Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sonoma County Gazette - Sonoma Nail Art

Good day lovely

I hope today finds you well.

Here is an amazing polish I can share with you, reppin'  the NORCAL.  Here I have one fun coat of Sonoma County Gazette by Sonoma Nail Art.  She is a blogger/indie seller from my neck of the woods : ) I love supporting local small business people, don't you?

I am splashing this polish all over the headlines today!  Have you red between the lines?  The news is good!

This polish looks GOOOOD!  It has so many possibilities for layering over different colors. Tan is my next one to try, so it reminds me of a US government linoleum post office floor from the fifties, a bit specific, I am aware.  US government vintage building color schemes are very comforting to me for some reason.

This polish reminds me of the colors of my speedometer in my car, with the black white and red. I love it. I got several compliments from people I met during my day!  I love when that happens, don't you?  : D

You can see the interesting mixture of glitters, like the interesting mixture of contributors to the Sonoma County Gazette, a progressive local paper written by the readers.

This polish is great in most every way!  It could use a topcoat to help the lines stay put, but I had fun playing with the taglines. 


I put this polish over a recent China Glaze LE Collection fall polish.  I will do a review of that polish by itself soon. I wanted to get this glitter posted as soon as possible! I don't know why I waited so long to try it!

In response to recent oppressive statements regarding personal grooming directly aimed at nail polish bloggers in particular, I have posted a clarification of purpose and philosophy of my personal beauty diary/blog, and the rights I lay claim to in my creative works and publications herein.  I post the contents of my declaration below and have made a new tab to keep it handy. I invite your thoughtful and constructive feedback! : )

I hope you have a super day. 

Beauty Bloggers Declaration of Rights

On my beauty blog, my own personal diary of my thoughts related to the topic of beauty, I have the RIGHT:

To be the only person who decides on the content of my personal online diary

To express my unique thoughts, opinions and feelings freely

To express myself without restrictions or oppression, and have total artistic license in terms of my own personal blog content, whether that be my art, my photographs, my layout of my blog page, in total

To my own opinion which is valuable and uniquely worthy because it is my own

To make mistakes, apologize and correct them where necessary

To change my mind or opinion

To read other blogs, or not

To take money for ads, or not

To reveal  my identity, or not

To take free products, or not

To be as imaginative and creative as I want to, or not

To be myself, and let my own personality find full expression in the way I find appropriate for myself

Be kind to others, and treat them the way I want to be treated.

Be silent on a topic if I want to

Create a space for myself where I can feel happy and comfortable and in control and build my self-esteem and connectivity to other mutually supportive friends

Freely share the love and positive feelings I feel for life and beauty products without restraint, or fear

Express my humanity through  my blog, admitting to my flaws and acknowledge the fact that I am not perfect, never will be, and to keep that in mind when witness to the flaws and different abilities of others

To encourage and uplift others

To decide for myself which principles I will adhere to in regards to my blogging habits or philosophy

Not to apologize for any flaw or feature of myself, nor my blog, for any reason, ever

To apologize for things I do and I am sorry for

To get and give second chances

To accept other's thoughts and opinions are their own, though they may be very different from my own, and respectfully agree to disagree, and not to take it personally

To try to do better tomorrow

Accept constructive helpful and positive criticism in the manner which it is intended

Take my own time to do things, as much time as I need to, in order to feel I am in control in all aspects of my life

Attend to my responsibilities in the priority order I decide, because life is more important than blogging about beauty products

Fail sometimes

Try again

Experience joy and happiness and protect myself from those who would seek to destroy it

Stand up for my freedom to express myself in a thoughtful and constructive manner

Speak my mind on any subject, and deliver my thoughtful and considered opinion as long as:

It does not hurt any person's feelings

My intentions are to good

It will help further human knowledge of the world of beauty

It is helpful

It is truthful


  1. The Bills of Rights is pretty cool, imho. :0)

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you! I think it helps express what my blog is for. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Inky Whiskers, you are sweet to say. Your little whiskers are so cute! Thanks for the follow! : D

      I appreciate your positive feedback so much!


  3. OMG, I need this polish! Looks soooo cool! Cool declarations:)

    1. Hey Essie Rae! I know it is a good one! I am glad you like it! : )

      Great seeing you here and out and about!

      Thank you for stopping in!

  4. Such a gorgeous combo! And I love the Bill of Rights =)

    1. Hi Jacqui, Thank you so very much pretty nail girl!

      I really enjoyed window shopping your blog sale! Man was I sorely tempted!

  5. I love the crazy glitter!!! I bet it looks great over a red polish. I wanted to let you know that you have been given an award! Check out my blog Monday morning to get all the details!


    1. Erica, this is so nice! Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it!


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