Friday, December 14, 2012

Blinging Christmas Nails

There you are! Hi!  I am so glad for you to see me : D

Here I share a new polish I couldn't resist!  ICING did it again! They had a one of a kind polish in the display, and I couldn't leave it there.  I tried, I left it in the store, walked about thirty feet, and then I had to go back in to pick up this GORGEOUS polish. And boy am I glad I bought ICING Jingle My Bells.

Behold the joy and wonder of Christmas on my nails. There is no other polish in my collection that gives me such a warm and wonderful "vintage Christmas" feeling. This gorgeous beauty is warmest holiday gold, red and green glitter in a clear base.

I put two coats over the top of Fergie Grammy Gold for opacity, but this baby is opaque enough after two to three coats on it's own.   Formula is stunningly amazing, this glitter dries smoothly with such a shine!  I tested it over green, silver, gold, navy and white. Gold was the best for bringing out the beauty of the polish.  But it went really well with CG Cranberry Splash.  I didn't even want an accent nail of just gold, this glitter quickly went on all the nails.

Glitter all the nails I say! :D

This polish has a "dark and deep" quality to it which I find entrancing, as the bottle in the above picture shows. There is no dark glitter in there though. Like many ICING glitters you can almost get away without topcoat!

I can not believe that such a simple glitter combination is so rare to find. I have China Glaze Party Hearty, the only other red gold and green glitter I own, but I like this more subtle glitter more.  I have never seen a polish just like this one. The glitters remind me of Floam type of glitter, as you see in the shade shot below.

This polish is super glittery and shiny.  It is absolutely a stunner, the gold appears to be tarnished or like warm brass, giving that vintage feeling.  Two coats with topcoat make me feel great!

I really love this nail polish so much! I am typing with these nails now, I don't know when I will want to remove this polish. I may dress it up with nail art today.  But I don't believe I can improve upon on this mani.

If loving my own nails is wrong I don't want to be right.  I admit it, I suffer from Nail Narcissism. I can not stop admiring them in this polish : D  Or any pretty polish for that matter.

I hope you enjoy this colorful manicure, and another vintage ornament treasure from my grandparents. Whatever traditions you observe, I wish you a very warm and wonderful holiday season from my heart and nails to yours!

Thank you for looking at my nails! They are always so flattered and happy when you do!  I  really do appreciate you!

Have a wonderful day : )



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