Friday, October 19, 2012

Riri Inpired In The Red Nails! + AWARD TIME

Hello there~  I hope you are well and happy.

I would like to share with you some Rihanna inspired nails done by In-The-Red-Nails!  On her blog today, she shares with us her inspiration,  a stunningly gorgeous embellished Rihanna-mani.

These are just AWESOME, rowr!

I absolutely love what she has done here, and the fact that these nails were inspired by Rihanna makes me love them just that much more.  I can totally see Riri rocking these on a day when she is shopping for sunglasses, or jewelry,  or doing most anything, anywhere really!  I think it would go very well with camo or army green casual clothes that Riri sometimes rocks, adding a flash of glam to a drab outfit.  I would feel really powerful wearing these nails, because of the strong shape and design.

Extremely impressive interpretation and expression of your RiRi-nspiration, In-The-Red-Nails!  I want you to know that I appreciate you so much for doing these so I am not lonely, doing Riri nails in a worldwide exhibition hall all by myself! LOL.  YOU are a ROCK STAR!  Want to show of your inner ROCK STAR?? Come join InTheRed and I here!

That is right, while I am discussing my appreciation and affection for In-The-Red-Nails, let me continue by saying thank you to her, as well as De Mons of the blog Makeup Demon, for the Laine Award! Thank you !! I really appreciate this award, because with this Laine Award I have won, I can confidently say I am the author of a multiple award winning blog ; )  Thank you again my friends, for this exciting and wonderful honor, I am so grateful to have found you out there in Nailblogland.  So to honor you, and this award, I will complete the associated requirements forthwith.

To qualify as having achieved and accepted this Laine Award, one must complete the the following three things, three is the number of the things, the number of things being three, (any Monty Python fans?) and in doing the things three, YOU get the award from me!

  • Tag the blogger who awarded you
  • Answer the five questions below
  • Award 5 more bloggers the Laine blogger award.

  • Woo hoo this is fun!  I love AWARD TIME!

    Ok here we go haHA!  

    You were so kind to ask IntheRedNails and De Mons, of course I love to answer your questions!

    1. Q: What is my current beauty obsession?
         A:  My blog, and nail polish to feed my hungry posts! Nomnomnomnailpolishnomnomnom.  This blog (ger) is a polish hungry MACHINE!

    2. Q: What is the one beauty item I wish I owned:
        A:  I want a large dotting tool, or does a Helmer count?  That.

    3. Q: What is my favorite post to read or write about?
         A: Nail art which is inspired by anything, and comparing the art to that thing, for example, like fall leaves nail art, and thinking about how it looks like real fall leaves.  I like things that are put together with other things that are like that thing.  Did anyone else love Sesame Street -Which of these things is not like the other??? That was my thaaang man!  I guess it helped me learn organization, right? THANK YOU BIG BIRD.

     4. Q: What inspired me to become a blogger?
          A: One day I turned the corner at Krogers. On the end cap, to my utter delight there was a shiny new and full display of OPI polishes, my favorite brand! At Krogers!  There was the entire gorgeous Hong Kong collection and more fatefully, Alice in Wonderland. I debated on which one to buy for a long time, because if I didn't care for the color, there goes eight bucks! I finally settled on Mad as a Hatter. I wasn't sure I would like it. I tried it on my pinkie nail, over La Paz-itively Hot.

    Soon it was my topcoat for all ten nails and I couldn't believe this sparkly insanity made such magic on my finger tips. I kept saying to myself that the polish is INSANE! It was a revelation for me. I had never seen a polish like it. This is where my Nailblogland awareness began, I have never looked back, and now I am charging around in here.

    5. Q: What are you wearing on your nails right now?
         A:  A spontaneous flying by the seat of my witch broom Halloween manicure. 

    This one boasts sparkling bats and stars, the moon and bars!!  Bizarre Blurple is the basis, and some LA Color Sassy Sparkles are my stars.  A Sally Hansen nail prism in White Diamond is hanging my pink and green duochrome moon for me.  

    To top that off, and thanks to Fergie's hot Hollywood Walk of Fame, I have flashing holo pink, blue, and silver stars shining,  in contrast to a few  red satin stars!  This is all accented by a sparkling bats and, astonishingly, a rare ALBINO SPACE SPIDER hangs on an invisible thread among the stars.

    They are the subject of my next post, I can hardly WAIT to share them with you!  But first.....

    I, lovenailpolish at Addicted to OPI-yum

    Thank InTheRedNails and De Monx, and do 


    nominate the following bloggers for the 

    Laine Award


    By the power vested in me, I hereby award the Laine Blogger Award to the following talented and wonderful Nail blogging ladies:

    1 AMarie at Definitely Addicted.  I do not see this award on your blog yet, so here you go!  I really enjoy your super funny blog posts (Pajama Pants is a standout   for me), and your Ugly Manicure Mondays are hi-larious !  It makes me super happy to see your cute picture among my readers on my blog, and I love to see your pretty manicures come up regularly in my blog reader.  I can always count on you for bringing a smile to my face, so I hope this brings one to yours in return. : )

    2. Julz Perri at Julz Perri Nails.  I love to laugh, so I love reading the writings of Julz Perri.  If you take a look at today's post, I think you will too.    Julz is a new, friend of this blog, and I am really enjoying getting to know her better, I hope you check out her blog and show her some love!  Thank you Julz for visiting me so I could find you out there in Nailblogland!  You rock!

    3. Fingers at Fingers Polish Mania I don't know if you have this yet Fingers, but here you go! Thank you for following my blog Fingers, when I saw that you followed me it really gave me impetus to continue my efforts on this blog. Fingers has an incredible nail polish collection, and she shares them in pairs or threes in every post with her "trademark funky French".  

    4.  Morgana at Love my Nails  This intrepid young blogger had the bravery to enter my Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA (tm) competition!  I salute you, and appreciate your willingness to share with us and take a chance to win my glitters.  I really appreciate you, and beginning bloggers like you who take chances and put themselves out there.  I am going to enjoy seeing what you do in  the future.  You are a definitely a  chic chick with awesome taste in polish! 

    5.  Rina at Simply Rins Rina is a lovely blogger and friend of this blog who blogs her passion for polish.  She shows off her colorful talent with beautiful nail art for us all to enjoy, and she also shares tidbits of her life with a personal blog so you can get to know a bit more about this interesting blogger.  Her photos and manicures are very elegant.  Check her out!

    Congratulations to each of you, my lovely readers! 

    You are each very deserving of this award for your work to improve all of humanity by sharing a peaceful appreciation for beauty on small canvases, and elevating the collective human nail art consciousness,  and you deserve of lots of attention. 

    I believe all of you will be making waves in the nail world for a long time to come!

    Hugs and flowers



    1. Oh my, the same award I gave to you... It should be more and different awards created for bloggers :))))

      1. De Mons, there you are. I apologize to you x1M. I lost your nomination and forgot to acknowledge you in this post.

        I cannot apologize to you enough, Please forgive me?

        Pretty Please with sugar on it? See I fixted it!

        Thank you for being a friend of my blog and for leaving me this comment! Friends like you who aren't afraid to thoughtfully and tactfully point out our mistakes are so valuable in life!

        Maybe we should create a new award De Mons, you and I! What should it be for? I love to create things!

        Any ideas anyone?

        Thanks again,
        Happy day to you
        De Mons, what do you think of a FRANK blogger award? An award to a blogger who is not afraid to give their opinion.

    2. Aw that's really nice of you to say those things about me! I'm gonna cry! And yes I am a huge Monty Python fan and can recite all of holy grail and life of Brian verbatim! Thank you so much for this award! I really appreciate it.

      1. Fingers hello! Don't cry ! Come here you! (hug for Fingers!)

        You are awesome Fingers!

        Things are looking up everywhere don't you think?

        I wish you all the bliss life can offer!


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