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SATION - A Brand I No Longer Recommend

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I have hesitated to post this story, I don't enjoy raining on anyone's parade. But I will no longer recommend nor will I feature 


on this blog.

The last bottle of Sation I will buy - I returned it to the store after my exchange with Mike Vo.


Sation brand nail polishwas the brand found to contain the highest level of dangerous toxins of any brand of nail polish tested in a study published in April 2012 by the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control. After repeated attempts to get reassurance from Sation that their polish does not contain toxins, I failed to do so. I do not trust the claims by this company that they are 3 free.

Of the products labeled toluene free in the CA EPA study, 10 out of 12 contained toluene, and results showed that Sation polish had the highest level of all the brands tested, although it was labeled big 3 Free.

Depending on your level of interest I am linking stories in order of detail on this issue. 

I contacted Miss Professional Nail company more than five times requesting their response to these findings and seeking reassurance that their claim of 3-Free is supportable and valid.

I received no response to two emails I sent through the company website. 

I phoned the company directly to request a response to the findings. I was told that the only person who could answer my questions, Mr Mike Vo, was not there. This happened three times. He was in a meeting or out of town or otherwise not available on each instance.

I left two voice mail messages with Mike Vo, neither of which he chose to return.

I sent him two email messages from my private account. I will publish them and paraphrase his responses below. For legal reasons I paraphrase his response, however, I can show originals privately if anyone wants to see his words.

Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2012 5:47 AM
To: Mike Vo
Subject: Blogger Request for Info

Dear Mr. Vo,

I love Sation nail polish, and I want to purchase more.  However I am concerned regarding the toxins found in the polish in the April 2012 CA EPA report.

Can you reassure me that you have indeed adressed these concerns?  I am a member of the Beauty Blogazon network, and I see others reviewing your nail polish, and they are unaware of this report.  I have not said anything to my friends yet, because I want to be fair and allow you to respond to me first.  I have left you two voice mails, and two emails through your site, so this is my last time to attempt to be fair and understand your side of things before I share what is in the report with my friends and readers.

Thank you for your response. I want to recommend your products, but I will not be able to if you do not reassure me there are no big 3 chemicals in the polish. In addition I will recommend my readers and friends not wear your polish.  

This subject will be discussed more and more in the future.

thank you

From: Mike Vo <>
Subject: RE: Blogger Request for Info
Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 4:58 AM

Dear xxxx:


Thank you for your inquiry with my company about the issue you mention.  We can discuss this Wednesday, December 5, 2012, between 12 and 4pm.  If this is ok for you let me know.


Mike N. Vo  |  President

Miss Professional Nail
2121 W. 139th Street, Gardena, CA 90249

NOTE HOW HE REFUSED TO ANSWER ME! That time did not work for me as it happens, I love how he picks a time convenient for him. I didn't want a verbal reply anyway, I wanted his words in writing.

Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 12:47 PM
To: Mike Vo
Subject: RE: Blogger Request for Info 

Hi Mike,

I am going to ask you again:
What have you done to address the findings of toxins in your polish in the report I referenced in my original message?  Is it your position that the findings are wrong? 

Can you assure me that your polish is toxin free despite these findings?  Please respond to me in writing .  

Thank you


Dear xxxx:

I know you want answers to your questions and I have times I can discuss this with you next week .  We can meet if you come to my office in Gardena, CA.  Please let me know if you are available to meet on 12/11 1-4pm; 12/12 10am-4pm; or 12/13 1-3pm.  We will meet soon and discuss your issue.


Thank  you and have a good weekend.
Mike N. Vo  |  President

Miss Professional Nail
2121 W. 139th Street, Gardena, CA 90249
T: (310) 538-5975  |  F: (310) 527-8322
Skype: mikenvo


This reply from him is contemptuous in my opinion, because he must know that his average customer will never travel all the way to his office in Gardena, CA.

So I am finished with this brand.  I was researching them initially to inquire about their private label manufacturing, but I do not want to work with a brand which is not transparent as to it's products labeling and contents, and refuses to respond when their products are shown to be inconsistent with their labels.

I will still continue to occasionally use vintage nail products with some of the big 3 chemicals in them. My issue is with misleading labels on products in the market today.  We need to know if there are toxins in these polishes, especially for my blogger friends who apply polish after polish all day long at times.  Sation sends out free polishes to bloggers, and they are believing that the polishes are toxin free.

That may be so, but we have no way to know because no one is testing these products we use.  The FDA does not test cosmetics as a rule.  I honestly wonder what would be found if Sation polishes are tested again in a lab, or any one of these brands, especially nail polishes from foreign lands.

We need an entity testing polishes, and cosmetics. We smear these products all over ourselves, who knows what is in these things, especially in the cheap foreign brands. For young people, the effects are greater and they accumulate and toxins build up in our bloodstreams over the years.  

Toxins found in polishes have been shown in studies to cause:

Early menopause (20s)
Birth Defects
among other effects

Pthalates are especially worrisome, as they are linked to diabetes, as discussed here in more detail.

Now if you only wear the polish once in a while, there is not a big risk.  But if you work with it and breathe it all day and you are pregnant or of child bearing age, well, I would not want to take a chance. Knowing what I know now, I would not give Sation polish to my pregnant daughter, period.

Mike, if you have reformulated, just say that toxins are not in there now. I would have accepted your word for it.  But now, I really can't trust you or your company because you sidestepped my questions.  So I will not be filling any private label orders with you, nor will I ever endorse your product on my blog again unless and until you can assure me that your products do not contain toxic chemicals. This makes me really sad, because I loved my polishes from Sation and they had so much going for them in my book. 

I care about the young people who are most susceptible to toxins in products, and I believe that we are owed honesty in the labeling of products so we can make our purchasing decisions based on facts. Inconsistently labeling products is not only illegal, it is dishonest, immoral and WRONG.

I am not an expert on chemicals by any means,  but as I learn more I am becoming more concerned about this subject.

I know this matter is controversial and I may not make many new friends with this post. I am more concerned on this blog with honesty, integrity and consumer health than popularity. 

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


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