Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Purple Thursday for Peace


Welcome to my very first Purple Thursday for Peace.  In case you didn't see it, I mentioned in a previous post, here, my thoughts behind this idea.

As I stated previously,  I want to address an idea I have to increase the peace beginning today, by wearing purple here on the fourth Thursday* of each month as a reminder to turn from negativity and hate when I see it.

I have come to really enjoy this place I have made to peacefully connect with you in the spirit of nail polish appreciation.  As an extension of my peaceful polish work here, today I want to share with you more about my personal journey to live a more peaceful life.  I also would love knowing more about how you find peace and happiness.  I am not perfectly peaceful nor happy by any means, but I would like to share what has helped me increase my personal peace quotient, and as a result, my happiness level.

In my quest for greater personal peace and happiness, I have made efforts to become more self-aware.  I began to notice physical responses of stress when I had contact with certain people in my life.  I began to examine what was happening to me, and to question why I continued to subject myself to relationships that made me feel bad, emotionally and physically.

I decided to end my contact with people who make me feel bad.  I began to trust my own instincts, when I sensed that someone does not have my best interest at heart, now I believe what I feel, not what they say. My instincts have been confirmed more than once, so I have learned to trust them.

I do not accept that society and individuals need to continue to participate in a cultural climate that is cynical and mean.  I refuse to participate in harassing, fighting with, and bullying individuals. I know if I perpetrate that kind of behavior and put negativity out into the world in any form or forum, I am highly likely to get more of the same back in return.  The kind of climate these things create is poisonous and toxic.

HOWEVER, if someone upsets, bullies or abuses me, they will be told in no uncertain terms to stop it.  My pursuit of personal peace does not mean I will not rise to the occasion to defend myself, in the best way I know how.  If I am attacked, I have an obligation to myself and family to halt the attacker and get as far away from them as fast as I can.  If I witness and have the ability to stop bullying behavior aimed at others, I will do it in the best way I know how. I have felt the shame and fear of being bullied, so I empathize deeply with how it feels when I see it happen to someone else. I would love for it to stop, and not be a favorite topic of celebration in the media.

I wish people would stop the hateful words, and make kindness a point of pride, rather than popularity and sensationalism. For the most part, the media has got it backwards. I can't change them, but I can work on how I respond to them.

Here I share some ideas I use to turn away from upsetting words, bullying behavior and hateful speech.

I minimize or cease contact with individuals who upset me

If someone abuses or bullies me, I let them know I don't like it, and tell them to stop

I protect myself by erecting boundaries to protect me from those who spread hateful speech, bullies and abusers, i.e. not visiting online forums (troll farms)

I don't take out my anger at being abused by abusing or bullying others

I no longer participate in website forums or chat rooms where I have experienced bullying, drama or even just snide and irritating comments, and cannot control the situation by blocking individuals

Turn off television news

Turn of the computer

Turn my thoughts to positive and constructive activities

Talk with a good friend

Turn my thoughts to a positive action I can take to counteract a problem

Make something and go with the creative flow

Focus on what one main thing I need most each day to bless my home and family by increasing my personal peace and happiness

Do what I can to obtain that thing, whether it is greater well being, a cleaner home, a more secure financial picture, improved relationship with a friend or loved one. (Honestly, new nail polish only works for a little time, it is a bit of escapism, which obviously is very important in life, but can be problematic, like any escape if you spend too much time there.  I am talking about myself a bit right here).

Pray and meditate on my peaceful intentions, and ask for help with focusing my intentions on acquiring what I need that day. While I work hard as I can for everything I really want, despite my big ego, finally now I admit I can sometimes use some help. I believe this works, because I really do seem to get just the help I need when I really need it, and sometimes it comes only as I am giving up. This has happened so many times, and it has started happening more and more, so lately I have been able to laugh at myself for almost quitting (or quitting again) and feel more than ever that God and the universe must be helping me.

Here is my purple for Purple Thursday for Peace!

The picture above is a mani I did with some glitters over Covergirl grapevine, shown here.  Not really the point of the post today, other than the purple. From index to pinkie we have here Confetti Tazmanian Devil, Milani Gems, Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday and China Glaze Pizzazz (the only one I didn't blog about already here). I will review Pizzazz in more detail in a future post. Can you tell which is on my thumb?

If you want to join me and make my dream of a Purple Peace Train a reality, you can share your idea for peace in the comments, or link up something purple in the inlinkz below. I would love if we could break this thing with too many links!

I hope I don't look a fool all by myself out here, but you know what?   If I can help one person out there not perpetuate hate, and increase their own personal peace, thus increasing the amount of peace in the world, I have done something I am super proud of. Plus, this is going to serve as a reminder to myself to keep on the path to peace. I have found greater happiness by pursuing this path, and I am excited about the possibilities for my future peace and happiness to increase even more as I continue forward without looking back! Also, I want to help other people, I love to be a people helper : D 

Here is code for you to access the inlinkz widget for your page,or just link a picture of you wearing purple nails, or purple anything, if you want to accept my invitation to increase the peace, on any day. I am leaving this and will add to this gallery until July 4, 2013. get the InLinkz code

I would love to hear your ideas for increasing the peace, if you would like to share with us.

*Except in November, it will be the day after Thanksgiving


  1. That's both a great cause and a lovely mani...

  2. This is a wonderful idea! Your purple themed manicure is beautiful as well! :)

  3. Beautiful beautiful mani!!!
    I applaud you for fighting the hate in this world!!

  4. What a beautiful post!!!! I wish more people thought the way you do. :( Bullying is so senseless and wrong, and I really can't understand why people are so mean to one another. There is absolutely no reason for it. You'd think that people would treat others the way they wanted to be treated. :S


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