Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lemme See Your Peacock and Ham Recipe

Hi there! I wish you a Happy 2013!

I predict this will be the best year yet for us all!  

Here is ICING Lemme See Your Peacock, a thoughtful Christmas gift from my husband. I was interested to give this one a try, because I trust his taste.

I love the uniform medium hexes in green, teal and hot pink. This particular size of glitter pieces has been interesting me lately because this particular size of glitter is not common. One point to note is that this polish has slightly curled glitters, aka "tacoing", but it isn't too bad.

This polish is very pretty and now it is super special to me. I really do love it and it makes me want more ICING polishes! Oh noes!

I placed one coat of this glitter over Maybelline Color Show Navy Narcissist, which I swatched by itself previously here. I used top coat to smooth it over, but like many ICING glitters, it is glittery and fairly smooth alone. It dried fast. I am showing one coat over Navy Narcissist (N2).

My husband suggested this polish should go over blue. I picked this blue, which I liked, and now I am curious to see this glitter over white, or plum, or a coordinating metallic.  This polish grew on me big time.

ICING Lemme See Your Peacock

Big 3 Free
Dries fast and fairly smooth
Inexpensive ($4.50 each, usually BOGO half price)


Not labeled cruelty free
The glitters are slightly curling

That's it!

And since Kelly asked for it here is my Home Made Honey Faked Ham recipe. I do not remember the source, it is written down in my special recipe book now.  We love HoneyBaked ham, but I remember not loving standing in line for one hour in the cold to purchase one.  I found a way to make a good substitute, for much less $$.

Home made Honey Faked Ham

1 Ready to eat spiral sliced smoked ham (10-12 lbs) (throw out glaze packet)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup apple juice or cider

Place ham in a deep baking dish, I use my large corningware. Insert a few cloves into the surface of the ham. Heat sugar honey and cinnamon in a sauce pan over medium high heat until the mixture bubbles around the edges and is pourable.  Pour syrup mixture over ham with extreme caution .  Pour apple juice around the  ham and roast at 325 for 1.5 hours.

I would really be interested to know if you try this and if you like it   : d

This will serve 8-10 people.

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through



  1. lovely manicure! really like the sparkly details!
    wish you an amazing 2013 full of love and happiness doll!
    Kisses from Miami


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