Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art

Hi !

Here I am sharing a heart felt manicure I created with love.

This is two coats of  OPI Japanese Rose Garden with some carefully placed hearts from Revlon Hearts of Gold, and one coat of Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope plus topcoat.

This is a great use for Hearts of Gold. This polish dries quickly and fairly smooth, it is a great topcoat.

Pink with gold shimmers is one of the most beautiful and feminine polish combinations. I don't wear much pink, but I am reminded of how this long time favorite combination works great on my skin tone.  

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through!



Saturday, January 26, 2013

SATION - A Brand I No Longer Recommend

Hi there!

I have hesitated to post this story, I don't enjoy raining on anyone's parade. But I will no longer recommend nor will I feature 


on this blog.

The last bottle of Sation I will buy - I returned it to the store after my exchange with Mike Vo.


Sation brand nail polishwas the brand found to contain the highest level of dangerous toxins of any brand of nail polish tested in a study published in April 2012 by the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control. After repeated attempts to get reassurance from Sation that their polish does not contain toxins, I failed to do so. I do not trust the claims by this company that they are 3 free.

Of the products labeled toluene free in the CA EPA study, 10 out of 12 contained toluene, and results showed that Sation polish had the highest level of all the brands tested, although it was labeled big 3 Free.

Depending on your level of interest I am linking stories in order of detail on this issue. 

I contacted Miss Professional Nail company more than five times requesting their response to these findings and seeking reassurance that their claim of 3-Free is supportable and valid.

I received no response to two emails I sent through the company website. 

I phoned the company directly to request a response to the findings. I was told that the only person who could answer my questions, Mr Mike Vo, was not there. This happened three times. He was in a meeting or out of town or otherwise not available on each instance.

I left two voice mail messages with Mike Vo, neither of which he chose to return.

I sent him two email messages from my private account. I will publish them and paraphrase his responses below. For legal reasons I paraphrase his response, however, I can show originals privately if anyone wants to see his words.

Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2012 5:47 AM
To: Mike Vo
Subject: Blogger Request for Info

Dear Mr. Vo,

I love Sation nail polish, and I want to purchase more.  However I am concerned regarding the toxins found in the polish in the April 2012 CA EPA report.

Can you reassure me that you have indeed adressed these concerns?  I am a member of the Beauty Blogazon network, and I see others reviewing your nail polish, and they are unaware of this report.  I have not said anything to my friends yet, because I want to be fair and allow you to respond to me first.  I have left you two voice mails, and two emails through your site, so this is my last time to attempt to be fair and understand your side of things before I share what is in the report with my friends and readers.

Thank you for your response. I want to recommend your products, but I will not be able to if you do not reassure me there are no big 3 chemicals in the polish. In addition I will recommend my readers and friends not wear your polish.  

This subject will be discussed more and more in the future.

thank you

From: Mike Vo <>
Subject: RE: Blogger Request for Info
Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 4:58 AM

Dear xxxx:


Thank you for your inquiry with my company about the issue you mention.  We can discuss this Wednesday, December 5, 2012, between 12 and 4pm.  If this is ok for you let me know.


Mike N. Vo  |  President

Miss Professional Nail
2121 W. 139th Street, Gardena, CA 90249

NOTE HOW HE REFUSED TO ANSWER ME! That time did not work for me as it happens, I love how he picks a time convenient for him. I didn't want a verbal reply anyway, I wanted his words in writing.

Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 12:47 PM
To: Mike Vo
Subject: RE: Blogger Request for Info 

Hi Mike,

I am going to ask you again:
What have you done to address the findings of toxins in your polish in the report I referenced in my original message?  Is it your position that the findings are wrong? 

Can you assure me that your polish is toxin free despite these findings?  Please respond to me in writing .  

Thank you


Dear xxxx:

I know you want answers to your questions and I have times I can discuss this with you next week .  We can meet if you come to my office in Gardena, CA.  Please let me know if you are available to meet on 12/11 1-4pm; 12/12 10am-4pm; or 12/13 1-3pm.  We will meet soon and discuss your issue.


Thank  you and have a good weekend.
Mike N. Vo  |  President

Miss Professional Nail
2121 W. 139th Street, Gardena, CA 90249
T: (310) 538-5975  |  F: (310) 527-8322
Skype: mikenvo


This reply from him is contemptuous in my opinion, because he must know that his average customer will never travel all the way to his office in Gardena, CA.

So I am finished with this brand.  I was researching them initially to inquire about their private label manufacturing, but I do not want to work with a brand which is not transparent as to it's products labeling and contents, and refuses to respond when their products are shown to be inconsistent with their labels.

I will still continue to occasionally use vintage nail products with some of the big 3 chemicals in them. My issue is with misleading labels on products in the market today.  We need to know if there are toxins in these polishes, especially for my blogger friends who apply polish after polish all day long at times.  Sation sends out free polishes to bloggers, and they are believing that the polishes are toxin free.

That may be so, but we have no way to know because no one is testing these products we use.  The FDA does not test cosmetics as a rule.  I honestly wonder what would be found if Sation polishes are tested again in a lab, or any one of these brands, especially nail polishes from foreign lands.

We need an entity testing polishes, and cosmetics. We smear these products all over ourselves, who knows what is in these things, especially in the cheap foreign brands. For young people, the effects are greater and they accumulate and toxins build up in our bloodstreams over the years.  

Toxins found in polishes have been shown in studies to cause:

Early menopause (20s)
Birth Defects
among other effects

Pthalates are especially worrisome, as they are linked to diabetes, as discussed here in more detail.

Now if you only wear the polish once in a while, there is not a big risk.  But if you work with it and breathe it all day and you are pregnant or of child bearing age, well, I would not want to take a chance. Knowing what I know now, I would not give Sation polish to my pregnant daughter, period.

Mike, if you have reformulated, just say that toxins are not in there now. I would have accepted your word for it.  But now, I really can't trust you or your company because you sidestepped my questions.  So I will not be filling any private label orders with you, nor will I ever endorse your product on my blog again unless and until you can assure me that your products do not contain toxic chemicals. This makes me really sad, because I loved my polishes from Sation and they had so much going for them in my book. 

I care about the young people who are most susceptible to toxins in products, and I believe that we are owed honesty in the labeling of products so we can make our purchasing decisions based on facts. Inconsistently labeling products is not only illegal, it is dishonest, immoral and WRONG.

I am not an expert on chemicals by any means,  but as I learn more I am becoming more concerned about this subject.

I know this matter is controversial and I may not make many new friends with this post. I am more concerned on this blog with honesty, integrity and consumer health than popularity. 

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Purple Thursday for Peace

Hi and welcome to Purple Thursday for Peace once again here at Addicted to OPI-yum.  

  I am focusing on ways to cope with bullying and hate, and achieve greater personal peace every day, and I am documenting some of my go-to techniques here.

Here I am showing you two coats of Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Violet Tendencies, tipped with one/two (as needed)  coats of Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Golden. 

I will review these in detail in the future, however today the point is the purple polish.  Is that the sexiest purple ever or what? GAaaaahhhh!

I read an inspirational story once of a victim of child abuse, one of the most destructive forms of bullying. She spoke of how she overcame her awful childhood to become very successful in life.

She said that she determined to become more awesome.  She focused on improving herself, and turned her mind away from the anger at her abuser.

Mysterious shadowy pinkie tip - boo! It is my shadow whoops! But I HAD to show sparkle~

I did this too!  I had a couple of folks who were really bringing me down. I could not get them treat me with respect no matter how much I tried to please them, or wanted them to. I finally realized that I was focusing too much energy on people who don't respect me or treat me nice, and racking my brain to figure out what to do to change the relationship. This led me to frustration and anger. That is putting it very mildly. For some time, I became a seething cauldron of rage.

I have let that anger mostly go now, and accepted that some people are toxic. So what I can do is to focus on myself, and turn my energies toward new goals and accomplishments.  For example, I have created a garden where there was an ugly weed patch.  I wrote this blog and joined twitter, I feel awesome about my achievements here and my relationships I am building with you wonderful and friendly interesting and diverse polishers from all over the world.  I painted, patched and repaired many walls and ceilings, and improved my home.  I adopted a dog from a shelter, I have rescued three others from the streets.  I am looking to do more, and build another garden, paint my house, meet more new friends in my new city and begin a new life yet again.

These are things that I feel great about and no one can take that away from me. This is my antidote to being bullied, and how I have learned to cope with it.

My advice to cope with bullies can be summed up like this:

Ignore the bullies completely and give yourself the chance to become even more awesome.

Figure out what you want to do to become even more awesome, look that thing up on the internet, learn how to do it, implement the steps required, and bing bang boom - look there you are being more awesome than ever!

Here is a fortune I got in a cookie, I love this one, I want you to have this too~

"Expect the best and life takes on new meaning"

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


If you want to, join me in this inlinks by linking to a picture of you wearing purple, any weblink, facebook, flickr, etc will work!  Anytime you want to you are invited to link your purple picture, and share any thoughts you wish on how to achieve greater personal peace.

You can get the inlinkz code for your page here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

One of the Best Winter Blues - Blue Bells Ring


I am on a blue streak, here is China Glaze Blue Bells Ring, a vibrant blue metallic from the China Glaze Holiday 2012 collection.  

This collection made my holidays bright, and was THE must have collection for me this past Christmas.

This is a great blue for winter. 


Nails must be very smooth to wear a metallic foil such as this, buffing and basecoat beforehand are both required unless your nails are perfect.  This blue will stain, so basecoat is a must for that reason.

I admit to coating this with glitter soon afterwards.  I dinged up the manicure and I didn't want to start over.  I like my nails to look showroom perfect, at least for the first day of a manicure, and I am sure I am not alone in that.

China Glaze has really made some beautiful blues for us. This is no exception. An excellent choice to represent the metallic blue spectrum in any polish collection.

I didn't wear it alone for very long, so I cannot speak to wear, but I would assume that the wear would be good, as is typical for China Glaze.

China Glaze Blue Bells Ring


Great fomula
Big 3 Free
Shiny without topcoat
One or two coater
Great icy shade for winter


I cannot find any information on animal testing though I find information online saying they are cruelty free
May stain

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the Whole Day through


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

Hi there!

Today I am wearing Sinful Colors Endless Blue. I am wearing two coats plus topcoat here.

I found this one sitting off on a shelf with a twin at Walgreens, it was not part of any display, so I don't know where it can be generally found in the displays.  But I can tell you it caught my eye, though I was looking for a gray polish.

My hands are having a hard time coping with the cold and the DIY chores around my home.  I filed my nails down and then I had some major cracks on my right thumb. I was just telling my husband how when I cut my nails shorter  that is when I get bad breaks.    I had to file and patch my right thumbnail.  Not a big deal.

I really love Endless Blue and it killed my lemming for Nails Inc. Baker Street.  I have not seen a comparison, I may do one myself next time I am at Sephora, I will swatch a nail of Baker St with their tester.  I do like that Sephora has testers : )

When I applied it I was amazed because it was a one coater and dried glossy, but I got tipwear quickly.  So I added another coat and Seche Vite and it was perfect!  It is very creamy and loaded with rich looking pigment. This is absolutely a beautiful color, it looked to me like deep blue jewels. My husband commented that it is eyecatching and he really liked it, I believe this color would appeal to many men. This is a top favorite blue and I have very many blues in my collection, I guess around fifty.

On a related note, I have started a polish spreadsheet, and have filled in 100 names!  Yaay me! Proud! This is the first step to reorganizing my stash.  After moving so much, and finally settling down, it is now time to reorganize and catalog the collection.  Storage is also at issue here, I can report in more detail if there is interest.

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

Seems to be a dupe for Nails Inc. Baker Street
Nice application
One coat may be enough
Dries shiny
Dry time is good
Big 3 Free
Very attention grabbing


Got tipwear fast with no topcoat
No information about animal testing found

That's it!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


Friday, January 18, 2013

Multi-chrome Love and Beauty Light Pink/Multi by Forever 21

Hi y'all!

I hope you are well and happy.  I am happy to share another new beauty with you today, this is love & beauty polish brand from Forever 21 in Light Pink/Multi. Yep that is the name!

Sheer on it's own, applied over Blue Metal Perle by L'Oreal, previously swatched here,  it turns into a magical multichrome topcoat! I love this amazing polish.

This ranges from blue to bronze, mostly purple and blue are visible. Dry time is okay.  I applied Seche Vite because there were so many layers of polish, 4 plus topcoat.

This pink multi has what I believe is called glass fleck.

Not much more to say about it other than if you wear it, be careful as you will want to stare at your nails when you are doing other things that require attention, like walking or driving.  It looks like they have a few other promising shades available as well.

Love and Beauty Light Pink/Multi by Forever 21


Price $2.80 US
Gorgeous glass fleck
Strongly multichromatic
Readily available I believe this is the polish, the name and numbers don't match though : /  It really looks like the same one. The number on my bottle is 21602101011
No big 3 chemicals on label


Sheer on it's own
Not labeled cruelty free

Thank you for visiting me in my perfect world of polish!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Blackheart Royally Screwed - Skull Polish from Hot Topic


Today I am sharing a nail design I am enjoying lately, not a French, nor American style, I do not know a name for this where it looks like the tips are just rimmed. I have done this in metallic polish to give my nail tips extra protection when I am working hard with my hands, yet show as much of the base polish as possible.

This style is interesting in that it gives long nails a shortened appearance. I am planning to give my nails a bit of a chop, so this is giving an idea of how they will look (the blue part only).  This is helping me get used to the idea that my nails will be shorter, and envisioning how they may look.

I want to do more DIY stuff and play my guitar, and my nails are getting in my way now. I love wearing them long, but when I type I accidentally hit keys, I don't like that. Yesterday, when doing laundry, my right index caught up underneath the lid of the washer and pulled my finger hard, that was not pleasant.  One day, when I have my house painted and redecorated, my garden redone I will be able to maintain them at this length, should I choose to. It really kills me to shorten them, so I don't know when I will do it. I always tell myself, ok just ONE more manicure, THEN I will chop them down.

I have given this manicure some titles that expresses my feelings about what I am trying to achieve here with my color combinations and style, and what I envision when I gaze upon my nails wearing this design.

"Sterling Silver Shores of Sapphire Seas"
"Space Station Window" 

Can you see it?

I am excited to share my first Hot Topic blackheart polish with you! I just found out about these polishes that come IN A SKULL BOTTLE !!!

Plus I am showing a vintage discontinued L'Oreal, Blue Metal (Perle) combined with a classic staple in my collection, ORLY Dazzle.

Here is a swatch of L'Oreal Blue Metal. This is a gorgeous, INTENSE deep blue shimmer.  The formula is good, but in these old bottles, the brush is very skinny. With lots of nail surface to cover, I was back in the bottle two and three times to cover one nail.  But the formula is good enough, though I did have some cuticle drag, I didn't wait long enough between coats. Not the best swatch, but here you are.  No topcoat.

 Then the glitter went on. This blackheart glitter in small and large sapphire hexes is super beautiful. Formula is a little thick, but the glitter payoff is great. There is one coat of glitter and two coats of seche in the photo below.

Then you see what happened the next day, Orly Dazzle tips. Orly Dazzle is my go to silver metallic polish.  I also have an LA Colors from Dollar Tree which is a dupe to this (I lost the name), if you are lucky enough to grab that one for $1.

I have been wanting a blue glitter polish like this for quite a long time. It is a joke around here that if I see something I want and I have "been wanting" it for a while, it is likely I will get it eventually.

The detail on these skull bottles is wonderful, see the teeth?

I almost feel I should name my little friend and I feel bad that he is lonely. Good thing he has a few buddies coming soon (Violet Tendencies, Razor's Edge and Golden). I think it is a he because he is bald. Oh man, I just got the idea to put a bow or a teeniny wig on my polish, ... wait just one minute.  It is just a bottle of polish, sheesh. So why do I love it so?

Maybe because blue glittery fingernails make me so super happy I can't hide it!


Hot Topic Blackheart polish Royally Screwed


  • Really cool packaging
  • Gorgeous blue glitter!
  • Reasonably priced at $5 each or 3/$10 on sale 
  • Formula is good
  • Good glitter payoff
  • A great layering glitter 
  • Unique color
  • Cruelty Free (from the website


  • Label is so small I can't tell if it is big 3 free
  • Polish name is not on label
  • No longer listed on website but I found mine in the store this week 
  • You can shop the 3 for 2 sale here , unfortunately they ship to US only by ground at this time : ( 

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

J'aime Paris - A Tribute to It's Monuments

Bonjour mon petit chou!*

Welcome to a tribute to the monuments one of my favorite cities, Paris, France.  Oui, c'est vrai ma cher!  

I was inspired by my polish, OPI Spark de Triomphe, a glitter released in conjunction with the French Open in 2011 in a duo called Glam Slam, and promoted by Serena Williams.  It was released with white shatter. She was the perfect person to front an OPI campaign because she is REALLY into manicures and she is so stylish.

This is a Grand Slam polish for me, I love winning, tennis, Serena Williams, Paris, France and last but not least, wait for it.....GLITTA!!!!! MMM hMMMM! 

I felt in the mood for a metallic mani to start the new year, but not gold or silver, I wanted platinum to begin this year.

I have wanted to do a tour Eiffel mani for a while now, and voila!  It is lit up with multicolored lights for a celebration on my nails. 

This is one coat of the triumphant sparkles over one coat of Fergie Going Platinum, which I previously swatched for you here.  I still really adore that polish.

OPI Spark de Triomphe is complex, not your ordinary straightforward glitter.  The color is difficult to pinpoint, somewhere between silver and gold.  It has small gold and silver glitter and finely milled gold and silver particles.  I have trouble seeing exactly what is in there,  I have had to really study it to figure it out. 

This polish is super duper sparkly as you can see from the reflections on my skin.

Random thought: I like Nicki Minaj, her videos are amazing.  Ok, polish....

I took some pictures in Paris of the monuments, I love seeing these again and remembering the amazing amazing amazingness that is Paris.

 Arc De Triomphe, I climbed to the top once.  Seven eight stories of stairs, great views! Hi honey!

I have never been to the top of la tour Eiffel.  I don't like heights, or lines. Lots of people hated it when it was built, and Guy de Maupassant hated it so much he went to eat at the restaurant there every day so he didn't have to look at it.  I happen to love it. Sorry Guy.

The backside of Notre Dame is also gorgeous, I remember there is a rose garden in the back of the church, and the roses were the largest I had seen, until I came to CA.

  Sacre Coeur.

The Seine.

From the top of one of the department stores, Galleries Lafayette, looking toward Sacre Coeur. This is a FREE thing to do! : ) Checking online, perhaps it is a restaurant up there now. ? Guess I need to go again and check it out for myself.  There is no better way of knowing than actually going. That would be nice.  Maybe I will make it back there again someday  : D

How I wore Spark de Triomphe, this color matched green and silver to a T.

*That is French for Good day to you my little cabbage.  That is a term of endearment the Cajun French use, and I grew up hearing it.  

Au revoir mon petit chou fleur!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the Whole day through


OPI Spark de Triomphe


Great OPI formula
Big 3 Free
Super sparkly
Can be made opaque in 2-3 coats but is good to layer
Unique silver/gold combination


Discontinued, I purchased mine on Amazon for ~$8 US
Not labeled cruelty free. I can not find information on this subject on the OPI website. OPI is owned by Coty. I can not locate anything on their website about this subject.

PS Paris, I love you!

Monday, January 7, 2013

SOPI Meet Me at the Disco Dupe Report

Hi there!  Welcome to a tale of two silver holo glitters.
Today I have a dupe report and comparison that can save you a buck or two.  I saw SOPI Meet Me at the Disco (MMATD) in the store and decided to buy it online.  Online because I was able to purchase it directly from Sephora through Amazon. A key point I will share is that I was able to pay for it using my Discover card cash back points.  So there was no direct out of pocket cost to me, technically.

However, once the polish arrived in the mail I realized I had another polish just like it. ICING Glamorous.  I remembered that Glamorous was hard to remove, and I love the SOPI formulas, so I gave this MMATD a try anyway.  Turns out that Glamorous is actually better than MMATD. 

First look at Glamorous over SOPI Who's Spinning Tonight, a purple hidden shimmer I introduced in my last post, this one deserves a post all by itself, it is really very good indeed. Look for that one here soon. 

One effortless coat of glitter over the top plus topcoat, this dried very smooth. Glamorous is incredibly holo.  It is one of the most eye catching glitters I have, because of the intensity of the holo sparkle in pure and bright primary and secondary colors. This is in contrast to another favorite holo glitter from ICING, Frost yourself, which is more pastel, you can see that one as a part of my glitter skittle mani, here.

My application attempt on two nails was enough for me. Once I saw Glamorous on one nail and compared it to MMATD, I quickly finished all nails with it. It is not totally smooth without topcoat, but it is smoother than MMATD.  Glamorous is the winner by a knockout!

Glamorous is on the pinkie and ring in the shot below, and MMATD is on the index and middle fingers.  I noted that MMATD is more difficult to spread and has more of a shimmer in the clear base, where Glamourous is crystal clear.  The result of this is that MMATD tends to obscure the base color more. Also it applied a bit more unevenly, and boo, it was slightly less holographic. 

Also, MMATD needs a topcoat. Glamorous kind of does, one could skip it and the polish is fairly smooth, MMATD dries too rough.

Interestingly, Glamorous does not claim to be a topcoat, MMATD does. Sorry, but in this aspect you failed me, MMATD.

My middle nail is still holding with my repair. I am going to shorten all my nails soon and remove the patch, it has grown out almost 1/4 inch of free edge.
I was super disappointed in myself that I spent $16 worth of my points on an inferior dupe of a polish I already own TWO bottles of.  Whaaaa! Even if I exchange this in the store I eat the ~$6 shipping. But silver lining, I can save you some money with this comparison!

I am taking this on board as a lesson to myself to remember what polishes I own and do more thorough research before purchasing a new nail polish.  I really do not need MMATD, and I want to exchange it, but I am not sure if can, now that I have tried it.

I want you to know that if you are thinking of buying MMATD, take a detour down to ICING, pay $4.50 for ICING Glamorous, and then pocket the $4.50 you just saved and buy what ever else your heart desires!

Cha Ching!

ICING Glamorous (small silver holo glitter in clear base)


Gorgeous holographic
Big 3 Free
Great formula
Very holo even in low light
Affordable at $4.50 US


Not labeled cruelty free
Difficult to remove if applied thickly

Sephora by OPI Meet Me at the Disco (small silver holo glitter in a very slightly shimmery base)


Gorgeous holo and silver sparkles
The formula of all the Jewelry Topcoats I have tried is excellent
Big 3 Free
Sephora by OPI polishes are generally extremely high quality in packaging and formula


This topcoat needed a topcoat
The slight shimmer within the base slightly obscures your polish color underneath
Not labeled cruelty free. I can not find information on this subject on the OPI website. OPI is owned by Coty. I can not locate anything on their website about this subject. Interestingly, there is a statement about slavery and human trafficking in the supply chain here.  I see this statement is a requirement of my state,  California. 
Not a low budget choice at $9 (some Jewelry topcoat shades I found are absolutely worthy of this price tag, Flurry up, Traffic Stopper Copper, Only Gold for Me are three I own and  really do love)

That's it!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


Saturday, January 5, 2013

High Tech Nails

Hi Polished Pretty!

I am happy you are here so I can show you exactly what is on my nails as I type this.  I was inspired to do some high technology art inspired by my husband's job. I wore these high tech satellite nails to the company office party, and they drew rather an enthusiastic response!  I am so grateful my husband found a great job with some great people that he truly enjoys working for, and so I expressed this appreciation in the best way I know how!

I used many polishes for this look

First I applied Sephora by OPI Who's Spinning Tonight. This gorgeous secretly shimmering purple polish is awesome sauce.  It  makes me feel amazing to look at this color, I can not put my finger (haha maybe I can) on exactly what it is about this color of purple that really hits all the right spots in my eyeball's pleasure spots.

I used ICING Glamorous, a holographic glitter as a topcoat, then layered some "lucky charms" over the top.  On all nails I used Revlon Celestial FX and on the ring finger I applied a heart from Revlon Hearts of Gold FX.

With Orly Dazzle, I used the brush from the bottle to draw the satellite dish, and the silver tips on the other nails. I was afraid to do this and mess them up, but I liked the balance it brought to the overall design.

I accented all the silver Dazzle areas with Glamorous, coated with Seche Vite and voila!  I had some shrinkage, and had to touch up the Dazzle tips with more glitter, but these are so pretty I have not wanted to take them off all day and couldn't wait to share them with you!

I was having trouble focusing on my research with these nails. They kept flashing in the sun.

Thank you for visiting.

Love, Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through

Friday, January 4, 2013

Glitter for Better Living - ICING Radio Superstar

Hello and welcome Polish Lovin Pretties!

Today I am sharing another polish I received for Christmas from my husband, ICING Radio Superstar.

This was the first time he ever bought polish for me without me prompting him! I am so proud! I only dropped huge basketball sized hints everywhere. 

This polish is holo stars, medium pink hexes, medium holo hexes (sparse), small holo hexes (sparse), and tiny light blue micro glitters in a clear base.  I have applied this polish over China Glaze Blue Bells Ring. I do not have pictures of BBR alone yet, I smudged the unforgiving metallic finish and so SLAP, on goes the glitter topcoat LOL.

This is a unique combo of glitters.  I like the way the light blue glitters add a sheen to the appearance of the nail.   Sun above shade below.

Not the best pictures but I hope this illustrates the idea of this polish for you.  I want to see this one over purple or plum.

I understand the reluctance to use glitter polish, but , if you have sworn off glitter, you may want to  consider for a moment the points I mention below, so you can experience with me:

Glitter for Better Living!!!

Here's my rationale:

Smudge your pretty creme polish?  Don't want to redo all the nails? Slap on a pretty glitter topcoat my dear!  Your problem becomes your beauty spot! I can recommend for you Sephora Jewelry topcoats, I love Only Gold for Me and Traffic Stopper Copper especially because they will go with practically everything and they wear like iron.

Weak, brittle nails?  Strengthen your nails by reinforcing them with armor, glitter topcoat over regular polish adds strength to your natural nails.

Do you love attention?   Do you like attracting an attractive partner?  You will get noticed with shiny tips!  I notice men especially like, notice  and comment more often upon super bright polishes, (neon) and the blingiest glitters (bars). Women seem to comment on any nicely polished manicure, at least in my experience.

Do you dislike waiting in lines?  Well, if you wear holo glitter, you can entertain yourself by staring at the ever changing spectacle on your nails.   Traffic lights bore you?  Stare into your beautiful nails and admire the sparkles especially in the sun. (CAUTION, Glitter can make you very unsafe if you stare at your nails while driving 65 mph on the freeway, I am 100% serious.)

How about Manicure 2.0?  Your creme or shimmer polish wore well, but there is a ding and some scratches after a day or two of wear.  If you need an update, but don't want to remove your polish, do my 2.0 two step!

Step 1 : Touch up your ding or chip with a tiny bit of your polish.  It does not have to be perfect, more opaque shades only need one touch up.

Step 2: SLAP on your glitter and topcoat over your whole manicure or artistically cover your dings by doing something like glitter dipped tips, and voila! You are fresh as a daisy covered in dewdrops!

Going to a party? Glitter is like a small celebration on your nails, and is perfect to add a  bit more sparkle to your shining personality at parties. Glitters shine beautifully at night in candle and incandescent lights. This is when glitter nail polish is capturing all the attention from cremes and shimmers.  You may enjoy your nails shining more brightly in romantic evening settings, in case the action slows down, you have something to stare at LOL.

Want to look younger?    "I am ___ years old, so now I think I will stop having fun and never wear pretty glitter on my nails again" will be said by me, never.  I do care what other people think about my nail fashions, but their opinions are not factoring much in to what I will wear, I always wear what I like and enjoy, period.  This is a HUGE pet peeve for me, I was persuaded to not wear green polish by my disapproving mom, she would say my nails looked like mildew. We all know this is not true. Well almost all of us.

Have I convinced anyone yet to try glitter? No? Well, if glitter is not in your comfort zone, that is the best reason of all to try it!

Fellow Glitter Lovers, do you have any other favorite reasons to wear glitter?

To be fair, I admit, removal is not fun, nor is it the best part of wearing glitter polish.

My Glitter Removal Process

I place acetone- soaked pieces of cotton balls on all my nails and have a meditation moment while I wait for the polish to dissolve. Then I try to just slide the whole thing off, but usually I end up fiddling with the polish because I have not waited long enough.

I try not to scrub off the glitter, but move the cotton in one direction away from my skin toward the tip of my nail.  Moving the cotton ball all over just spreads the glitter everywhere.  I scrape glitter off sometimes a bit with my nail to help it along. I am pretty impatient.

I don't use foil because it immerses the entire nail and cuticle in acetone, which is not necessary, and I feel it caused my nail to become overly brittle and break off in my hand once.  Oh, and I can't be bothered to faff about trying to foil my fingers.

After most of the glitter is off the nails, there is glitter fallout all over my hands so I use hand soap with a nail brush to clean up the rest.

ICING Radio Superstar


Nice formula
Unique combo of glitters
Adds excitement and complexity, this one grew on me
Big 3 Free


Not labeled cruelty free : (

I hope you are enjoying the quiet after the rush of the holidays. Thank you for spending a moment with me today as I share my enduring love for nail polish again!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the Whole Day Through!