Monday, January 7, 2013

SOPI Meet Me at the Disco Dupe Report

Hi there!  Welcome to a tale of two silver holo glitters.
Today I have a dupe report and comparison that can save you a buck or two.  I saw SOPI Meet Me at the Disco (MMATD) in the store and decided to buy it online.  Online because I was able to purchase it directly from Sephora through Amazon. A key point I will share is that I was able to pay for it using my Discover card cash back points.  So there was no direct out of pocket cost to me, technically.

However, once the polish arrived in the mail I realized I had another polish just like it. ICING Glamorous.  I remembered that Glamorous was hard to remove, and I love the SOPI formulas, so I gave this MMATD a try anyway.  Turns out that Glamorous is actually better than MMATD. 

First look at Glamorous over SOPI Who's Spinning Tonight, a purple hidden shimmer I introduced in my last post, this one deserves a post all by itself, it is really very good indeed. Look for that one here soon. 

One effortless coat of glitter over the top plus topcoat, this dried very smooth. Glamorous is incredibly holo.  It is one of the most eye catching glitters I have, because of the intensity of the holo sparkle in pure and bright primary and secondary colors. This is in contrast to another favorite holo glitter from ICING, Frost yourself, which is more pastel, you can see that one as a part of my glitter skittle mani, here.

My application attempt on two nails was enough for me. Once I saw Glamorous on one nail and compared it to MMATD, I quickly finished all nails with it. It is not totally smooth without topcoat, but it is smoother than MMATD.  Glamorous is the winner by a knockout!

Glamorous is on the pinkie and ring in the shot below, and MMATD is on the index and middle fingers.  I noted that MMATD is more difficult to spread and has more of a shimmer in the clear base, where Glamourous is crystal clear.  The result of this is that MMATD tends to obscure the base color more. Also it applied a bit more unevenly, and boo, it was slightly less holographic. 

Also, MMATD needs a topcoat. Glamorous kind of does, one could skip it and the polish is fairly smooth, MMATD dries too rough.

Interestingly, Glamorous does not claim to be a topcoat, MMATD does. Sorry, but in this aspect you failed me, MMATD.

My middle nail is still holding with my repair. I am going to shorten all my nails soon and remove the patch, it has grown out almost 1/4 inch of free edge.
I was super disappointed in myself that I spent $16 worth of my points on an inferior dupe of a polish I already own TWO bottles of.  Whaaaa! Even if I exchange this in the store I eat the ~$6 shipping. But silver lining, I can save you some money with this comparison!

I am taking this on board as a lesson to myself to remember what polishes I own and do more thorough research before purchasing a new nail polish.  I really do not need MMATD, and I want to exchange it, but I am not sure if can, now that I have tried it.

I want you to know that if you are thinking of buying MMATD, take a detour down to ICING, pay $4.50 for ICING Glamorous, and then pocket the $4.50 you just saved and buy what ever else your heart desires!

Cha Ching!

ICING Glamorous (small silver holo glitter in clear base)


Gorgeous holographic
Big 3 Free
Great formula
Very holo even in low light
Affordable at $4.50 US


Not labeled cruelty free
Difficult to remove if applied thickly

Sephora by OPI Meet Me at the Disco (small silver holo glitter in a very slightly shimmery base)


Gorgeous holo and silver sparkles
The formula of all the Jewelry Topcoats I have tried is excellent
Big 3 Free
Sephora by OPI polishes are generally extremely high quality in packaging and formula


This topcoat needed a topcoat
The slight shimmer within the base slightly obscures your polish color underneath
Not labeled cruelty free. I can not find information on this subject on the OPI website. OPI is owned by Coty. I can not locate anything on their website about this subject. Interestingly, there is a statement about slavery and human trafficking in the supply chain here.  I see this statement is a requirement of my state,  California. 
Not a low budget choice at $9 (some Jewelry topcoat shades I found are absolutely worthy of this price tag, Flurry up, Traffic Stopper Copper, Only Gold for Me are three I own and  really do love)

That's it!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through



  1. I have Glamorous and I love it so much I might have to go buy a back up bottle soon <3

    1. Oh it is so backupworthy! I LOVE IT FOREVER : )

  2. This is sooo cool!!
    Thanks for the comment =)

    1. Hi Ylenia, thank you : ) and you are welcome :)


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