Monday, October 1, 2012

Stars for the Movies

Greetings lovely !

I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend!

I have another manicure I would like to share with you today.

I was simply trying to make a manicure for the movies.  I went to see Looper, the new Bruce Willis movie, on Sunday, and I wanted some nails that would keep me entertained in the dark theater.  You know, in case the movie was bad.   It was great by the way, it would be a great date movie.

These nails were  a successful and spontaneous burst of creativity.  I applied Jordana garlic basecoat, then two coats of Milani Silver Dazzle.  Silver Dazzle is a "One Coat Glitter".  I guess any polish can be one coat, if that one coat is satisfying to you.  But one coat of this one was not enough, so I applied two thin coats.

The finish of this polish is like asphalt, gritty and bumpy, but glittery in the light.  It needs topcoat.  I applied Sally Hasen Insta Dry to my left hand and it was still bumpy.  I decided to switch to Sephora OPI Flurry Up glitter topcoat, and I applied it to both hands.

Flurry up is a silver glitter topcoat that is worth the $9.50 price tag because it is rock hard, mirror shiny and lasts like iron.  I also have two of it's sisters, Only Gold for Me and Traffic Stopper Copper, these are beauties as well.

That was still not enough for me.

I added some holographic stars and glitter.

I used the Insta Dry to stick the glitters to my nails, and sealed them in with another thick layer of Insta Dry.

I found these at Dollar Tree, eight vials for $1.  I about passed out from excitement when I saw all these glitters for such a price.  Each package has eight adorable glass vials containing a small amount of glitter or shapes for nail art.  These are so much fun to play with.

I then sprinkled holo hexes from my glitter hoard on my other nails.  I hoped for more colorful results(!), but these were so shiny I could see them blinging at me during the film.

Outdoor in sun.

I like this manicure, but I am not looking forward to removal.

On to the next one!

Today I am happy to announce that I am one of the newest members of the Blogazons.   I want to make visiting this blog a better experience for you, my readers, and this should really help! Those beauty-blogging-ladies have it going on!

I hope to share a few more of my pictures of the local fall colors during this beautiful season .  I find them inspirational, I hope you do as well.

Hugs to you- the whole day through!



  1. I also want to see that movie;) The manicure looks awesome

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the little hollow stars on your ring finger. Gorgeous!

  3. Hi BeautyShades! Thank you sweetie : ) I would love to know how you like that movie, and what nail polish you wore!

    Hello Jacqui! Thank you for the sweet comment! I had fun being artsy, and not getting them the same, and it is easy too!


  4. Replies
    1. Why hello there Essie Rae : D

      Oh yes, this was B-L-I-N-G intense.

      Thank you for noticing : )
      And joining up for more fun!



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