Saturday, December 22, 2012

Covergirl Grapevine Swatch and Review

Hi there!

Today I am sharing a very special color which I picked expressly to match a treasured Christmas decoration.

This is Covergirl outlast in grapevine (it is in lower case on the package).  This shade is a highly pigmented and very gorgeous reddish purple, with matching shimmer. It looks like Chanel packaging, and is also made in France. Oooo la la! 

So this polish can make you feel posh, for less dosh!

(This is not duochrome, here it reflects blue from the sky)

Pink is the spokesperson for this line, and I have to say she is a great choice. I have been a fan of hers for a long time. So when I saw her on the display wearing the polish I was a bit more interested to wear it too. Great marketing by Covergirl. I also like the diversity of their "Covergirls", so I support them for that reason too. I note here that Drew Barrymore left Covergirl to start her own line of makeup called Flower, exclusive to WalMart (!).

I was having issues with dry time, but that it may be operator error. I smeared it a few times, and so applied an additional coat on some nails. Then I went to bed and got sheet marks (they are still slightly visible).  So I applied another coat where needed and Seche, even though it doesn't need it for shine, I just needed this mani to dry.  I am not ready to give up on this color.

This polish retails for about $6.50. I managed to snag it for $0.19, using CVS extrabucks and a BOGO half price Covergirl sale.  I also bought the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara, which I wanted anyway! That mascara is wonderful by the way.

So this was half price, then with my $3 extrabucks, I made like a champion shopper and scored!

Here is the polish next to my treasured table top glass tree. This was the last gift I got from my grandmother. She sent me the money that last Christmas, and I spent $50 to buy this glass tabletop tree ornament. It survived moving six times. : D It has all sorts of decorations on it, and many feature this purple.  So to match my treasure, I am thrilled to have this new ornament in my collection!

I will summarize my pros and cons for you, I recently decided that is something I like to see at the end of other blogger's posts, so here you go!


Highly pigmented
Top quality packaging, similar to Chanel
Retail price was about $6.50
Gorgeous colors
No Topcoat needed
No Basecoat needed
Dries to a high gloss
No Big 3 toxins (formaldehyde, dibutyl phtalate (DBP), and toluene)


Not labeled cruelty free, I am noticing this more, but I still buy from these brands, but I really don't like animal testing, so here I am torn in two. I may not buy any more of these polishes but I NEED my clump crusher. I wonder, don't these companies have enough animal testing results already? Maybe with vegan animal lover Ellen as a Covergirl this could improve.

Other than this point, for the polish itself, I have none REALLY, the only comment here is that dry time for me was just average. (I was rushing thicker coats, so had issues that were my fault)

That's it!

Well there you go my lovely! Will you be picking up any of these beautiful bottles?

May all your holiday wishes and dreams come true!

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy the first full day of knowledge that the Mayans were oh so WRONG.

Bonus grapevine from just before harvest in September a few years ago.  Westside Road in Sonoma County 

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through.


  1. Good point on the cruelty-free end; Ellen is a huge advocate for being Vegan so it really is surprising that she is associated with Cover Girl since they still conduct animal testing.

    I used to buy tons of CG Nailslicks when I was a young girl... This purple is really pretty and looks fantastic on you!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I wish animal testing could stop : (

      Nailslicks, of course! I am sure I had some back in the day too! Thanks for the nice words, as always!

  2. gorgeous shade, those grapes look yummy

  3. I bought a whole bunch of these polishes the other day (they were on sale and they look so awesome!)...I'm excited to try them! Looks so pretty. :)


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