Monday, November 12, 2012

Angel Wings Glitter All the Way

Hello there lovely friend.

Welcome to another day of polish appreciation here at Addicted to OPI-yum.

I admit it, my nails really love attention! And with China Glaze Glitter All the Way and Angel Wings together on my nails, attention is sure to follow!

Out of focus to show holo.

Glitter all the way is an intense glitter bomb that naturally caught my eye immediately. I love it so much, it reminds me of OPI Mad As A Hatter because of the insane sparkles in different colors. It is nothing like the colors in MAAH, it is the unique color combo and sparks that remind me of it. Gold, green purple and red glitters combine to fascinate my eye, the green particles are larger and tend to predominate, which is so holiday it hurts.

Nail tiger immediately said Mardi Gras but Mardi Gras is purple gold and green, no red. So no, I am refusing to push this polish to February, I can certainly see this as reflecting the colors in a "more inclusive" Christmas color scheme, with purple ornaments mixed with traditional red, gold and green.  

This was a favorite combo.  I enjoy wearing my middle nail in glitter, it is the longest finger, and the metallics make it look longer.

lovenailpolish PROTIP: To make nails appear longer, use metallic polish or a shiny hightly reflective and smoothly applying glitter, and the shine forms an illusion of additional length when the light hits the nail.  Long nails are impractical at times, and for some lifestyles, projects or jobs, but this is one of my secret tricks to look like I have longer, more slender fingers!

Angel Wings is ethereally beautiful, in name and on the nail.  My husband really fell for it, which was a bit surprising because he likes flashy glitter, and I did too, almost regretting the addition of the multicolor glitter. It is very finely milled, and has tiny holo bits that glow in the light.  This really conjures up the beauty of angel wings and holiday wishes and dreams!

Oh, how I hope all of our fondest dreams can come true for each us this holiday season, and with these nails, I believe they truly can!  Ok, maybe this polish won't make of our dreams all come true, but I don't think it will hurt!

It has two coats of topcoat and it is not totally smooth however.  On it's own, it has a sandpaper texture.  This is not great, but the polish is so beautiful, it is worth two coats of topcoat.Angel Wings removed quite easily too, Glitter All the Way is more challenging.

lovenailpolish PROTIP: Wear Glitter over a few coats of regular polish. This gives you a little bit more polish under the glitter particles, which can help ease removal.  When glitter is adhered to the nail with a minimum of polish it seems to me to cling harder and tighter to the nail.

China Glaze is making my holidays bright.  This collection is the only one I am excited for this holiday season so far. Thank you so much for early Christmas, Santa and China Glaze, I love you!

I know this may be considered blasphemous, but I am disappointed in OPI this year, for several reasons, most recently because they put out a collection for the film Skyfall which the are billing as their holiday polish collection, the themes are do not merge for me.  I completely understand what they tried to do there, and how this may be their new tradition to merge holiday with movies, but it doesn't work for me personally.  The holidays are commercial enough already for me.

Confession:  I haven't bought any of the OPI polishes from any new collections this year, and don't plan to, but I bought dozens of China Glaze this year.  Full disclosure I bought maybe five OPIs this year that are discontinued from previous years, but no current or core shades. This is a bit of an awakening for me, is a new day dawning?

I feel I need to be honest about this, though it pains me.

Happy Day!



  1. Oohhh you sinner you, only a few OPIs this year???!!! I must say, I've sinned the other direction, I got way too many of them!!! They're like crack!!! Oh wait... All nail polish is like crack :)))
    I was thinking about getting this gold glitter but I think I will get the Glistening Snow instead.. I don't think gold looks good on me!! Washes out my hands or something... I really like your colorful accent!!!!

    1. I guess I have my quota of OPIs for the moment. I really debated between Angel Wings and Glistening Snow, because golds can wash me out too! Good luck with Glistening Snow, I bet it is gorgeous on you!

  2. OMG! I could not stop staring at your nails <3

  3. I'm so jealous of how beautiful and long your nails are! Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL polishes that are gracing them today! Love that glitterbomb!

    1. Oh Julz, you are really too sweet! Oh, if you love glitter you would love this Julz.

      I wish I could split my bottle with you so you could try it out, I think it would look great on you : )

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Lydz, Thank you so much for saying, you are such a sweet heart!

  5. Replies
    1. Marissa hello, I know, it really does so much! I absolutely love it for some reason, though straight up Mardi Gras is not my number on nail look : ) This one manages to blend the colors on the nails in a very pleasant way : ) This polish may be a new top favorite glitter!

      Just look at your pretty blue nails, they look so lovely here on my page!

  6. Wow! Time to party....New Orleans baby. Go Saints!

  7. I love Angel Wings but I have a similar polish (Misa, Epiphany)... it's not exact and it's missing the holo glitter but I prefer the golden shimmer in Epiphany for myself. For you: Glitter All The Way, Baby!

    For a long time I thought OPI was Cruelty-Free; turns out they are not! (ACK!) So, perhaps the universe is steering you in the right direction?!? Maybe?!? :-)

    All I know is I am having one heck of a time keeping it all straight! Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails, right???


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