Thursday, February 28, 2013

Purple Thursday For Peace - Acceptance for Happiness

Hi there!

Welcome to the third Purple Thursday for Peace.  I now feature Purple Thursday for Peace on the fourth Thursday of every month. In each Purple Thursday post I wear purple for peace and discuss ways to turn from conflict, including bullying and online hate, and find greater personal peace, and by extension, happiness.  I was inspired by the purple theme of the NOH8 movement and you can be the first to join me!

In my search for happiness, I took a hard turn in the right direction one day when I was shopping in a London street market. We were living in Huntingdon, UK, and one day I went with my husband when he had to go into London for work.  We took the train and then the tube, the best way to get into and around London, then I waited for him and wandered and shopped while he had his work meeting.

I had no idea my life was about to change forever for the better. I was in a place mentally where I was not happy and I knew I needed something to change. In a happy turn of events I happened upon a typically delightful collection of street market stalls in a parking lot of a church.

I met a man from Tibet selling a book by the Dalai Lama and Dr. Howard Cutler, The Art of Happiness, A Handbook for Living. We spoke and I learned about the free Tibet movement and I bought the book and a small bracelet to help the cause. I had never read a book by the Dalai Lama before, and the title really caught my interest.

This book completely changed my attitude toward life and living.  I am so happy to share my thoughts on this book with you, in the small hope that you may also benefit from it, and from the concepts I learned therein.

When I was young, I was blessed to have a typical American suburban upbringing, with every thing I ever needed and many things I wanted. As happens to many people, as I matured and became an adult, I found myself becoming unhappy and somewhat bitter when life didn't turn out like I expected it to.  I began to understand why people get mean and angry in their old age. People let me down, I suffered bodily illnesses, physical limitations, my life circumstances were not exactly my first choice, and my family relationships were not always beneficial nor successful.  (Reading this back I am thinking WHAAAA ! Right? LOL)

I felt that I was treated unfairly by life because of the hardships I had suffered, and I  thought other people's lives were turning out better than mine.

The most helpful thing in coping with this, for me, and a central idea to the teachings presented in this book, was the idea that we must accept that if we are alive then we will suffer. I guess I was not accepting this in my mind and I was fighting the idea, and losing!

We are born crying. We may become ill.  We will grow old if we are lucky, and perhaps our bodies will weaken and become frail.

If we are lucky enough we will live to be old enough to get gray hair and our skin will wrinkle and sag. No cream, lotion, nor facial scrub can stop this, despite what the beauty companies tell us.   Surgery can not stop this process from re-occurring either. I think people imagine it will somehow, despite knowing it won't.

Any changes to our outer appearance do not stop the fact that we are aging.

Our friends, parents, and pets will die as will every living thing.

We will die.

I know all this can be a real bring down, and seems a paradoxical topic to consider when trying to get happier. However, ignoring and denying these basic essential realities to ourselves doesn't help us to find happiness. The good news is that once we get to grips with these things, our lives are shifted into a clearer perspective, and we can begin to focus on things we can control. And when bad things do sadly happen to us, as they may, we are better able to understand, accept and cope with them.  

So, despite not wanting to acknowledge and accept it, I have learned accept that the mental and physical pain, abuse and suffering I had gone through was only normal and to be expected in the life of a human man or woman!  This is not to say I thought I should have a "perfect world", but I am saying that I was focusing too much on frustration with my life's disappointments.

Once I began to accept that my suffering was not something personal, and a statement about my worth, I could get to a point of acceptance about my unhappiness.  Everyone suffers losses, and sadness to a certain extent.  For some reason this really resonated with me, I think I saw others as suffering less than me.  I perceived other people in my life as being really much happier and better off than me.  I realize  now that people do not share always the ways in which they suffer, and even try to hide it from the world, but they suffer in similar ways to myself, I am pretty sure.

Thanks to my enlightenment about suffering, I have mostly forgiven myself for thinking that I was the cause of all of my own suffering, and I accept and take responsibility for my suffering that I do have control over. Life is rough enough without beating myself up about things over which I have no control.  

I really enjoyed the deep thoughts about life's meaning and our purpose for living presented in this book. The basic idea is that life is best lived when we are happy, and this book presents examples and ideas of how to get that way every day. This is the type of book that causes me to read a passage and stop to think deeply on the words and how they relate to my own experience, and recognize the truth of them in a very meaningful way. It showed me examples of how to reframe my thinking so that I can be as happy as humanly possible. I can not recommend this book to you any more enthusiastically!

I was listening to a recording of the comedian Patrice O'Neal, who passed far too soon a while back. Part of the point of his routine was just to, "Be happy." I am sure if he could talk with us now he would agree that we should strive to be as happy as you can every day, life is WAY to short to be otherwise : )

Oh yeah, now for some pretty purple for PEACE!  

China Glaze Let's Groove and Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam for some pink diamonds!

China Glaze Stella. This is not even close to the gorgeousness of this shade. I really didn't do the above two CG polishes justice, but I wanted to share these anyway, I owe each one a better swatch!

'Tis as lovely a lavender as a lavender lovely can be! Pure, lavender love.

Wet n Wild On a Trip- One day I asked my lovely twitter followers for their favorite purple polishes, and I believe it was my awesome reader Inky Whiskers who mentioned this one. I LOVE THIS COLOR FOREVER.  The formula is incredible, this is soooo gorgeous, thank you for this suggestion! GAaaah! This is an easy to find polish you will very likely love. This is coming from a glitter/shimmer girl.

Please feel free to link up to a picture of you wearing anything purple, a blog post on how you find peace, or leave us a comment below to tell us your thoughts about adding to the greater peace of the universe!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Valentines Day Manicure

Hi there!

I am happy to share with you another manicure I chose to wear in celebration of Valentines Day this year. I actually wore these on Valentines Day. Here we have DS Design with a layer of Icing Heart of Gold over the top.

DS Design is a linear nude holo.  Icing Heart of Gold is gold hexes with gold holo mini glitters, you can see a couple of them glowing on my pinkie above.  My inspiration was the concept of wearing "sheer nude fabric draped with gold jewelry".

I also collect perfume bottles, this one was my Valentines gift this year. The Gucci by Gucci fragrance is my current crush, someone knew just what I wanted!

I hope you have a great day!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Easy Valentines Manicure

Hi there !

Here I am finally sharing an easy manicure I made in celebration of Valentines Day.

I spotted this design on a anonymous lady shopper in Kohls, and copied it shamelessly.

 This is OPI the Thrill of Brazil and LA Colors in silver foil.  This was extremely enjoyable to wear.

I love the flash of silver, and the way the pointy heart made my nail look longer.  I adore this mani and will do it again next year.

I can also envision painting all the nails with silver tips to match the bottom part of the nail with the heart. I really love tipping the nails with shiny metallic, like I did here and here. The shiny flash contrast is so eye catching.

Here is what I have been painting instead of my nails.  I have been painting the hallway for two going on three weekends.  It is taking four times longer than anticipated!  That is the story of DIY at my house, and this is a recurrent theme in my life over the years. I fix up houses where I live, and as much as I can I do myself.  When I finish this hallway project I will show you "after" picture.

I have painted the walls three times and need to go over it another time. I made two mistakes.  I didn't buy all my paint up front and ended up buying a third gallon which had primer (second mistake) and was a shade lighter.  So my third coat was not matching up exactly. So I should have been completely finished at three coats, but instead now I am doing a fourth this morning.

I am a bit of a perfectionist, and this is a very well lit sun filled entry, so every streak and holiday shows. Painting a room is a bit of work and not nearly so easy as they make it seem on telly!  For me it is a huge effort to paint up there along that ceiling. But it is fun, and the results are worth every bit of effort. I can not wait to finish! That is the best part of all!

May your paint and or polish flow smoothly today and not bubble. See you soon : D


Friday, February 22, 2013

Millennium and Nova - China Glaze Combo

Hello there!

Today I am sharing two China Glaze polishes in my stash that are some top favorites.  Here I am wearing Millennium and Nova.

Three coats of Millennium, and one coat of Nova is over the top on the pinkie and thumb, no topcoat. I remembered to snap these before I layered the glitter over all the nails.

I bought Millennium online after asking google what is the most metallic polish ever a couple of years ago or so. This polish is a bit of a diva. It has a strange consistency, and the best way to apply it is thickly, wet into wet, and not retouching the wet polish at all. If you try to re-smooth the nail, as you do with other normal polishes, it will clump up and drag the polish.

It is a bit brush strokey, as you can see.  It is part of being a diva polish, you have to put up with some flaws to get this super metal looking finish.  It is a wonderful stamping polish, so I hear. I can not stamp. I have tried. I don't have the patience to ruin mani after mani with my awful stamps.  I am a very impatient person, and right now I have tons of other stuff I need to do besides my nails, sadly.

You can see in the picture above that I have numbered my nail polishes with a sharpie on the glass.  I have numbered up to #533 corresponding to my spreadsheet, which I am filling in with the finish, color etc.

China Glaze Nova is a must have glitter in my opinion. It is silver small glitter and silver holos and it is in your face bling. It was supposed to be the basis for a manicure depicting a jade buddha with diamonds.

I tried twice to create my jade buddha set in diamonds of my dreams and failed. I didn't have it in me to do it again, however, I have not totally given up on the idea.  I just don't know how to get the job done yet exactly.

In the pic above my pointer is repaired with a teabag.  It shows as a roughened patch, despite smoothing with a buffer and topcoat.  I could have used a better basecoat or smoothed it more but I was going to cover it with glitter, so it didn't matter.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a wonderful day : D

Love to each,


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ice Cold Heart

Hi everyone! 

I have a manicure inspired by my new ORLY polish I got for FREE at Sally Beauty Supply this week! Did you have the chance to get yours?  Click here for the coupon code, this is in store only, spend $3 and get a FREE ORLY POLISH!

  I couldn't wait to wear Snowcone, I have wanted it since I saw it on a Sally's SA last year. Even though it is not a "Valentines color" I wanted to relate it to Valentines, so here we see I made some hearts from crushed ice, with a center of SOLID Ice Cold Heart!

I hope this manicure is the only experience you ever have with a heart that has solid ice at the center. If it isn't,  here is a (HEALING HUG). One positive feeling from one heart to another heart undoes ten negative ones.

I used a blue tape stencil to quickly apply some icy hearts to each nail. I used only one stencil and moved it around, and it was messy, but worked well.

 LOVE CAN MELT AN ICY HEART, and in this case, so can acetone because these are made of Kleancolor Metallic White, nail art beads and a heart gem from ICING

Snowcone is absolutely the most beautiful and perfect sky blue nail polish I have encountered.  I am not big on creme polishes, but this one has my heart (s)! I see it as perfect for every season.

I held these nails up to the sky and they were an exact match on a sunny California day.   This was two lovely, shiny coats, but only topcoat on the ring to cover the nail art.  The polish is very pigmented and rich, and thinner coats should be applied because it tended to pool a bit.

The ORLY bottle, which has undergone a re-design, feels the same as the old ones, but the appearance is somewhat less attractive, sadly.  But as we know, oftentimes, looks aren't everything! The packaging and polish have the same high quality feel. These bottles also contain twenty percent (20%!) more polish than an OPI or your typical salon brand at 0.6 oz.

I got mine for free with the coupon because I spent $3, but they were on sale for $5.50, and I believe they are normally $6.99.

ORLY Snowcone

Gorgeous color
Highly pigmented
Dries well with thinner coats
Big 3 and cruelty free
Totally free with coupon in store



That's it!

Happy Valentines Day


Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Mani - Pink Heart Shaped Diamonds set in Rose Gold

Hi dear readers!

Here is a Valentine on my nails I made for YOU!

In the above photo, I used a bronze Sharpie to set my diamonds in the rose gold. Then it washed off, because I didn't use topcoat.  So I did the next step, dipped the tips in pink diamonds (to hide dings!).

This is two coats of L'Oreal Charmed I'm Sure, and Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam playing the starring role of pink diamonds.

These are both shade pictures.  This combo is subtle, and in the direct light it washes it out in pictures, but it is very beautiful in person, I just love gazing at this glitter. I need a backup, I am almost halfway down the bottle.

There is topcoat on the nail except for the tips, I added them later and photographed them without topcoat. This polish is thick, lumpy and a little hard to work with. The texture is so thick the polish can be patted down and molded when still wet, it takes patience to work with this diva glitter. I used the brush from the bottle to paint the hearts. I made a dot, and lifted and dragged the polish toward the base of the heart, and it formed the shape I needed.  Repeat for the other half of the heart, and faff about to get it right and voila!

Notice my hearts are not perfect, perfection is not a requirement for beauty in my opinion. I could have used painter's tape stencils to do this more easily.  I love these hearts even though they are not perfect, because to me, that is a reflection of what real love is like!

Have a beautiful day : )


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blingy Orange Rim Tip Manicure

Hi there!

Today I am sharing a spontaneous manicure inspired by the fact that I have not worn orange for a while.  

This is China Glaze Riveting with gold Blackheart Beauty Rim Tips and a lashing of Revlon Sequins, a dupe to SOPI Only Gold for Me jewelry topcoat

I absolutely adore manicures with metallic polish accents. In low lights the metallic bits flash and reflect light, and catch they eye.

These rim tips are inspired by the brass corners on leather luggage or furnishings, which protect the leather.

On my pinkie the color is a bit off, because there is a layer of Kleancolor Holo Scarlet in there somewhere.  Riveting is so opaque, it covered it up.  I am wearing these nails as I type, this is an enjoyable manicure!

After I counted and organized my 642 bottles of nail polish, believe it or not I wanted more!  I went right over to Walmart to reward my hard work!

These came home with me. Wet n Wild On a Trip and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shoot the Moon.  These are some of the most interesting shades I have been hearing and reading about lately.  I put down about four other polishes I wanted. Restraint shown? CHECK!

Here is a comparison between three sweet pink glitters, the middle one, Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam, was swatched on this blog in my last post here.

L to R :Revlon Core shade pink glitter (sorry forgot to note name), Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam, NOPI Haley Good Lookin

Glitzy Glam has holo pieces, the other two didn't look holo, but the NOPI is the sparkliest and priciest at around $8. Any of these are great for Valentines manicures.

Here is the disappointing Pure Ice display at my Walmart. It is so unattractive! Splash, the blue on the left is a favorite of mine. I hope it isn't discontinued.  There is a new line coming out, and some shades are discontinued, in case you missed that news.

When are you going to get a new Pure Ice display here Walmart? Many other displays are brand new lately, I keep waiting for this to be updated with the new shades. I think I have seen one or two of the new shades but they are randomly placed in other companies displays!

Oh well, I am grateful for my local polish stores, including my Walmart, whatever condition they are in! When I need a polish fix, Walmart is one of my go to spots!

Happy Day Sweet Hearts!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers, 2013 ManiBowl Champions (cue riotous crowd cheering).

That was a great SuperBowl, it actually lived up to the hype, but it was totally the ManiBowl that had me excited right up until the finish!  Did you see it yet? Click here to see the galleries and be sure to visit and congratulate these great sports who shared their AMAZING nail art with us!

Congratulations to the RAVENS! Great game guys.

Here is a little Valentines present I bought for myself, I guess I love me HAHA.

This polish was stunning in the sun, my husband's comment was "WOW".

I saw this polish and knew it would make pink diamonds, just like I did with the silver sister of this polish, Maybelline Silver Gleam, featured in my divalicious Rihanna Diamonds Manicure, one of my top manis ever!

I did nail art with this (pink diamonds!) and took pics, but I am not sure yet if they are good enough, I have yet to review them.  Fingers crossed. 

This polish, like Silver Gleam, is very dense and tricky to apply, it is thick, and packed with glitter.  It is very opaque and consists of micro glitter, round glitter and large holo hexes all in a beautiful pink shade.  The holos seem to lean toward the red spectrum, but flash all colors.

This is great for nail art, an accent nail or just all over your tips and toes.  I know it needs topcoat to be smooth, and even then it isn't perfectly smooth, but the sparkle here is what makes up for that. You need to see to believe the beauty that is this glitter, I can not capture it's true shine. When I look at it, my heart smiles.

Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam

Overall 9/10 


Beautiful Pink Glitter
Great for Valentines Day
Affordable price $4 at Walmart
Big 3 Free


Requires topcoat
Tricky to apply
No info found on animal testing

That's it

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mani Bowl 2013 Brought to you by Addicted to OPI Yum


Welcome to the first ever Mani Bowl here at Addicted to OPI-yum!!

Which of the two NFL teams playing today has inspired more manicures, the Niners or the Ravens ?

Who will win the Mani Bowl?  Link up your 49ers or Ravens inspired manicures below and let the best team win!  Already the 49ers are ahead!

Gallery closes at 11:49 Pacific today, Superbowl Sunday!
Go Team!

I can't wait to see if any of you share with us your team inspired nails!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

San Francisco 49ers My First Ruffian


 I promised someone I would support our local heroes, the San Francisco 49ers, who play in the Superbowl, which is an opening act for Beyonce. LOL 

I am showing some love for the West Coast contingent with my very first ruffian, and I love it so much!
The way the metal flashes is super eyecatching and different.  Why did I wait to try this? 

I used Blackheart Beauty Golden, and Supreme Red from Isadora. I bought this red on clearance a while ago at Walgreens, like ten years ago.  I almost purged it yesterday, put it back in the stash, and then my husband picked it as the perfect "cardinal" red for the 49ers logo. I painted the white with acrylic paint, I just ran out of patience, since I spent almost all afternoon doing this mani, and did the index nail twice.

Supreme Red has won my heart, it is so glossy and pigmented and it is a boss lady red. A real power color. I am unsure if this polish is available any longer, but it is easily dupeable, I think : )

I hope it helps the 49ers. I am going to predict a 49ers win. No offense to Ravens fans, much respect to another great team!