Saturday, November 3, 2012

China Glaze Manhunt and Dupe Alert! SOPI v Revlon


I have a couple of glitters to share with you that will make your holidays brighter. But first, I am showing you my hand painted with a base of China Glaze Manhunt, (you got it right Morgana, great job!) 

This is showing a little lighter color than it normally reveals.  It looks more navy in ordinary light, it has a bit of translucence so the color appears lighter at times.  Uh oh, looks like I missed a huge bunch of polish on my cuticles.  Oh noes!  I hope no one notices...LOL.

I could hardly wait to cover this creme, with lashings of glitter topcoats from Sephora by OPI and brand new Revlon holiday Sequins in stores now. 

These topcoats make my world a better place.  Because, as my brilliant husband noted, creme polishes are difficult to get just perfect.  (Can you believe he said that?  He understands.  I am so proud!)

My middle nail has one coat of the SOPI Only Gold for Me topcoat.  This polish is a staple in my collection, it wears like iron, and will dress up any dull manicure and hide flaws in your polish, should you develop any.  I think we are all mostly aware of how those things occur! (Except for those "Perfect Polishers" out there LOLOLOLOLOLOL) Let me count the ways us mere mortals and our beloved pets mess up our nails! LOLOLOLOL Not just saying, I am literally L O Lling!  and  hahahaha ing (or I will cry)!

The other nails have one coat of Revlon Sequins. Perhaps the difference in density is due to the age and slight thickening of the consistency of my bottle of SOPI.  As you can tell there seem to be more of the larger hexes on the nail. Both these have larger, hexagonal glitters and smaller gold glitters. The difference in color is not distinguishable on the nail to my eye.

Either polish is a great investment, they can be used for multiple easy looks for parties or festivities, if you enjoy that sort of thing! Wink Wink. 

By the way, I really appreciate the great feedback on my party, I had so much fun I definitely want to have another one next year and make it even better!  I love dressing up!  Recently, I have heard other grown up expressing the same sentiment, and feel nostalgic for those fun days of trick or treating.

Morgana you correctly identified Confetti Champagne and Caviar in my last post, as well as Revlon Holiday Sequins! You have some very impressive nail polish knowledge indeed!

I love puzzles and quizzes : )  



  1. I'd better just slink off somewhere and just DIE because my cuticles will probably never look as good as some people will want them to, but as long as I keep improving, they're good enough for me. :0) Sometimes I think I've done a decent job, then that darn camera tells me otherwise, then it's been 6 or 7 hours that I've spent just on one mani! Are we supposed to devote 12-14 hours on each mani to be 'perfect'? I think not, as there is no such thing as a 'perfect' person as everyone has flaws somewhere or other. :0) I was always taught, "Judge not unless you want to be judged too."

    1. Thank you for those words, it is great to get the kind of support I get from you here Angela! If we all appreciate what we each can do well, then there are only teachers, not competitors imo!

  2. Lol I picked the wrong one as the dupe... darn

    1. Hey Morgana, can't win em all, right? LOL! You still have great "polish eyes" lol!

    2. Thanks, I like to think I can spot a polish if I've ever seen it.

  3. Lol I think you should just shut down your blog and go die because of that microscopic miss on your cuticle haha :))).
    That's a beatiful color!

    1. I thought about it for a minute, then thought better. Right on Gosia, a sense of humor is helpful in all things. Best to you my friend!

      Thank you so much for your kind words, as always.


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