Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old Flat Top Helps Me Open Jewelry Mail!

Look at Old Flat Top helping me out!  Thank you so very much to you Old Flat Top, and all of you my friends for helping me open my jewelry mail today!

Hello again says Old Flat Top. Can you see how his moon is glowing with crushed amber jewels now?  I added sparkles to the sky and moons. Why would I do this?

So I could feature a Jordana nail polish and enter their contest for Halloween!  See what I did there?

 I put Jordana Bronze Fest on the Moon for the center-piece de resistance!

I WANT to hoard as many as 70 MORE Jordana polishes, so I will enter again if I can manage it, you could too!
From the Jordana facebook page
Oh, and speaking of WINNING, Kath the Fabzilla held a contest for a ULINX bracelet and, lucky me,  I won it my friend!  

Kath's blog is one of the best beauty blogs out there, and if you are a gal with long hair, she is a great resource, because she shares info on caring for her gorgeous mane.  I can not thank you enough for commenting on this blog to tell me I won Kath, because if you had not, I would not be rocking this amazing new bracelet right now!  I know it is a pain to chase down winners of giveaways, but I tell you this, I really really appreciate you KATH!  I am sure if you check it out, you will enjoy her blog too!

I designed this bracelet myself by choosing charms on the site, and then I rendered it in  amazing 3D online before they make it. It is super fun!  Cameron Diaz was pictured wearing one recently, so I feel like a movie star wearing this.

(Lovenailpolish trivia note,  the hubs and I were extras in the movie Space Cowboys.  If you blink you miss us.) 

If you see your creation come to life, it is so super exciting!  This is why I love to be an artist!  

That is what I am!  I finally found my thing, what I will do when I grow up! I have decided.  Why fight it anymore?

My unique bracelet.  It is magnetic, you can mix it up!  It comes in a neat box like this.  You can buy this one for around $84 with shipping and tax, but they range in price.  It would make a great Xmaxgift at under $50 with fewer charms.

Oh, I have a joke for you today by the late Mitch Hedberg.  Paraphrasing from my memory here:

I bought a donut and they asked me if I wanted a receipt for the donut. I cannot imagine a scenario in which I would need a receipt for a donut.  We do not need to bring ink and paper into this.

Imagine some skeptical friend, Hey, you really didn't buy that donut!

Yes I did, I have the receipt right here. (Checks pocket) Oh, wait, it is at home, in my file, under D, for Donut.

I miss Mitch, but he will be there in the hereafter, and that is a great comfort to me.

Today's addition to the GRAND PRIZE in my Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA is SPARKLING DIAMONDS by LA Colors.  This is an awesome glitter with medium and small silver glittazzzzzz!  It is a dupe for SOPI  Flurry Up!

Have a Glittery Day!


  1. MeooooooW! Great Job on the spooky trashy cat!!

    1. Hahahaa! I love Old Flat Top! I don't want to take him off!

  2. Awesome win! That's a cool bracelet, lucky girl :) Love your mani, too, the cat is so spookily adorable!

    1. Hi Liesl! Thank you for visiting me here again, it is so good to see you! That is cool-I am so glad you enoyed Old Flat Top! I had so much fun making him for you!

      Thank you for helping me celebrate my latest win. I can't stop entering contests, and painting my nails! Oh well! LOL!

  3. Glad to know you got your bracelet! Have fun experimenting the beads. One time i did a flower closure with those balls. Thanks for your sweet comment. Wish I have 1/16th of your talent in nail art!!!!xoxo

    1. Hey there Kath the Fabzilla! How are you doing in wonderful Hawaii? A flower closure? Ohh sounds cool! I am having so much fun with the bracelet, but I am loathe to remove it from the exact way it came yet. It is so special!

      I will always remember your kindness in commenting here to tell me about it every time I look at it. And anytime I get a compliment on it, because I will, and already have!

      Have a wonderful day, because you are!

  4. These nails blow me away! Well done! Love the color & glitter!!!!

    1. Awww, Hi there Miss Massikur! How lovely to see you here! Thank you so much for your kind words, and for visiting me here!

      I hope to see lots more of you!


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