Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Running in Circles to Decorate a Tree

Hi Polished Pretty!

Season's Greetings and welcome to a twelv-y post! 12-12-12 

I love the number 12! It is so important, it comes so perfectly placed just right exactly where we want it to be, right after 11!  But since it is next to thirteen, is it guilty by association? 

 It means time to EAT, and a time to kiss on New Years Eve.  It is a dozen, the standard baked goods unit of  measure, a complete circle of time, round the clock, we measure our days by twelves.  12, when you strike the clock, you takes the longest of all the hours. Oh twelve you are so doggone divisible too, 1,2,3,4,6,12, the factors making me love you are multiple! Endless hours may have been spent contemplating,counting, factoring and dividing by twelves, and if you have a dozen of them it is gross.  What other number can say that I ask you? Zero? I think not! Ha! How could I forget the twelve days of Christmas?

As a mathematics major in college,  and number lover, I have to acknowledge the perfect beauty of a day like 12-12-12.  This date is wonderful, it feels a bit like coming full circle! Speaking of circles....

If you follow my circular logic, today feels just right, for a perfectly beautiful and circular green.

Circles, I LOVE THEM! They are perfect, in the theory books, but not reality....anyway, here is a really real perfect circle for you!

This beauty you see before you is three coats of China Glaze Running in Circles.  People, I would run in any shapes I had to in order to wear this polish on my nails.  I would run in an elliptical shape followed by five octagons if I had to!  And I would be happy to do it.  

Yes, I know!  Merry Christmas From China Glaze!  HOLY GUACAMOLE!  Ok, let's talk about it.  First, just look at the color of that GREEN!  This green was exactly the color I was desiring to match the ornament I am holding.  My husband found these ornaments recently in a secondhand/antique shop, and the green part here is his favorite bit.  I really started to like it, and decided I wanted a polish to match that color.

The pictures I saw of this polish immediately clinched it. It had passed my notice initially in the Cirque de Soleil collection, which I planned to skip, since I just bought a bunch of the Holiday Joy polishes. But a closer look at this one sent me running to the store. This polish could fit equally well in the Holiday Joy collection.

I am making it official! China Glaze gets my award for the best polish brand of the year for 2012.  Your very lucrative award is most of my nail polish dollars! It would be virtually impossible for any other brand to surpass it at this point!   Way to Go China Glaze!

Three coats, no topcoat in the first four pics.

This polish has quite a bit of depth and reflectivity, with foil particles in this mix.  The sparkle of this polish in the light is stunning.

The formula is great, though I found it a teensy bit sheer.

I absolutely love these duochrome shimmers that reflect from gold to blue at extreme angles. This polish is a less foily cousin to Color Club Ho Ho Holly, it is a bit lighter shade of green and less smooth, but quite similar. I reviewed CC Ho Ho Holly here. If you wanted that one and didn't want the smell, I recommend you try this one as a great alternative.

Now for the artwork.  I was inspired by an ornament to paint gold glitter stripes at an angle. I used Maybelline Color Show LE Sequins Gold's Night Out.  Yes, it is lumpy close up, but may I direct your eyeballs to the duochrome here in the shade? There is a spot in my kitchen where the light really brings out the duochrome.  It is not always visible in this polish, but the shimmery particles are.

I realized my nails looked like my christmas tree with garland, so I decorated it in China Glaze Frostbite, Kleancolor Metallic Pink and some nail sequins from ICING. I am having issues with Seche Vite eating the finish of these : ( Trying a workaround with the polish for attaching gems only.)

These nails were actually pretty on my hands, and with the right outfit, would be amazing for a party.  The gold looked like jewelry. I am holding a vintage glass ornament from my grandparents.  I love that this ornament is hot pink!  I love pink, purple and blue for Christmas decorations!  LOVE!

The ladies at Sally's saw these and liked them. The husband was like, no wonder you like going in there! You may have seen my tweet about our trip to the store. When we left he commented to me "You can't keep buying polish forever". I said that is true, when I die I will quit. We laughed and laughed. I tried to imagine myself in my eighties still buying up lots of polish.  Hey, that shiz could happen if I am lucky LOL! Here is one for the bucket list. Buy 100 polishes on my 100 birthday LOL! Because hey, I may still be able to use them all at least once!

Why not dream big.  BIGGER EVEN?

Here is one of the ornaments I made with nail polish on my tree.  It actually surprised me, at how it looked like an antique for some reason.

I am nominated for another Liebster by Julz Perri! Thank you so much Julz, you are so kind to acknowledge me and share your good fortune with me! I am not worthy!  Hopefully, one day, I will have over two hundred followers, and then I will be eligible for the Liebster's big sister award (whatever that is) LOL!!  That is another goal of mine! If you haven't clicked my follow button up there yet already, why not be a sweetie and join my awesome and friendly friends and me here on the regular?  After all, this is a multiple award winning blog now LOL!

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and are feeling some of the holiday joy and love of this season, I wish this very hard, from me to you.



  1. Gorgeous green and I love how you turned your nailses into Christmas decorations! Pretty ornament, too :)

  2. Luv the nails! Guys do not get the rush we do when we walk into Sally's or any BSS & peeps go gaga over our nails. The closest they get is car envy. lol

  3. I feel the same way about Running In Circles... at first the chunky glitters were getting all the attention but I was like 'Eh.', I liked the other 2 glitters; this one and Water You Waiting For. Went out and snagged 'em. China Glaze really is killing it this year. I still need to finish decorating the tree... Where does the time go???

    1. This one is so beautiful Kelly, I am glad you got it and love it too : D


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