Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ice Cold Heart

Hi everyone! 

I have a manicure inspired by my new ORLY polish I got for FREE at Sally Beauty Supply this week! Did you have the chance to get yours?  Click here for the coupon code, this is in store only, spend $3 and get a FREE ORLY POLISH!

  I couldn't wait to wear Snowcone, I have wanted it since I saw it on a Sally's SA last year. Even though it is not a "Valentines color" I wanted to relate it to Valentines, so here we see I made some hearts from crushed ice, with a center of SOLID Ice Cold Heart!

I hope this manicure is the only experience you ever have with a heart that has solid ice at the center. If it isn't,  here is a (HEALING HUG). One positive feeling from one heart to another heart undoes ten negative ones.

I used a blue tape stencil to quickly apply some icy hearts to each nail. I used only one stencil and moved it around, and it was messy, but worked well.

 LOVE CAN MELT AN ICY HEART, and in this case, so can acetone because these are made of Kleancolor Metallic White, nail art beads and a heart gem from ICING

Snowcone is absolutely the most beautiful and perfect sky blue nail polish I have encountered.  I am not big on creme polishes, but this one has my heart (s)! I see it as perfect for every season.

I held these nails up to the sky and they were an exact match on a sunny California day.   This was two lovely, shiny coats, but only topcoat on the ring to cover the nail art.  The polish is very pigmented and rich, and thinner coats should be applied because it tended to pool a bit.

The ORLY bottle, which has undergone a re-design, feels the same as the old ones, but the appearance is somewhat less attractive, sadly.  But as we know, oftentimes, looks aren't everything! The packaging and polish have the same high quality feel. These bottles also contain twenty percent (20%!) more polish than an OPI or your typical salon brand at 0.6 oz.

I got mine for free with the coupon because I spent $3, but they were on sale for $5.50, and I believe they are normally $6.99.

ORLY Snowcone

Gorgeous color
Highly pigmented
Dries well with thinner coats
Big 3 and cruelty free
Totally free with coupon in store



That's it!

Happy Valentines Day


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