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The poltergeist in the story I will tell you tonight is so strong, and scary, there is no telling what could happen to YOU if you connect with it.  You may feel nothing, just a chill, have scratches, bruises and feel punches, or you may meet with an accident, as I did, I tell you true, or may lightning strike me dead this minute.

This poltergeist, I honestly believe, spooked me so much, it almost ended me.  I get shivers even now remembering what happened, and how I almost had a very bad night indeed.

First let me take you around for a tour of this haunted castle which is hosting us this evening, the castle of Ruthin (Rhuthun), in Wales. I don't want to rush, but it is getting dark, so we will want to hurry.  One does not want to be stuck out in these ruins behind Ruthin after dark. 

Ruthin Castle Hotel, Denbighshire, North Wales
Photo credit

I am going to take you the back way, let's just pop down in this dark tunnel, okay?

Not so bad, in here actually!

But I can not wait to get out. 
It is very damp and cold.

 This part of the grounds feels abandoned and lonely.

Ruthin castle was built on the foundations of a wooden structure in 1277.  It has undergone various remodelings and reinventions over the intervening eight hundred plus years or so.

Lord and Lady Gray lived and loved here where there stand ruins today. She dearly and passionately loved her husband and like most wives, greatly enjoyed having his romantic attention for herself.  But her married bliss, and sanity were destroyed when she discovered his affair with a lowly peasant woman.

She exacted her revenge on the woman by brutally murdering her in cold blood, with an axe.  But karma struck back at Lady Gray and she herself ended up badly. She was tried, convicted, sentenced to death, executed and buried in unconsecrated ground, laid not to rest.    Here, somewhere behind the castle.

Her tomb is unmarked, and that is probably what has caused her to wander restlessly.

I believe she is buried in the area shown in the picture below, right beneath where we are standing right now.

But I do not know for sure, and I do not think we are meant to know.  Even these birds don't tempt me to stay after sunset.  I would not stay here for any amount of money after dark.  I do not think I would see the light of day!

The entire town of Ruthin is said to be one of the most haunted places in Great Britain. And with all the haunted places in Great Britain, that is really saying something.

These areas are where the Grey Lady would be seen wandering. There are many places in the UK that are haunted by grey ladies.

It is getting dark!  Let's hurry back inside where it is warm, brr!

Right this way! 

You can bypass the check in, I have arranged a room for you. I hope this is to your liking.  Here you are!  When you are ready and refreshed,  I would love for you to join us in the lounge!

Great to see you again!  You look amazing tonight, look everyone!  Don't you think so?

Everyone is looking at you and saying YES!  You do look AMAZING! Please get comfy and have a seat, relax, have a snack!  Another drink maybe?  Great!

So, are you afraid of being afraid or do you love it?  Or love to hate it like me?

Are you a person who would seek to go somewhere you can feel the hair prickle up on the back of your neck and the chill of a draft in a closed room on your skin? Do you ever wish you could really understand what it was that happened before in haunted places, and get in touch with the fear of those who came before you and witnessed supernatural things?  If so, read on.

I greatly savor tales of horror, and I enjoy facing my fears and overcoming them.  So when I had an opportunity to visit Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband on one of his business trips, I overcame my fear of wandering a new city alone, and while he worked, I made my way to find Greyfriar's Cemetery. 

Edinburgh was such a delightful surprise, so called Auld Reekie because it has a certain smell, now mostly from Whisky making, and so much character in the air you can taste it.  This city is an absolute gem, full of delightful surprises!  It is a city of two halves, divided by a park, formerly a loch useful for witch drownings, you know, to ensure they are not witches.  The old half, on the hill, with the looming and ominous castle towers over the new, modern city below.

 Looking at the old town.  And up at the castle.

I found my way to the cemetery, and wandered and wandered looking for a particular stone.  I had to ask where it was.  Do you know the story of Greyfriar's Bobby?  This famous dog sat at his owner's, John Gray's, grave for 14 years after he died.  I wanted to find the place!  I had to ask a graveyard worker where the stone was, finally.

At the time I was carrying a  porcelain poodle around and photographing it all over.  Yes, I know.  Here it is on the grave.  Greyfriar's Bobby has his own monument, and pub and website even.

I love that I captured the dog straining it's leash in the background on this one.  Now Greyfriar's Bobby can be said to have been a faithful pet, or another possibility exists.  One theory I have heard states that this dog remained in the cemetery because it ate the human corpses and sheltered under the gravestones. I am sure these are just ugly rumors!  Bwahahahahahaaaa NOT.

So I found the tombstone, and this monument, but what else I found in that cemetery still gives me the chills. When I stopped to take the photograph below, I was very spooked by seeing right into the open tomb!  I remember feeling a distinct chill so well. Little did I know, I was steps away from probably the most documented poltergeist in history!

I saw it's resting place, a locked gate, and wondered why on earth a prison with a locked gate was in a cemetery! I couldn't go in it though, it is locked and the public isn't ever allowed in.  This is due to the danger of injury at the hands of the Bluidy Mackenzie poltergeist.  The only way to go in is to be accompanied at night, by a guide on the City of the Dead tour.

The story is that George Mackenzie oversaw the imprisonment torture and murder of 1200 "Covenanters" who had signed a document pledging to keep Scotland Protestant.  Bloody George was excessively cruel, imprisoning some of the Covenanters in the small area in which he is now entombed.  They were forced to lie on the ground,packed like sardines in the mud, face down, with no food or water in the freezing winter in Scotland.  Some lucky ones were murdered outright and their rotting heads were displayed on stakes around the city.

Ironically, Old Georgie poo is now buried right smack dab where he tormented all those souls, right in the prison.  Of course he is not going to rest easy there!  The poltergiest activity intensified in 1998 after a homeless dude had a bit of a scare when he slept in the tomb and fell through into a previously unknown burial chamber full of still decomposing plague victims. Icky!

Since this disturbance, there have been many documented poltergeist attacks in the tomb, and the Edinburgh city council took the precaution of locking the Black Mausoleum.  You can only go in if accompanied on a guide with the City of the Dead tour.

Let me ask you, would you go in to the Covenanter's prison if you knew that you could be attacked?   If you thought you may faint from fear, have your hair pulled, be shoved violently or emerge with scratches or bruises?

Can you sense the fear and tension in the blonde girl's pose? 

Once you push down your growing fear, and follow your guide inside the tomb,she turns off the lights!  It is black, pitch black. I have never experienced a black so black, thick and all encompassing in that tomb.  It is incredibly disorienting, and makes you vulnerable to the powers of suggestion, and poltergeists.

It takes a while for your eyes to adjust. I was really very scared, especially after the guide told us, if you feel a sudden chill coming over you, you are about to be attacked.  I tried not to, maybe it was the power of suggestion and it was a cold night, but soon I felt very, very cold.  Colder than I thought I should.

She said if you feel cold to move from one foot to another and then you can avoid the attack. I started to get more and more afraid, and I was rocking back and forth like crazy!  I was glad my husband was there.  The tales of what Bluidy Mackenzie did begin to really sink in as you stand there and your feet touch the ground where Mackenzie made people suffer and die, and knowing he lies there under your feet, furious, and waiting to attack you!

One cannot help but imagine how much suffering happened right where you are standing and your mind begins to fill with horrifying  images that are impossible to unknow and unhear.  Your sense of hearing and fear become so heightened you cannot escape your own thoughts.  Things begin to happen physically to you, and you try not to hear, and you want to leave that place more than you ever wanted anything else ever. That is how it was for me anyway.  I couldn't unthink of or unhear what she was telling me in my ears, even though I tried to think of other things. I was so glad when I scooted out of there!

Here is a shot of my very excited, relieved and spooked face on my way out.  I was excited, and relieved to be going away from this place.  We took ourselves over to a pub for a welcome drink.

I was feeling very nervouse, not feeling right.  I tripped on a curb and almost fell while walking the dark and deserted city streets.  Shaken, and still trying to laugh off the experience of feeling targeted by the poltergeist, I pulled up a welcome bar stool, sat down, and promptly fell with the chair backwards, slamming to the floor so hard it was almost as if I had been violently shoved!  The bar was set up on a platform, and apparently one chair leg was just close enough that I made the chair fall when I sat down.  

Or maybe George Mackenzie was punishing me for stomping on his grave....

What do you think?  Thoughts anyone?

I will never forget that night!  Nor this one, the night of my first ever Halloween Blog Party!

Here I am dressed as a zombie decapitated head.  The pretty flowers are covering my gaping neck wound for your sensitive eyes.  I wish you a very Happy Halloween, no matter where you are!

Thank you for coming to my blog party! I have to get up early tomorrow, stretch yawn, so if you will excuse me I will go on to my room, carry on without me!  Room service on the house  for you all night!

*After debating whether to continue with my plans, I decided to complete my party post today. It is beneficial at times to seek a constructive, and peaceful distraction from the grim headlines today.  Tonight, I want to go on, while acknowledging that some our neighbors are suffering teribly right now, and I want to dedicate my blog post to the resilient American Spirit! 

GO USA!  I am proud of how we respond and help each other! I know the election is tearing us apart, but if you see a drowning neighbor floating by reaching for your hand, would you ask who they are voting for before you rescue them?  I hope not! ; )

When attacked, a nation, like a family, in the best circumstances, puts aside internal squabbles and comes together to support one another in the fight! 


  1. Hey! Sorry I'm a tad late. Had a few things to take care of real quick.

    I don't blame Lady Gray; I've already told my husband that if he cheats on me, I'll kill him. But, when I do it his body will dissapear and no one will ever find it so I won't get caught! Hah!

    ...I saw peacocks when I visited the Playboy Mansion. :-)

    Oh, yes, my outfit of stretchy black leggings and a Halloween Tee are lovely, arn't they? LOL

    I had only known the sweet version of Greyfriar's Bobby, not the gory version you just filled my mind with... Bwa Ha Ha

    I've got my Hard Apple Cider and I'm just kickin' back. The hubs and I are getting ready to watch The Woman in Black (...speaking of poltergeists).

  2. LOVE your costume! You and your husband look adorable together :)

    1. Hi Kristine! Thank you! It was fun to see your Cookie MONSTER NAILS AND costume too! COOKIES!

      Hope your Halloween was GREAT! I told my husband what you said and we LOVE YOUR OPINION!


  3. I decided to come as Poison Ivy! Lol...I'm not as creative as you, I wish I could come up with a good story! I definitely would have been ttrembling in my stilettos! I can't even stomach roller coasters! Thanks for doing this and sharing your scary pics so that I could visit from afar!!! XOXO

    1. Ohhhh your nails are REMARKABLE! I love POISON IVY!

      I think you are more creative than you are giving yourself credit for my friend!

      You are practically a creativity MACHINE! LOL

  4. Hey there, amazing blog!
    Im nominating you for a Liebster Award, for more info check out my blog!

    1. Hello there Moni-pie amazing blog commenter !!!

      I will go check you on out!

      Since you gave me a yummy LIEBSTER!@!! NOMNOMNOM!

      Thank you sweetie PIE

  5. Ha! Just saw the photos of you and your hubby! Amy Wine-In-Da-House... Love it!

    1. Hi Kelly! Thank you for that! I loved it, LOL I had so much fun dressing up!

  6. Ahhh I was here, I just kinda fell alsleep during lol!!! This was so nice of you, def my "treat" for the night! Thanks for taking me out of reality for awhile :)

    1. Hi there Skeeter! I am so glad you enjoyed the party and it was a treat for you! It was GREAT having you there, I enjoyed having you there! It doesn't matter that you fell asleep, too much fun does that to me too!LOL

  7. I am so sad I missed the party...WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Anywho, Looking at your pics and being all into the paranormal, I think you may have caught a pic of an orb...maybe Lady Gray??? inthe pic of the stone wall where she may or may not be buried. Check it out. if its just a photo error, it still looks cool considering the context :)

    1. Hi Jasmine, oh no! Maybe you were having real fun instead of virtual? LOL
      I hope so : )

      Oh man, thank you for pointing that out! Now it seems even spookier! For realz!

      Thank you for visiting me, I am glad you could still come by the party and see what went on!

      Thank you for stopping in! : )

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