Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, Now Let's Shop!

Hi there polished pretty! I still have my diamond mani on, I couldn't bear to remove it.

I have been busy shopping for the holidays and  I am preparing for Thanksgiving!  I just don't have time today to spare to do my nails, but I made a tiny shopping trip! I wanted to at least touch base, and share my pictures so you can start your Christmas wish list with me : )

First up, ICING!

Some of my Christmas gifts from my husband !!!

Written in the Stars and Flower Child came home with me.

Icing Heart of Gold, nail gems.

I bought an ICING magnet set.

I love this tree.

Sephora in JCPenney.

$ephora by Opi display.

This new kiosk in addition to all the old displays. WOWWW.

Some of these NOPIs are LE Kardashian colors.

 These are Salma Hayek Lacquers, not flying off the shelves.

NEW Sally Hansen Shades, they reformulated this line.

 Black and Blue looks duochrome.

I will be taking some time off this week to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the USA with the traditional turkey, pie, more pie and football.  I will miss you, but I am going to be taking a much needed rest, once I finish cooking, baking and eating : D

UPDATE EDIT: I just burned myself ironing.ONO, right on my swatch index finger, right by the cuticle. I won't show it to you, don't fear. It is not bad happily, time will tell the damage.  : (  My vaca may be a little longer than we thought initially : (  Maybe I will just crop it out or put a big smiley face : )

 Thanks for reading : )

Please enjoy yourself, and stay polished 'til I return!

Love Hugs and Flowers the whole day through.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Inky Whiskers! Thank you for turkey day wishes NOM NOM NOM! Sorry turkeys !


  2. I have to get Icing's Lucky Penny!! Can't get SH Copper Penny cause they test on animals... darn it.

    I'm gonna be posting my T-Day mani today and then enjoying the rest of my holiday too. Sometimes we gotta put polish on the back burner. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope yours is grand! :-)

    1. Thank you for that Kelly, I hope your day was wonderful too!! Oh mine was great!

      Ooh lala! Lucky Penny caught my eye too. Oh Kelly, I didn't know that about SH, SHAME SH! Oh no! I have enough SH now, anyway. That Copper Penny is too much money! $OPI Traffic Copper Stopper for my $9.50. (SH is $8.50! geez nowhere near as good!)
      Oh, I tried a turkey mani, LOL! FAIL! No pics, sorry : ( I need to go see yours! clicky clicky... Thanks for stoppin in ! : D

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, darlin'! I'm thankful for your showing me all of your fabu Christmas ornaments ;) ! They are STUNNING!



    1. Thank you times a million Lisa! I am glad you didn't mind a little retail therapy! I really love it when you stop by to see me, you are so cute : )

    2. Ouch, re: the ironing burn! I burned my "other" hand yesterday, while cooking, and immediately thought, "Thank Gawd it wasn't my "blog hand". LOLOL. I think we're a little nuts, don't you?


      Feel better, sweetie!


  4. Happy thanksgiving! I love to shop at Icing's for my accessories!!And they have ciate-like products now? Am gonna check that out. Sephora is my haven I can stay there all day LOL! Looks like you had a grand time shopping!!!

    1. Hi Kath! I love shopping at those two stores too! JCPenney is kicking it up a notch with Sephora in their stores, and have you looked around the rest of the store lately? I almost got excited when I saw an orange coat. They actually have some color in the store!
      I think you and I would have a splendid time shopping at ICING and Sephora together. I know nothing about makeup and I need HEEELLLPPP! LOL!
      I will be reading your amazing and awesome blog for more tips....

      I hope your Thanksgiving was AMAZING! :D

      Still loving my ULINX so much!

  5. ohhh jcpenney i need to go there - not sure the one that we have has sephora, but must check

    1. Yes, can you believe that is JCPenney's? You are going to love the updated store! I hope you have a Sephora! I will be interested in your report ! : )


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