Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nail Polish Colored Room and Nail Polish Pron

Hey there,

some exciting and SFW Nail Pron for you !

So, last week I took my nail polish and painted my bathroom with it, or it looks like it! Do you know this color?  Hint, she is moody.*

I will also reveal the purple bubbly polish on my middle nails is Color Club Glitter Wonderland, and it bubbled all three times I tried to apply it, 1) no basecoat, 2) Seche Clear and 3)SH Diamond Strength. Oh and the smell, it was good at first, but it started to nauseate me after a short while.  It smells like the drink called Buttery Nipple, if you have had those you know you don't want too much.

My pinkie is a silver magnetic polish that has purple glitter within, this polish deserves it's own review. I bought it at Rite Aid and it has a hidden purple element which only emerges when it is magnetized !  It matched the shimmers in Glitter Wonderland nicely.

Color Club Glitter Wonderland is pretty, but the bubbling and smell make it a loser, back to the store with you!  I am no longer shy about returning polish.  My Sally's assured me I could return it if I had bubbling issues again this year, like I did with CC Gingerbread Man, a LE from 2011 holiday. I kept that one however, because my sweet husband picked it out for me.

I will not be returning this polish in the photo below either. This polish is CC Ho Ho Holly, and it is simply stunning!  The scent is pine, and it is not as strong as the fragrance from Glitter Wonderland.  The shine on this foil is insane.  Also, as you can see in some pictures, it has gold shimmer which shifts to BLUE.  That is right, duochrome shimmer is here too.

This polish is more opaque than Glitter Wonderland,  here I have two coats. The swatch above of Glitter Wonderland is three coats, and it was sloooow to dry.  I do not get along very well with this brand.  But Ho Ho Holly is going nowhere.

This polish reminds me of my husband, he loves green, and trees, so it is perfect for me~

This polish made me say wow when I saw the insane shimmers in the sunlight.  It has a very spearminty vibe and the golden shimmers sparkle like the sun! This nail polish is a top pick for me for creating an uberHoliday vibe.

And now for some straight up pron.  If you read my blog this week you may remember I found another unloved franken I made and forgot about for at least a year.

It has a golden flash that matches the golden shimmer in Ho Ho Holly, so I have combined the two in a manicure, but you will see that later : )

Would you wear a polish that is this blingy?

Not everyone can handle the bling!

See the gold flash in the sun?

I wish I was better at photographing this, this holo glitter is super holo, more than almost any glitter I have ever seen, no need to blur this baby.

I have five more vials of glitter!!!!  Two pinks, another aqua, a blue and silver.

They will also make the most insane glitter polishes EVER!

I wish I could make enough of this for all of you, if you wished to experience this polish! I really would love for that to happen.

This green glitter needs a name.

My last franken, I named using the help of two of my male readers, xarmy (aka nailtiger aka the hubs) and reader Wes Rogers. and because he suggested part of the name I picked, and has been very supportive to me and my blog lately,  I sent my friend Wes some of Laguna Blue Eyes.

I have tried to find more glitter...for the rest of us, but struck out, except for the other colors in my little stash.  I am hopeful I can one day find a source or something like this again.

I have an idea for a name for this polish, but maybe you have a better one, I bet so!

This shade shot illustrates how the gold highlights in the holo match the gold shimmers in the Ho Ho Holly.  My husband has seen many manicures, but the one I made with these two polishes last night got a reaction from him like no other.  I am going to go off and photograph it....

I hope you likey!


*It is Sation Miss Emo Shun All, which actually dries darker than the bottle color, and looks nearly identical to my room paint!


  1. Beautiful swatches!! :) That magnetic is just gorgeous!!!! I have Ho Ho Holly as well, I haven't worn is as of yet but after seeing this swatch I can't wait to put it on!!! :D

    1. Ho Ho Ho Kelly ! Welcome to the holidays when this is on your nails! I hope you like it too : ) I will be anxious to hear the verdict from your tips!

  2. Hi Kristine, thank you for that : ) I hope Ho HO HOlly makes you happy : )

    I know it did me, you know, I notice that you have really awesome taste in polish!


  3. Yes! I bling it up for no other reason than I LOVE BLING!

    How about Holo-day Elf?

    Thanks, now I have to go stalking Rite Aid for that magnetic polish. LOL

    1. Alright another bling tastic polisher like me. Why not make your nails look like rocks? Diamonds or emeralds I mean!

      I wish you a bling filled day : ) Lots of bling!


    2. Oh and Holo-day elf sounds just PERFECT! Ohhhh that is a real contender my friend, that name is like a stocking chock full of WIN, or HOLO polish sigh! : )

    3. I do have a franken holo I made that's chock full of silver holo glitter called Bling Bling. LOL It sparkles like diamonds on my nails.I just might have to show & tell than one soon.

  4. Oohh I have HO Ho Holly, I didn't know it was scented??!! I must try it immediately!!!
    And what a gorgeous glitter Franken... I don't know if its over that CC, but it reminds me of colorful Christmas lights on a cold evening, snuggled up in a blanked looking at the tree, so that's what I would name it: Christmas Lights!

    1. Oh,yes Gosia, I can see why you picked up this pretty for the color - rifficness alone! Oh, I will love seeing you in this color, it will be exquisite on you! I hope it applies well for you, fingers crossed! I used no basecoat, to help prevent bubbles, I hope it doesn't stain!

      I love that idea for the name! I love the Christmas lights so much and I can not wait for them this year! Good thing we have holo glitters to remind us all year! Christmas Lights, that name is perfect too! Such a wonderful dilemma to decide! I love hearing your names!

    2. Hey so I went to smell my ho ho holly polish yesterday... I took a huge sniff, dude, good think it wasn't glue cuz I'd be high as a kite!!! My polish doesn't smell like pine... Stupid dud probably :((

    3. Hi Hi Gosia, LOL, you have to let it dry, right, then the stinky polish smell, (volatile organic compounds) evaporate, and voila! Pine forest fresh nails!

      Try to polish it on some paper or a nail and let it dry and ssnnnniiiiifffff LOL

  5. Replies
    1. Pretty Nails, now that is a fun polish name. Don't steal it OPI, it's mine HAHA~

  6. Replies
    1. Oooh I love Christmas BLING!

      Awww yeah baby, bling it for Christmas!

  7. So many pretty pretty colours! I love Ho Ho Holly - just a beautiful green!

    1. Oh Julz, you have shown your good taste again! I know it would be stunning on you and you would LOVE IT!

      Ho Ho Ho So Happy you enjoyed it~

      : )

  8. Beautiful, but since it is pine scented, I would have to cross it off my list. What about Holo-Day Lites, for a name?

    1. Oh I am glad you won't accidentally buy the pine scented polish now! : ) I love Holo-Day Lites! That is really REally good! I like that you spelled it lites, like lite brite! Cute !!! :)

      Thanks or your thoughts, dear lady : )

  9. That magnetic polish is super neat - I've never seen anything like it!! Very pretty bathroom walls :)

    1. Hi Nicole, I was amazed when I saw this polish turned PURPLE after just being silver in that bottle. This one is a real "surpriser".

      Aww, thanks for the bathroom wall compliment! I used my watercolors to make a swatch for the custom color matcher, to get it as bright as possible. I didn't just want purple, I wanted PURPLE. Glad you liked it! Not everyone can handle so much color!


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