Friday, November 30, 2012

The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

Written In the Stars

Hi, there you are, superstar!

Welcome to day two of my fave new blue. Now with shiny galactic holostar goodness!  

Here is am modeling Icing Written in the Stars over yesterday's manicure Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle, my favorite blue ever! When I see that blue polish I get stars in my eyes anyway, so why not!

Icing has changed it's logo, the old one is on this bottle. The new one is better, and easier to see.  This polish is absolutely stunning in the bottle, with more of that ICING signature low light holo glitter. This glitter is so holo it shines in very low lighting.  It is similar to the glitter in Frost Yourself, showing up as pastel holo colors, rather than primary brights as are typical in most holo glitters.

This glitter appears to be a light bluish silver in shade, but in the light you can see insane amounts of huge holo reflections from both the stars and the glitter.   The holos in this one show a particularly intense and exciting  purple tone, perhaps because the base is tinted purplish blue, but ever so slightly,

This combination is extremely eyecatching, and quickly I placed this glitter on all of my nails, once I saw it on one. It is a bit sparse, but is easy to place the stars and bits of glitter where you want. It dries fairly quickly. I used SH Insta Dri topcoat in the red bottle, because you need to do that with star glitters or the points will stick out.  They still are a little bumpy in a few spots.

I am more impressed with each ICING glitter I try. Here is that broken and repaired middle right hand nail still holding up! I shortened the nails again to protect them from breaking.

I know this polish is very over the top!  And that makes me love it more. I put more glitter on some nails, less on others. The index shows a typical coat of this polish.  I put a bit more glitter on some nails, but these were all done in one coat of the glitter.

This is now my favorite star glitter polish.  I have three, one wet n wild and a Fergie, swatched heree Hollywood Walk of Fame.

These pictures do not do this one justice. They are super blingy!  If the rain ever stops here I will have to wear this and photograph it again when the sun comes out. I live somewhere with crazy weather.  No rain for months, then rain for months.  Even still, I love the Pacific Northwest! : D

I am enjoying sharing my love for this space age manicure!  Do you ever gaze at the stars in the sky on your own nails? Would you?  What is written there?

I think I can see the depths of space in these nails! Is there life out there?

Helloooo  !

Bonus picture of a Santa Rosa landmark, it is a wind sculpture on the side of a building. It is visible from the 101 to the east, so check it out when you drive by, if you do! This sculpture is never the same twice.  Many artists live in the area, and there are many public artworks in town.

Here is a manicure fail, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Ruby Ring. This is annoying polish to me. It stained the crap out of my nails, my bad though for skipping basecoat. But I know these polishes are problematic, so I tend to skip basecoat on Sally Hansens at times, because they often require so many coats to become opaque.

This one bubbled, didn't dry and got dinged up, when I would have expected it would have been fine.  It needs topcoat, and basecoat.  I don't know if I have it in me to wear this one again though. It isn't worth the trouble when there are so many more polishes out there to love!   Should I try again?

It looks pretty, sure.  I like the other two of this collection I have much much better.  Gorgeous Tender Teal, featured here and very pretty purple All Aglow here. I passed on the others because they are so sheer.

So, in summary, Sally Hansen Ruby Ring is annoying to me right now because it is sheer, didn't dry well, stained my nails and bubbled.

Now this polish should not be confused with Revlon Ruby Ring, which is chock full of blingy win.  I swatched that baby for you here.  I have a backup of that one!  Limited edition labels really makes me pop out the credit card for a polish, if I like it!

I hope you have a great day!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through

Thank you for visiting me today, sunshine : D

You are really making my day, all day!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Most Beautiful Blue Ever

Hi there precious polished friend.

I could not wait to get these pictures to you today!  I can not believe this, but I think I have found the most beautiful blue nail polish I have ever seen. And I have seen  many  many blue nail polishes. I present to you my newest precious gem in my collection, Salon Perfect Sapphire Sparkle!!  

Here my ecstatic nails are posing with ICING Written in the Stars. This Sapphire Sparkle was too pretty to put this glitter on top, yet.  I had trouble with application, the polish is thick and runny, weird, but not too bad.  It does not seem to stain. It dried to the shine you see here, extremely shiny!  It dried hard and fast too!  I was amazed at the quality of the formula.  I tapped my thumbnail and expected to see a ding, nope!

In the above photograph, note the duochrome blue to lavender to violet sparkles at extreme angles. This polish gives the same effect as peer into deep  sparkling sapphire/violet duochrome water  BUT WAIT, it gets so much better.

Another awesome quality of my new favorite blue nail polish, is the highly reflective metallic appearance at a distance.  It is amazing, and I cannot think of anything else that has a finish like it.

This polish was purchased at WalMart for $4. It is LE for holiday.

My nails are writing this love letter to this blue polish today. I hope that it delights you as well!

Love, Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ICING Flower Child Is A Showstopper


Welcome friend! I want to share a manicure I created with my inner flower child as my guide.

I present for your viewing pleasure today a mystery Sinful colors orange duochrome shimmer graced by ICING Flower Child!

Above you can see the golden shimmer in the bottle, it changes to cherry at extreme angles. This polish is a beaut.

I wish I knew the name of this SinfulColors!

It is one of my top  fall polish picks. It may be called Tapping Nails, I can't be sure because I bought the last one with no label.

It is a beautiful shade.  But I wanted glitter, so I only put two coats and then I applied a careful coat of Flower Child by ICING. Finally, a nail polish with crazy enough glitter to satisfy me.  This polish looked so amazing under the lights in the store, as these holos often do, and looks equally amazing on the nail.

I adore the holo foil shreds, in all shapes!  There are also pink foil bits, which I adore!  Then there are pink hex glitters to match, plus orange, aqua, gold, silver and green.  In totality this polish is stunning with the cray cray mix of colors! I had to pat and arrange the pieces how I wanted using the brush, but it was easy.

My thumbnail had an enormous piece of holo foil.  The holo foil tends to be a little lumpy, but I tamped it down.  It smeared a little and wrinkled, but the crazy glitter hid the problems.  A coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top coat and I was glittery all day!

This glitter polish is groovy baby!

Peace Love & Flowers to you


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sharing My Thanksgiving + Blogazon Roundup

Hi there treasure.

I hope you have been well and happy, and polished too! 

I am thankful for all of you, my friends, for joining me. Your presence here makes my day!

I put together this super sparkly combo with my new nail gems from ICING. This is two coats of China Glaze Harvest Moon with a glitter gradient of ICING Gold Dust.

I went to buy ICING After Party, and at the register Gold Dust caught my eye, and I swapped it out. ICING always is so clever and puts one special polish at the register, that isn't in the display and I seem to often swap the polish I buy at the very last second!

I love the ICING store near me because the girls are really nice and super patient. Service is everything to me lately : D  Not every store has nice employees that make you feel that helping you is their first job, so I like to compliment and shop at those that do!

China Glaze Harvest Moon is a bronzy copper shimmer bomb. It is a stunning shade, it has a great China Glaze formula, it was easy to apply dried quickly. I only used two coats because I knew I was going to glitter it up.  I have to use glitter to help my nails stay strong when I am cooking and cleaning so much on 

 This Gold Dust polish from ICING is very sparkly, it is an olympic class glitter!  Do you see the bronze, gold and silver?  These three shades brought the bronzy copper and the brassy gold of the gems together in sweet sweet harmony!  Like the sweet sweet pie triple fail that turned out great! I invented Pumpkin Surprise Pie and it matches these nails!  Surprise!  Pics to follow.  LOL!

I smeared the CG on my index, but I only saw it in these pictures, this was soo reflective and shiny, it was nearly blinding.  This glitter is so wonderful, it is absolutely gorgeous and so versatile.  Gold dust will get lots of use!

These nail gems looked similar to the triangle pie shape!  They are really pretty, I have never worn
anything like them.  I really enjoyed this much more than I ever imagined I would! I didn't plan on this to look like my pie, but it sure went well with it!

I tried to make a graham cracker crust, I thought it would work with my pumpkin pie!  Then I thought again after I prebaked the crust, that it would burn if I put the pumpkin custard and baked it again. So I made a regular crust.  But I didn't fill it with enough pie weights, and it fell down the sides of the pan.

So I couldn't fill my other crust with all the filling, so my husband suggested I use this one anyway.  I didn't have another use for it, so I baked it with the rest of the filling and it turned out better than the regular pie.  I forgot sugar in my filling, which I realized on the first bite. But we like healthy eating, and try to avoid sugar, so with extra whipped cream, it was great~

So the recipe is basically a graham cracker crust for the traditional pumpkin pie filling and leave out the sugar. Surprisingly good with loads of whipped cream! :d

This glitter seemed to go well with my ultrasuede shirt.

Here is my first indie nail mail!  I will share these polishes soon.  

I hope you have a wonderful day!  
Here is a window into my Thanksgiving day. 

You see what I saw most of the day in the big picture, the view from my kitchen, I enjoy to watch the sunset.

I spent time petting my chihuahua Rosie, while the hubs groomed her and watched football on his laptop, as you see in the upper right picture.  We laughed about our relaxed chihuahua, and the amount of fur he combed from her with the shedding comb. Enough for another chihuahua.

I cooked this turkey breast in the slow cooker. (!) We had a very simple dinner, and were so very  thankful to eat together and share this day of gratitude together again.

I photographed my nails outside in front of chardonnay vines, they are turning golden now.

This photo shows how the gems make my nails looked more curved.  This is one of the last pomegranates this year.

I hope your day is golden : )

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrated. Thank you for sharing mine with me!

Now for the piece de resistance, the best free beauty magazine you will read today! The Beauty Blogazon Roundup!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, Now Let's Shop!

Hi there polished pretty! I still have my diamond mani on, I couldn't bear to remove it.

I have been busy shopping for the holidays and  I am preparing for Thanksgiving!  I just don't have time today to spare to do my nails, but I made a tiny shopping trip! I wanted to at least touch base, and share my pictures so you can start your Christmas wish list with me : )

First up, ICING!

Some of my Christmas gifts from my husband !!!

Written in the Stars and Flower Child came home with me.

Icing Heart of Gold, nail gems.

I bought an ICING magnet set.

I love this tree.

Sephora in JCPenney.

$ephora by Opi display.

This new kiosk in addition to all the old displays. WOWWW.

Some of these NOPIs are LE Kardashian colors.

 These are Salma Hayek Lacquers, not flying off the shelves.

NEW Sally Hansen Shades, they reformulated this line.

 Black and Blue looks duochrome.

I will be taking some time off this week to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the USA with the traditional turkey, pie, more pie and football.  I will miss you, but I am going to be taking a much needed rest, once I finish cooking, baking and eating : D

UPDATE EDIT: I just burned myself ironing.ONO, right on my swatch index finger, right by the cuticle. I won't show it to you, don't fear. It is not bad happily, time will tell the damage.  : (  My vaca may be a little longer than we thought initially : (  Maybe I will just crop it out or put a big smiley face : )

 Thanks for reading : )

Please enjoy yourself, and stay polished 'til I return!

Love Hugs and Flowers the whole day through.