Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Favorites Glitter Skittles

Hello hottie! Welcome to today's edition of polish appreciation here at Addicted to OPI-yum. 

Today my nails are decked out in holiday skittles style with some of my favorite holiday glitters! But first, I dressed up my nails in glorious greens. I present to you a side by side comparison of OPI Jade Is the New Black (JITNB) and China Glaze Exotic Encounters(EE). 

The OPI is on the ring finger, the rest are Exotic Encounters. These are both high quality polishes. Application, drying time and coverage are all great. There are multiple coats on my nails here, at least three, but two would suffice for both of these polishes, I feel.  I did more to hide dings, as I photographed these a bit after I polished initially. No topcoat is shown here.

For my skin tone, I prefer Exotic Encounters.  I remember not really liking Jade is the New Black very much when I initially wore it two years ago.  It is ok, but it isn't amazing.  I was surprised at how much I liked Exotic Encounters because it is so similar.  The blue in EE is just enough to make it work for me.  WARNING: This EE stained my nails even with basecoat.

I quickly tested out a bunch of holiday glitters to see how I liked them over green.  Here I am showing one coat each of, from L to R, KB Shimmer Candy Cane Crush (C3), ICING Written In the Stars (WITS), China Glaze, Snow Globe (SG), ICING Frost Yourself (FY) and ICING Heart of Gold (HOG).  These are all shown with a coat of Seche Vite.

ICING Written in the Stars is a great new favorite glitter, you may have seen this one in it's debut on this blog previously, here. This polish is incredible, as you can see.

Here we have Snow Globe. This polish was from last year's China Glaze holiday collection. SG is chock full of glitter, one coat covered nicely without too much bumpiness. This type of iridescent opalescent glitter is very versatile for winter manicures.  Over white it adds a bit of color and sparkle.

I used it to create a snow globe ornament in my last post. I used it over the snow and the background of this ornament. Here is another picture of my ornament on a black background.

The photo below is ICING Frost Yourself, a big favorite with me. This glitter is very blingy and holo-riffic! This one is still available in the store, and reminds me of China Glaze Nova.  They are near dupes. I have both, if you want a comp, just let me know in the comments.

This KB Shimmer polish is a very wonderful treat for your nails, and nose! I love the vanilla/peppermint smell of this polish, though it is strong.

My thumbnail sports a layer KB Shimmer Candy Cane Crush. C3 has small, medium, and large pearly red glitter and small, medium, and large white matte glitter. It smells very strongly, even underneath topcoat.  It only smells nice once the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) evaporate and the polish is dry.  It is the same with all scented polishes.

I have read once you can perfume your polish yourself by adding drops of perfume to your polish. I would never risk wasting my precious drops in polish though.  Would you try scenting your own polish, or have you?

C3 applies easily, and placement of the glitters is easy. I swiped the brush around on the nail to get the glitters distributed the way I wanted to.  The biggest glitters fell to the bottom half of the bottle, mostly, so they were a bit harder to coax out, but I have been able to get them out fairly easily.

My DH picked out ICING Heart of Gold.  I would have skipped it, but I trust his taste. This polish was the shiniest of all of the ones on this hand.  It has small gold glitters which are also holographic, reflecting bright green, red, blue, orange and gold. This sets this glitter apart from other medium gold hex glitters.

The large hexes are a little, um, curly? They don't all lie flat, so that means that if you put more than two coats of this glitter it may begin to appear lumpy.  It has a good proportion of glitter to base, so one or two coats look great, dry quickly and this wears like iron. I am wearing a full mani of it now, and plan to share pictures of my current NOTD (Nails of the Day)  soon.

I love this polish because 1) the husband picked it, 2) it is unique and beautiful, and 3) the name "Heart of Gold" is beautiful. : D

Here are some bonus glitter skittles from my hard working right hand, which has a base of CG EE.  Here is Icing Disco Ball. This one is one of my top glitters of all time because of the HUMONGOUS glitters. They are so blingy! I plan to do this as a full manicure this holiday season to show you one of my favorite combos of all time for winter.

Sadly, this glitter seems to be deteriorating. The glitters are appearing a little bit faded in spots. Sad face : ( You can see that in the bottle and a little on the nail.

This polish is ICING Flower Child, featured previously here.   I preferred it over the other color, but it is great anywhere, just about!  My broken  and repaired nail appreciates the coverage of this one.

I placed a coat of ICING Gold Dust over my right ring. I used this one for my Thanksgiving mani, shown here.

I present to you a small dose of Rosie, our princess pup!

Rosie, doing what she does best!  Just rest Rosie, just rest!

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season, and pretty polishes brighten your day, today and every day!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you all the day through!



  1. Those are some gorgeous greens! LOVE Jade Is The New Black :) Very pretty selection of glitters, too. I think my favorite is Candy Cane Crush, because it's so very Christmassy and I love that it smells like peppermint. They're all very cool, though... I keep scrolling back up to look at Frost Yourself and Snow Globe. ;) Your little baby is so adorable!

    1. Hello Lovely Liesl. You have such good taste, JITNB is a classic! I am really loving that CCC too! It is a wonderful, versatile and unique glitter. Thank you, I will tell Rosie : D We spoil her just a bit with compliments like that :D

  2. OMG We really are on the same wave length... I bought Candy Cane Crush too! Rosie is a cutie pie; give her some loves for me!

  3. Oooooh gotta love skittle glitter!! :D My fav is probably Heart of Gold because I LOVE green and gold together!!! And I can't even explain to you HOW CUTE YOUR PUPPY IS! Awwwwww she's beautiful!! :D

  4. Candy Cane Crush looks very pretty


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