Monday, December 17, 2012

Purple Thursday Peace Train

Hi everyone, welcome. I have a slight detour for you today.

I decided to share some manicures of memory today, these are from two years ago. 

I want to end this year with an uplifting and peaceful vibe here.

I have had this post in mind for quite a while now, but events of late have made me feel more urgent about this today.

I have become concerned about the climate of vicious hatred and negativity which seems to permeate public airspace more in recent years. I  remember an uplifting and hopeful vibe I used to feel about the future. Now, I often despair about the future of humanity. We are now devolving on some level it seems.

I see that hateful speech is out of control and those that spread the worst hate are routinely celebrated in the media.  Wild words are repeated and re-tweeted, and if the media likes, reheated with extra spice and spin, in case you missed them the first time around.

I really liked the No H8 post we did, and I want to do more to raise awareness of how to cope with hate, bullying, and negativity.  I want to do something to help counter the hate spew which is so easy to find, and getting harder to avoid. This has been on my mind for a while now, but I have not been able to pull together my ideas in a post worthy of this concept.

I want to have a new blog feature here called Purple Thursday for Peace. The fourth Thursday of the month on this blog is designated Purple Thursday for Peace.  I will wear purple anything, but probably nails, and share the purple with friends as a reminder to turn my back on hateful speech, and find more peace.

Over the last year, I have been on a personal journey to turn my back on those people who are sources of negativity.  After a lifetime of conditioning to listen to my elders, my parents and the media, finally I am listening to my inner voice that tells me what is best for me.

I have cut off relations with those who bring hate and negativity into my life, including family members, and this was the hardest thing I have ever done. But I have been richly rewarded with greater personal peace.

I have stopped watching television, and most importantly, the television news media. Jerry Seinfeld joked about how the news organizations have a logo for each crisis and produce it like a show, making us panic.  In general, today's corporate news media works with numbers, dollars and ratings, not humans.  The media brings you select horrors from around the globe, but only the most shocking and upsetting stories. They try to provide you with every gory detail of every terrible event. They decide to leave out almost all the good and uplifting stories.

Is it any wonder that people are suffering from depression?

I plan to increase the peace by refusing to take part in hateful speech and turning away from the negativity, fighting and backbiting! I have considered what is the best way to combat the hate. It is not good to fight it head on, that will not work, I think.

Although the drama is exciting (and addicting) on some levels, for myself, I am most peaceful (and by extension happy) when anger, hate, vicious contempt, and bullying speech are set to ignore!

Thursday December 27th is designated as the very first Purple Thursday For Peace here at Addicted to OPI-yum.  You are invited to join me and wear purple and do not listen to or perpetrate hate, or negativity that day (and  every day), just turn from it! That is it for now.

I am the first to admit it, I am not perfect, and mess up and the dumb part of my brain thinks negative and ugly things sometimes. But using the wise part of my brain, I know that I am more peaceful, and therefore happy when I dismiss them and do not say them.

The only cure for hate is love, I hope to multiply love by increasing the peace.

I am planning first one a week from this Thursday.   I will put an inlinks and a purple manicure on my blog December 27, 2012. Along with my manicure I want to share an idea of how to find more personal peace and happiness. I want to now invite you to join with me that day by linking up and doing the same thing, on December 27, 2012 on a Purple Thursday for Peace Train!

I will be participating in a blogger day of silence in memory of and to help raise money for the Sandy Hook victims tomorrow.

Here is the button I found on Dear Brighton blog, here you go if you want to grab it for yourself too.

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through!

Increasing the Peace through polish


Special thanks to the Blogazons for putting up with me for two months : D  I decided to leave the group this week, it's not you, it's me. Thank you to my sweet and lovely Beauty Blogazon friends who welcomed me with open arms, you guys ROCK hard.


  1. So beautiful! The trees are lovely!

  2. This post is so peaceful! Thanks for all nice minds!

    p.s. Looks like I missed something about leaving Blogazons... But I hope everything is fine and you made a right decision ;)

    1. Hi Demons, Everything is well, and I am working to be better in all ways. Thank you my dear friend for your kind words, support and concern, always ! :D

  3. I love your idea!! And you know, I've always been saying this too: all you ever see in the media anymore is who got shot, who got stabbed, but nothing about how good people are!!
    I will be looking forward to your posts =)


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