Saturday, February 23, 2013

Easy Valentines Manicure

Hi there !

Here I am finally sharing an easy manicure I made in celebration of Valentines Day.

I spotted this design on a anonymous lady shopper in Kohls, and copied it shamelessly.

 This is OPI the Thrill of Brazil and LA Colors in silver foil.  This was extremely enjoyable to wear.

I love the flash of silver, and the way the pointy heart made my nail look longer.  I adore this mani and will do it again next year.

I can also envision painting all the nails with silver tips to match the bottom part of the nail with the heart. I really love tipping the nails with shiny metallic, like I did here and here. The shiny flash contrast is so eye catching.

Here is what I have been painting instead of my nails.  I have been painting the hallway for two going on three weekends.  It is taking four times longer than anticipated!  That is the story of DIY at my house, and this is a recurrent theme in my life over the years. I fix up houses where I live, and as much as I can I do myself.  When I finish this hallway project I will show you "after" picture.

I have painted the walls three times and need to go over it another time. I made two mistakes.  I didn't buy all my paint up front and ended up buying a third gallon which had primer (second mistake) and was a shade lighter.  So my third coat was not matching up exactly. So I should have been completely finished at three coats, but instead now I am doing a fourth this morning.

I am a bit of a perfectionist, and this is a very well lit sun filled entry, so every streak and holiday shows. Painting a room is a bit of work and not nearly so easy as they make it seem on telly!  For me it is a huge effort to paint up there along that ceiling. But it is fun, and the results are worth every bit of effort. I can not wait to finish! That is the best part of all!

May your paint and or polish flow smoothly today and not bubble. See you soon : D


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