Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms 06 Ruby Sapphire

Hi there nail polish fan : )

I am sharing one of my treasured polychrome "gold tops", Sally Hansen Ruby Sapphire.  I purchased this polish on ebay, I think it was in my epic Prism haul, my most popular post.  

The color shifts from deepest sapphire to to reddish orange/gold, and all shades between.  I applied three careful coats, and SH Insta Dry topcoat. These polishes do not dry well without it.

Sally Hansen painted the exterior of the bottle, why I wonder, when this polish is so amazing?

Nail prisms are sheer, and they seem to have tons of color shifting particles in a tinted sheer base, so it takes three coats for opacity with this polish. Some lighter pearly ones are not opaque at three coats. Here I am showing you one coat.

Below you can see the shifting all the way into the orange red tones.

The intensity in the shimmer of these Nail Prisms is hard to match with any other polishes I have seen.

I need a better photo set up, that is on my work in progress list.

This polish was so pretty I didn't want to put GLITTER!  I KNOW!
So I put sheer holo in an experiment to see if it would be polychrome-holo!

This is one coat of DS Original as a topcoat over the previous manicure.  DS Original was my first DS polish, and it is one of the best.  I have been lucky to obtain around ten or twelve of the DS polishes.  This one is a favorite, and DS Vintage, probably two of the holo-iest DS polishes, along with Signature.

What do you think?

; )

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Still cranking on the franken naming....I am having a hard time. Stay tuned : )


  1. Just too awesome! Duoholochromey goodness! Gave me goose bumps! I want the amber nail prism soooo bad x x x

    1. Thank you very much MASPOOASE! Goosebumps, wow, that is giving me chills! LOL. Maybe I can help, perhaps some trade arrangement? I think I have four amber prisms.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, me too, do you have some chromes? : D I don't have a one! WANT

    2. I'm at 30 SH Chromes with one on order. There's a company on both eBay & Amazon called Cassiecosmetics. The have many of the SH Chromes, Prisms & a bunch of other discontinued polishes & nail care products. Most are below retail tho a few of the really rare & popular polishes are at collector pricing & only the die-hard-gotta-have-it-no-matter-what collectors will bother. LOL

  3. SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!! YESSSS!! Thanks for sharing this! I have Burgundy Orchid and they seem to be similar. This one might have more blue tones? Burgundy Orchid's my favorite Prism so far... I totally need this one, though... Well, really I ought to have all of them, lool. Keep the swatches coming, girle :)

    1. Thanks Liesl, Thank you and you are so very welcome! Oooh, Burgundy Orchid is one of the best, maybe top two! I was inspired by your pretty scarlet ruby nails, and the reminder that my SH Prism post is my post popular! Plus, I was reading back over my blog, and one of my readers asked for swatches, but I moved three times in the last two years!

      Now is the time : )

  4. Wow!!! This is so beautiful!!! O_O!!

    Hope you are doing well!! :D

  5. .....Well this is freaking AWESOME!! :) Loving SH Nail Prisms.... and you KNOW I drooled when you holo-ified it ;) Super beautiful!!!


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