Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blingy Orange Rim Tip Manicure

Hi there!

Today I am sharing a spontaneous manicure inspired by the fact that I have not worn orange for a while.  

This is China Glaze Riveting with gold Blackheart Beauty Rim Tips and a lashing of Revlon Sequins, a dupe to SOPI Only Gold for Me jewelry topcoat

I absolutely adore manicures with metallic polish accents. In low lights the metallic bits flash and reflect light, and catch they eye.

These rim tips are inspired by the brass corners on leather luggage or furnishings, which protect the leather.

On my pinkie the color is a bit off, because there is a layer of Kleancolor Holo Scarlet in there somewhere.  Riveting is so opaque, it covered it up.  I am wearing these nails as I type, this is an enjoyable manicure!

After I counted and organized my 642 bottles of nail polish, believe it or not I wanted more!  I went right over to Walmart to reward my hard work!

These came home with me. Wet n Wild On a Trip and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shoot the Moon.  These are some of the most interesting shades I have been hearing and reading about lately.  I put down about four other polishes I wanted. Restraint shown? CHECK!

Here is a comparison between three sweet pink glitters, the middle one, Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam, was swatched on this blog in my last post here.

L to R :Revlon Core shade pink glitter (sorry forgot to note name), Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam, NOPI Haley Good Lookin

Glitzy Glam has holo pieces, the other two didn't look holo, but the NOPI is the sparkliest and priciest at around $8. Any of these are great for Valentines manicures.

Here is the disappointing Pure Ice display at my Walmart. It is so unattractive! Splash, the blue on the left is a favorite of mine. I hope it isn't discontinued.  There is a new line coming out, and some shades are discontinued, in case you missed that news.

When are you going to get a new Pure Ice display here Walmart? Many other displays are brand new lately, I keep waiting for this to be updated with the new shades. I think I have seen one or two of the new shades but they are randomly placed in other companies displays!

Oh well, I am grateful for my local polish stores, including my Walmart, whatever condition they are in! When I need a polish fix, Walmart is one of my go to spots!

Happy Day Sweet Hearts!

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