Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekly Blogazon Roundup + Buried Alive + Jewel Tone

Well hello there girls and boys!
This is three coats of Orly Buried Alive from the Dark Shadows collection. Then Bubbles appeared.  I actually love Bubbles, just not in my nail polish.

This is an obvious fall and Halloween color.  I actually liked it and wore it despite  bubbling, which did not really show in real life due to the sparkles and shine. I have had bubbling with another of the Orly Buried Alive Polishes. You can see my swatch of  Decades of Dysfunction here.

I wore this a couple of weeks ago, before I shortened my nails and made them pointier.  I am enjoying the pointy shape because that enables me to type better.  My fingertips were getting sore from using my nails to type.  The pointy shape looks very pretty and makes my fingers look longer and thinner.  Why did I not do this sooner?

Temperatures here are cooling down, and the rain arrived Monday, so it is clear, Fall is here.

And now for the your free and fabulous beauty magazine by the blogging gals at the Blogazons!

Today's addition to my alternate random prize is LA Color Craze in Jewel Tone, a triple threat of purple, pink and teal glitter in a clear base.  This stuff is very sparkly!



  1. This color looks so cool on you! I can't wait to see this movie, it looks so freakin' hilarious. We watch the old soaps on netflix streaming from time to time... they're highly entertaining, lol. Gorgeous sky shot. :)

    1. Oh, thank you so much! The movie is charming and funny! If you see the uncut version I am in the bar scene sitting at the table in the first few seconds.

      I am glad you liked my leaves n sky. I like that red color alot!

      Thanks for stop n by!

  2. Such a pretty fall colour - and such a lovely shade on you!

    1. Thank you Julz! It would look great on you too I think! I wish it was easy for us to share it!

      Those Orly bottles are HUGE!

      I was actually surprised at how much I loved it! Even with Bubbles!

      Take care Julz! I love your name btw!

  3. Great blog/post

    new followers



    1. Hi there! Nice to see you, and welcome! Thank you for the follow, will check you out!



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