Friday, November 16, 2012

NOTD, WalMart Shop Trip, Blogazon Roundup 11/16

Hello again!

Welcome to my NOTD and a slideshow from shopping today, and for a sweet finish, the weekly Blogazon Roundup!
I created this duochrome holo manicure by layering a   DS holo (do you know her name?)over Sally Hansen Nail Prism Ruby Sapphire (06), and the sun came out for five minutes.  I snapped a few pictures to preview the manicure I will detail in my next post.

This is squashing my lemming for a polish like the Enchanted Polish Beatles collection, which I missed, and will never own, most likely.  And that is OK! : )  I can name this combo something Beatle-y!  Ruby Huesday maybe!

Enough talk, let's shop!  Here I document my findings from Walmart:

Look, nail art has gone mainstream.

Starting the girls early now!

Some of these are kinda cool!

 This is almost a franken kit, with glitter and topcoat in there.

 These stick on with tabs.

Fresh  box of polish! : )  I found one of these today I am excited about!  Maybelline LE Silver Gleam - this is an amazing silver glitter!

Brand new display of NYC polishes.

 Covergirl is making polish again! Rejoice!
I don't know the price, they were misplaced in a Revlon display.

Oh man, these will probably sell a lot.
I am a little over their polishes, myself, but hey some are really pretty.
I have one.

It the BLOGAZON Roundup Time Again!
Tree I saw today.

Special note, the Color Club Ho Ho Holly I recently featured is scented only when dry ; ) Wet it smells like ordinary polish!

Happy day to you !



  1. Pretty pretty! Totally love holo polishes!! :) now I want to go buy some more though thanks -_- LOL

    1. LOL Oops, I did it again : O Welcome Kristine! LOL :D :D HOlo ftw!

  2. Wow...this tree picture is at the Walmart? It doesn't look real. It's on fire!!

    1. Wait 'til you see today's tree shot, pure gold! WINNING!


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