Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vampire "Nail Polish" from Wal Mart

Hi there, PSA for you! Don't bother to pick up this "nail polish" by Vampire.

I would name this shade "Utter  CRAP" Nail Polish.  The lipstick is real bad too, hardly any pigment, gone in minutes.
Another name for this polish could be "WTF??" or "$1 is WAAAYTooMuch".

This polish glows, barely. Weirdly, it seems the polish itself does not glow, but an object in the bottle does! Something mysterious is IN THERE!

Skully is mad at the polish. Me too.  Really more dissapointed.

After I tugged really hard on the stuck brush, this is what came out.  Ghost Brush!

Something hard is preventing the brush handle from going back in.  I tried to pour out the polish and clear ammonia stinking liquid came out.

Weak. Where is my receipt?

Thoughts? Will you be running out to snag up the LE polish?



  1. Lollllllll thanks for taking the bullet so we don't have to! x x x

    1. HI MASPOOASE, You are so welcome ! I am happy to be of help to the good citizens of Nailpolishland.

      Thank you for visiting me and being a witness to this Halloween horror. It is less scary if I am not alone. : /

  2. oh man! Skully is so right to be mad.

    1. Hi Lydz, I am so glad you agree. I was quite irritated, but quite entertained by this joke of a product.

      I am glad I could spare any of you, my dear readers, this aggro.

      I love your blog Lydz, I really love castles, and purple, and your amazing nail art so you blog is a win to the third power for me!

      Thank you again for visiting and validating my feelings. : )

  3. This is really scary, what are they putting in that piece of crap polish???? Plutonium???

    1. LOL, IKR, would you love to take that to a lab and find out? I am keeping it in case someone volunteers to test it.

      This stuff is so bad, it is scary!

      Perfect for Halloween tricks!

  4. Oh man! That stinks!!!! Sounds like $1 really was too much!

    1. Emily, Hi! Hahahaha you are so right, $1 is too much, even if they pay you the $1! Bwahahahahahaaaa

      I probably need to pay to put this in a toxic waste disposal site.

      Your Reese's Punkins today are really original and cute!

      Congratulations again on your managing nail tech license. I really admire your stick to it ness to get that done! YOu know what you are doing!

  5. Replies
    1. Julz, helo there lovely lady. I agree,this is insulting to customers to sell products that merely look like they are what they are supposed to be.

      I agree, it is shocking, and upsetting. I know it is only two dollars, but I generally don't take two dollars at a time and flush them for kicks. How many people will buy this garbage, and then find it doesn't work and just throw it away. With gasoline nearly $5/gal, it is not worth it to drive back to the store. GRRRRR.

      I am getting tired of being ripped off. It makes me want to start a consumer website to illustrate "hilarious" products like this that only look like what they are supposed to be, but FLY apart and never THINK of functioning!

      Thank you for visiting me Julz, I truly appreciate your opinion, and it is always a pleasure to see you here!

  6. OMG...thanks for the heads up! Skully looks cute in the pic though! :-) (Ooo,love your nails btw!)

    1. Hi there ! How are you bud?

      I hope you are doing well. I love hearing from you, you always make me smile! You know we love our nail compliments here, those are just the best! So Thank YOU! : )

      Hey, I think Skully is cute too! He has tattoos on his skull, so he is a real bad boy! I love decorating for Halloween with him. I will have to show you his blingy sister!


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