweetie! YOu make me blush! How can I not love you? Hugs!!!



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