Sunday, December 16, 2012

For the Victims of the Conn. Massacre 12-14-2012

Hello and welcome back. 

Today I am sharing a recent manicure I am dedicating to the memory of the victims of this week's tragic school shooting in Connecticut. 

Salon Perfect Snow Flurry (three coats) with Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope (two coats).

I feel disturbed and very sad about this massacre, as do all good and humane people.  I pray that after we mourn with and support the victim's families, we can work together and honor them and those who lost their lives by doing more to help ensure this never happens again to innocent children in an elementary school, or any school, anywhere, ever again, amen. 



  1. I sincerely pray that there won't be anymore of these tragedies.

  2. Your nails are beautiful. I pray for those poor children.

    1. Thank you for saying G. Yes, I do as well, such a loss, an endlessly sad loss my friend. (Hugs)

  3. I just got SP Snow Flurry yesterday. Mine looks more white than yours. It is absolutely stunning to look at!!

  4. How close is this color to China Glaze White Cap? Is it a dupe?


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