Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Mani - Pink Heart Shaped Diamonds set in Rose Gold

Hi dear readers!

Here is a Valentine on my nails I made for YOU!

In the above photo, I used a bronze Sharpie to set my diamonds in the rose gold. Then it washed off, because I didn't use topcoat.  So I did the next step, dipped the tips in pink diamonds (to hide dings!).

This is two coats of L'Oreal Charmed I'm Sure, and Salon Perfect Glitzy Glam playing the starring role of pink diamonds.

These are both shade pictures.  This combo is subtle, and in the direct light it washes it out in pictures, but it is very beautiful in person, I just love gazing at this glitter. I need a backup, I am almost halfway down the bottle.

There is topcoat on the nail except for the tips, I added them later and photographed them without topcoat. This polish is thick, lumpy and a little hard to work with. The texture is so thick the polish can be patted down and molded when still wet, it takes patience to work with this diva glitter. I used the brush from the bottle to paint the hearts. I made a dot, and lifted and dragged the polish toward the base of the heart, and it formed the shape I needed.  Repeat for the other half of the heart, and faff about to get it right and voila!

Notice my hearts are not perfect, perfection is not a requirement for beauty in my opinion. I could have used painter's tape stencils to do this more easily.  I love these hearts even though they are not perfect, because to me, that is a reflection of what real love is like!

Have a beautiful day : )


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