Friday, February 22, 2013

Millennium and Nova - China Glaze Combo

Hello there!

Today I am sharing two China Glaze polishes in my stash that are some top favorites.  Here I am wearing Millennium and Nova.

Three coats of Millennium, and one coat of Nova is over the top on the pinkie and thumb, no topcoat. I remembered to snap these before I layered the glitter over all the nails.

I bought Millennium online after asking google what is the most metallic polish ever a couple of years ago or so. This polish is a bit of a diva. It has a strange consistency, and the best way to apply it is thickly, wet into wet, and not retouching the wet polish at all. If you try to re-smooth the nail, as you do with other normal polishes, it will clump up and drag the polish.

It is a bit brush strokey, as you can see.  It is part of being a diva polish, you have to put up with some flaws to get this super metal looking finish.  It is a wonderful stamping polish, so I hear. I can not stamp. I have tried. I don't have the patience to ruin mani after mani with my awful stamps.  I am a very impatient person, and right now I have tons of other stuff I need to do besides my nails, sadly.

You can see in the picture above that I have numbered my nail polishes with a sharpie on the glass.  I have numbered up to #533 corresponding to my spreadsheet, which I am filling in with the finish, color etc.

China Glaze Nova is a must have glitter in my opinion. It is silver small glitter and silver holos and it is in your face bling. It was supposed to be the basis for a manicure depicting a jade buddha with diamonds.

I tried twice to create my jade buddha set in diamonds of my dreams and failed. I didn't have it in me to do it again, however, I have not totally given up on the idea.  I just don't know how to get the job done yet exactly.

In the pic above my pointer is repaired with a teabag.  It shows as a roughened patch, despite smoothing with a buffer and topcoat.  I could have used a better basecoat or smoothed it more but I was going to cover it with glitter, so it didn't matter.

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  1. I love this!!!! So shiny and sparkylie! ;)

    1. Thank you Spar Kylie!! You and I agree on this! I love metallic and glitter combined, it doesn't get more sparKlylie and shiny than that!

  2. I'd forgotten how much i love silver polish! This post has reminded me! Now i have another mani on my list to try, hooray!

    1. Hey Wendy! That is great! Silver is kind of simple, but it is very flashy and always looks clean and modern. I forget that too until I see it on someone else, then I pull it out again. Also, since my hair is going "platinum", silver really goes well on me. Silver lining!

  3. Raiders supporters love these!!! Yeah Baby. Love them.

    1. GO RAIDERS! Thanks xArmy, your compliments are like gems and jewels to me.


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