Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Man's Manicure (Men Like this Polish!)

Hi sugar pie! 

I hope you are doing fine today!  I am up early, as usual.  I want to share some nails that have captured quite a bit of notice already. 

Here I am wearing a manicure that started with a shade of Salon Perfect polish which I picked up recently, Snow Flurry.  It is a white shimmer.  This polish is quite thick and opaque for a white frost. I purchased this because the other white shimmers I have are very sheer even with three coats.  Think OPI Happy Anniversary.  I applied two easy coats.  This polish is lovely, but white by itself is a bit stark.  I do not even have pictures of it alone, I couldn't wait for my glitta!  This is Confetti Dragonfly, gradient tips one thin coat only. I applied topcoat in this picture.

Below you see the nails with two coats of fabulous Dragonfly. Dragonfly is extremely shiny!  There is something extra shiny about the aqua glitters, in small and medium sizes, the polish is almost too shiny! And to top that off there are holo string glitters in there!  These holo strings are my favorite size.  I don't like the ones that are so fine they look like hairs, I tried some in one of the Kardashipolishes and it looked like it had black tiny hairs, um, no.

Snow flurry glistens like snow, as the picture above shows on my thumbnail.  Three coats of snow flurry would be perfectly opaque. There were barely a few streaks visible, good enough for a base for glitter!  I didn't want three coats because it would extend my dry time.  

Above in the shade, you can see some of the insane mirror shininess of the aqua blue glitters. I can also see a fine silver shimmer in there too!  I thought so!  I could barely see it in real life. I have bad eyes -.-

I took my camera to Kohls, and took a picture of the view from the store. The prettiest view I have ever seen from a Kohls.  Do any of your favorite stores have a nice view? @.@ I love to check out scenery- in a big way!

Alrighty then, back to the main event. Round three !  Here is another version of the same manicure with extra lashings of glitter!  This is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight, pure holo bar glitter in a clear base.  Now this is a glitter that demands attention.  This one always gets me comments from men when I wear it.

Take that information and do what you will with it.  You are welcome. : D

I was at the store, and the cashier asked me to see my nails. Then the man in line behind saw what was happening and he asked to see them, then he told his wife to look. I explained that I did it myself and he exclaimed in wonder. That was a very happy time for a polish loving nail blogger's polish heart. Even now the look on that man's face makes me smile.  : D  It made me feel proud because he told his wife "She did that herself", like it was such a great big deal, when to me it really isn't.

I look back at my old manicures and photos, and I know I am improving both. This is fun to work on :D

What a great time I have, comparing and wearing nail polishes and sharing them with you for a kick!

Thank you for dropping in and making my day : )

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through



  1. Very nice! This is a great mani!

  2. It's so cool to get compliments like that, even though, as you said, it's no big thing to us :) This is a really pretty mani, and I love shimmery/frosty white polishes. Your Kohl's view isn't half bad! It definitely doesn't look like there should be a store in the general vicinity, lol. We vacationed in Arizona a few years ago and stopped by a Walmart quite literally in the middle of the desert, lol.

  3. Really like this! Great for winter if you ask me :)

  4. haha, people at my work are always in wonder that I do my own nails, although it's not a big deal to us!!! I love this mani, no wonder it gets people's attention!!


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