Friday, December 7, 2012

TGI Franken Friday - Fruity Flavor

Hello there, special eyes!

Welcome to a Franken Friday!! : D

I created a special manicure to showcase my latest frankenpolish. I began with two coats of Kleancolor Metallic Red. This polish is a bit smelly, but it behaves very well, and the payoff is gorgeous color. Topcoat deepens and adds luster and shine this color. I would say it is a must to bring out the depth of this color.

Kleancolor Metallic Red, no topcoat.

I really love to wear metallics. Metallic polishes are highly reflective even in low light, so they are great for winter and evening wear.  Additionally, I love metallic polishes because they make your nails appear to be longer because of the glare and shine from the reflection.

They are challenging to wear because they show each flaw on the nail, but applying a layer of glitter, or artfully placing it to cover flaws is an ideal solution.   Also, buffing the nails prior to application of a good basecoat is extremely helpful,

This polish matches this ruby very well.

Now here I have glitter tips in my new, as yet un-named franken.

This pink glitter franken is not as holo as the green version Miss 'Elf on 'Olo Day (aka Dragon Scales), shown here, nor the aqua version (Laguna Blue Eyes), shown here.

This photos above and below show you the two nails on the right (ring and pinkie) with topcoat, and the two on the left, (index and middle) with none.

The picture below shows topcoat on all nails. I used Seche Vite.

My metallic nails matched my crochet hook pretty well!

I think this combination is great for the holidays.

One of my very top favorite type of manicures to wear is metallic polish with matching glitter over the top.  For maximum bling, this combination is hard to beat.

Dear readers, do you have any ideas for a name for this latest franken polish?  I will let you know that this polish has an interesting smell to it, it smells sweet, almost fruity!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through



  1. nice colour, I would wear it without glitter, but that's just my opinion ;)

    1. Hi De Mons. In person it looked better with the glitter than the pictures show I promise. But it was not a top favorite combo. That glitter franken is giving me issues trying to make it look good.

  2. Oh YUM! You know all my weakness don't you missy?! LOL Pink AND holo??? Are you trying to kill me?! Hahaha Beautiful colors, beautiful nails, beautiful holoness! :D

    1. Hey Kristine! That sounds like a good name for a polish, Oh YUM! LOL! NOOOOO I don't want to harm you with polish! Ok ok! I won't show you the other pink one too!

      Maybe I should just send it to you! I want you to be okay LOL! Because I care....

  3. lovely franken, love the shade!

    1. Thank you Shannara! I wish I could share this polish with the world! If I could I would put a pink holo glitter in every good polish girl's stocking!

      And an especially nice one for you, since you have been an especially nice and good girl this year : D

  4. I do love that base color-so pretty!


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