Friday, January 4, 2013

Glitter for Better Living - ICING Radio Superstar

Hello and welcome Polish Lovin Pretties!

Today I am sharing another polish I received for Christmas from my husband, ICING Radio Superstar.

This was the first time he ever bought polish for me without me prompting him! I am so proud! I only dropped huge basketball sized hints everywhere. 

This polish is holo stars, medium pink hexes, medium holo hexes (sparse), small holo hexes (sparse), and tiny light blue micro glitters in a clear base.  I have applied this polish over China Glaze Blue Bells Ring. I do not have pictures of BBR alone yet, I smudged the unforgiving metallic finish and so SLAP, on goes the glitter topcoat LOL.

This is a unique combo of glitters.  I like the way the light blue glitters add a sheen to the appearance of the nail.   Sun above shade below.

Not the best pictures but I hope this illustrates the idea of this polish for you.  I want to see this one over purple or plum.

I understand the reluctance to use glitter polish, but , if you have sworn off glitter, you may want to  consider for a moment the points I mention below, so you can experience with me:

Glitter for Better Living!!!

Here's my rationale:

Smudge your pretty creme polish?  Don't want to redo all the nails? Slap on a pretty glitter topcoat my dear!  Your problem becomes your beauty spot! I can recommend for you Sephora Jewelry topcoats, I love Only Gold for Me and Traffic Stopper Copper especially because they will go with practically everything and they wear like iron.

Weak, brittle nails?  Strengthen your nails by reinforcing them with armor, glitter topcoat over regular polish adds strength to your natural nails.

Do you love attention?   Do you like attracting an attractive partner?  You will get noticed with shiny tips!  I notice men especially like, notice  and comment more often upon super bright polishes, (neon) and the blingiest glitters (bars). Women seem to comment on any nicely polished manicure, at least in my experience.

Do you dislike waiting in lines?  Well, if you wear holo glitter, you can entertain yourself by staring at the ever changing spectacle on your nails.   Traffic lights bore you?  Stare into your beautiful nails and admire the sparkles especially in the sun. (CAUTION, Glitter can make you very unsafe if you stare at your nails while driving 65 mph on the freeway, I am 100% serious.)

How about Manicure 2.0?  Your creme or shimmer polish wore well, but there is a ding and some scratches after a day or two of wear.  If you need an update, but don't want to remove your polish, do my 2.0 two step!

Step 1 : Touch up your ding or chip with a tiny bit of your polish.  It does not have to be perfect, more opaque shades only need one touch up.

Step 2: SLAP on your glitter and topcoat over your whole manicure or artistically cover your dings by doing something like glitter dipped tips, and voila! You are fresh as a daisy covered in dewdrops!

Going to a party? Glitter is like a small celebration on your nails, and is perfect to add a  bit more sparkle to your shining personality at parties. Glitters shine beautifully at night in candle and incandescent lights. This is when glitter nail polish is capturing all the attention from cremes and shimmers.  You may enjoy your nails shining more brightly in romantic evening settings, in case the action slows down, you have something to stare at LOL.

Want to look younger?    "I am ___ years old, so now I think I will stop having fun and never wear pretty glitter on my nails again" will be said by me, never.  I do care what other people think about my nail fashions, but their opinions are not factoring much in to what I will wear, I always wear what I like and enjoy, period.  This is a HUGE pet peeve for me, I was persuaded to not wear green polish by my disapproving mom, she would say my nails looked like mildew. We all know this is not true. Well almost all of us.

Have I convinced anyone yet to try glitter? No? Well, if glitter is not in your comfort zone, that is the best reason of all to try it!

Fellow Glitter Lovers, do you have any other favorite reasons to wear glitter?

To be fair, I admit, removal is not fun, nor is it the best part of wearing glitter polish.

My Glitter Removal Process

I place acetone- soaked pieces of cotton balls on all my nails and have a meditation moment while I wait for the polish to dissolve. Then I try to just slide the whole thing off, but usually I end up fiddling with the polish because I have not waited long enough.

I try not to scrub off the glitter, but move the cotton in one direction away from my skin toward the tip of my nail.  Moving the cotton ball all over just spreads the glitter everywhere.  I scrape glitter off sometimes a bit with my nail to help it along. I am pretty impatient.

I don't use foil because it immerses the entire nail and cuticle in acetone, which is not necessary, and I feel it caused my nail to become overly brittle and break off in my hand once.  Oh, and I can't be bothered to faff about trying to foil my fingers.

After most of the glitter is off the nails, there is glitter fallout all over my hands so I use hand soap with a nail brush to clean up the rest.

ICING Radio Superstar


Nice formula
Unique combo of glitters
Adds excitement and complexity, this one grew on me
Big 3 Free


Not labeled cruelty free : (

I hope you are enjoying the quiet after the rush of the holidays. Thank you for spending a moment with me today as I share my enduring love for nail polish again!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the Whole Day Through!



  1. Another reason to wear glitter...ITS SO PRETTY!!!!!
    I use the glue base coat now ;)

    1. Good one Jasmine! That is really the best reason of all, how did I leave that out? YOu are SO RIGHT! :D

      Oh I just bought my Elmers! That stuff is great! I need to try that ASAP thanks for the reminder : )

  2. I like this one! Your writing about glitter for a better living is great! I think it's a very good sign if a man buys nail polish for you :-)

    1. Oh, thank you for that super nice compliment :D and also for being the newest member of my blog, you are really making my day! : D Oh, glitter from a man is a very fortunate sign in a relationship, most any relationship really LOL!

      Thank you and welcome to my blog, friend : D

  3. Amen to that, sista!!! Never enough glittah!!!! :))

    1. I second that amen can can I get a what what? Glitter Divas for Extra Sparkle can and will Unite! Whooooohooo!

  4. This is stunning. It looks great!

  5. I love glitter but I hate removing it. That star glitter is super cute and unique :)


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