Friday, January 11, 2013

Blackheart Royally Screwed - Skull Polish from Hot Topic


Today I am sharing a nail design I am enjoying lately, not a French, nor American style, I do not know a name for this where it looks like the tips are just rimmed. I have done this in metallic polish to give my nail tips extra protection when I am working hard with my hands, yet show as much of the base polish as possible.

This style is interesting in that it gives long nails a shortened appearance. I am planning to give my nails a bit of a chop, so this is giving an idea of how they will look (the blue part only).  This is helping me get used to the idea that my nails will be shorter, and envisioning how they may look.

I want to do more DIY stuff and play my guitar, and my nails are getting in my way now. I love wearing them long, but when I type I accidentally hit keys, I don't like that. Yesterday, when doing laundry, my right index caught up underneath the lid of the washer and pulled my finger hard, that was not pleasant.  One day, when I have my house painted and redecorated, my garden redone I will be able to maintain them at this length, should I choose to. It really kills me to shorten them, so I don't know when I will do it. I always tell myself, ok just ONE more manicure, THEN I will chop them down.

I have given this manicure some titles that expresses my feelings about what I am trying to achieve here with my color combinations and style, and what I envision when I gaze upon my nails wearing this design.

"Sterling Silver Shores of Sapphire Seas"
"Space Station Window" 

Can you see it?

I am excited to share my first Hot Topic blackheart polish with you! I just found out about these polishes that come IN A SKULL BOTTLE !!!

Plus I am showing a vintage discontinued L'Oreal, Blue Metal (Perle) combined with a classic staple in my collection, ORLY Dazzle.

Here is a swatch of L'Oreal Blue Metal. This is a gorgeous, INTENSE deep blue shimmer.  The formula is good, but in these old bottles, the brush is very skinny. With lots of nail surface to cover, I was back in the bottle two and three times to cover one nail.  But the formula is good enough, though I did have some cuticle drag, I didn't wait long enough between coats. Not the best swatch, but here you are.  No topcoat.

 Then the glitter went on. This blackheart glitter in small and large sapphire hexes is super beautiful. Formula is a little thick, but the glitter payoff is great. There is one coat of glitter and two coats of seche in the photo below.

Then you see what happened the next day, Orly Dazzle tips. Orly Dazzle is my go to silver metallic polish.  I also have an LA Colors from Dollar Tree which is a dupe to this (I lost the name), if you are lucky enough to grab that one for $1.

I have been wanting a blue glitter polish like this for quite a long time. It is a joke around here that if I see something I want and I have "been wanting" it for a while, it is likely I will get it eventually.

The detail on these skull bottles is wonderful, see the teeth?

I almost feel I should name my little friend and I feel bad that he is lonely. Good thing he has a few buddies coming soon (Violet Tendencies, Razor's Edge and Golden). I think it is a he because he is bald. Oh man, I just got the idea to put a bow or a teeniny wig on my polish, ... wait just one minute.  It is just a bottle of polish, sheesh. So why do I love it so?

Maybe because blue glittery fingernails make me so super happy I can't hide it!


Hot Topic Blackheart polish Royally Screwed


  • Really cool packaging
  • Gorgeous blue glitter!
  • Reasonably priced at $5 each or 3/$10 on sale 
  • Formula is good
  • Good glitter payoff
  • A great layering glitter 
  • Unique color
  • Cruelty Free (from the website


  • Label is so small I can't tell if it is big 3 free
  • Polish name is not on label
  • No longer listed on website but I found mine in the store this week 
  • You can shop the 3 for 2 sale here , unfortunately they ship to US only by ground at this time : ( 

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


  1. Your nails look FAB, Dahling!

    I chopped up to a 1/4" off mine recently & I'm glad I did! Not only did they get in the way (& get stuck in the keyboard! lol), they hurt when I did anything. So while they look great, long nails aren't as much fun as peeps think. LOL

    1. Hi Inky, thanks so much : ) They can hurt when they break ! That is not ever fun!

  2. Beautiful color! Your nails look great. I share your feelings about cutting them off by the way... Typing and playing ukulele (among other things) become damn near impossible. That's why I used to keep the nails on my right hand as nubbins. :P

    That picture of you is downright adorable! I love the color of your hair; it goes great with the bright nail polish.

    1. Hey Fitzy, thanks for the sweet comments! Ukelele, how cool! I love music, but playing it conflicts with my other love, nails!

      You are too sweet : )

  3. It's a gorgeous look - I also have a few of those Black Hart polishes in those cool skull bottles :)

    1. Thank you so kindly Maria! I love these too! You have good taste Maria : )

  4. You are so pretty, Iggy! I love the shot of you at the end. Your nails look great, too, that glitter is to die for! And that bottle really is the coolest thing :)

    1. Oh thank you Liesl, I don't know about that but I know you make me feel really pretty in my heart, where it matters most! <3

  5. I love the packaging and the colour of this polish!

  6. so fun! love the silver added to it!


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