Saturday, November 10, 2012

China Glaze Cranberry Splash and Maybelline Gold's Night Out

Greetings and welcome friends.

Here is my very special messy manicure, inspired by Riri's new album UNAPOLOGETIC and in honor of those who don't like polish on cuticles and like to crow about it on and on, here you go. OOPsie, oh dearie me!  LOL !

What a beautiful mess I have made, I can hardly remove my eyes from these hypnotic nails.

I love both of these gorgeous LE beauties!  This cranberry is so delicious, it will go perfectly with my turkey this Thanksgiving.   YUM!  Oh, and Gold's Night Out is hot, just gold hotness with lots of gold sparkles and holo for your HOLO Day!  Woot! These nails make me feel so festive, like I am gonna wave my hands in the air like I just don't care!

Awwww yeah!

My China Glaze Holiday Joy Picks are Angel Wings, Winter Holly, Cranberry Splash, Glitter All the Way, and Champagne Kisses, to be featured here soon.  These are all LE, so enjoy Christmas this November.

Love, Flowers and Hugs the whole day through



  1. Okie, seriously, I must be retarded, and I even read your post twice to make sure I read it right... Where in the world are your messed up cuticles???? Cuz damn woman, I need to close my blog right now!!! All I see is beautiful nail polish and fingers... I'm not trying to suck up or anything, I seriously don't know what you're talking about, and it really bugs me because if you think this looks bad then what you must be thinking all kinds of things about my nails... Wuaaahhhh!!!!
    On a different note though, don't you just love Cranberry Splash??? I'm putting that over a-England Perceval!!!

    1. I am sorry Gosia, oh gosh, no!

      Hi Gosia, Oh you couldn't be retarded, LOL. Don't ever stop blogging because of your cuticles, then the "cuticle police" win! ; ) I thought about it for a minute, but I remembered, oh yeah, I want to win!

      I got some glitter on my middle finger, and was going to remove it and decided to leave it to make a point. This was a bit tongue in cheek, if you will. I am not one of those who comment negatively on others cuticles, ever.

      Your blog is much better than mine. : ) You, like me, shouldn't really worry about what anyone other than you think.

      I love your blog, and and your winning spirit. You rock!

      Thank you for being a supportive friend of mine here, Gosia. I appreciate you beyond all measure.

    2. Awwww I love ya too chickie :))). Blah about your glitter again... You're crazy LoL :))))

  2. I'm wondering why on earth I wasn't following your blog until now... -_- lol. I love those colors. The cranberry does look pretty delish! And what messy cuticles? You should see mine! The cuticle police will find zero evidence with this one, lol!

  3. great combo, love the accent nail ;0

  4. Dude, what mess? The whole thing looks absolutely gorgeous. There is no combo as warm and festive as red and gold.

  5. You so cray-cray!!

    Just remember: Let your haters be your motivators. :-)

    Cranberry Splash is looooovely on you!


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