Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Tumbling Peeps Wish You A Happy Easter

 Happy Easter Everyone!

What is the best part of Easter? I don't know, maybe PEEPS?

Tumbling Peeps.

I used China Glaze Sea Spray, Sinful Colors Unicorn and Revlon Espresso for the bunny eyes and nose.  I painted two awesome coats of Sea Spray, then painted on the peeps using the brush from Unicorn.  After that dried I dotted on the chocolate eyes and nose with a toothpick. Easy peasy. These aren't perfect, but they still made me very happy : D

 The Peeps used in this demonstration were not harmed in the course of making these pictures.  Sadly afterwards, they got munched down by the great peep eater, me.

I kind of want to start biting my nails right now.

Happy Easter!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Purple Thursday for Peace + Amy Winehouse Portrait


Welcome to another Purple Thursday for Peace : D

I am featuring purple every fourth Thursday of the month, along with my thoughts on how to find greater peace. I post this as a reminder to myself and also to share ways I have overcome bullying and abuse. The idea was inspired by the NoH8 movement. I hope this could help someone else too.

It is much easier to overcome bullying, abuse and trauma when you are living and working in a place you are comfortable. 

ORLY Mysterious Curse - sun
My life was not what I wanted it to be. I took steps to make it that way. 

Orly Mysterious Curse -shade

Long story short, this involved getting a divorce, re-marrying and moving to my choice of places to live.  Now things are SO much better!

In life it is much easier to go with the flow and "grow where you are planted". However, that didn't feel right to me, and despite my fear and apprehension, I worked to make my dreams come true. I am glad I had the courage to fight for my dreams, and finally now I am beginning to realize the benefits.

The most important thing I have done to find peace was to redesign my life around my dreams.  I realize there are things in life I can't control, so having my home and life arranged the way I like it to be gives me a great feeling of peace.  It was not easy to achieve, but in life nothing worthwhile is ever free.

There were many steps to this process, and it took discipline and dedication over a long period of time to get where I want to be, where I am now.  And many other people helped me along the way. I am so grateful, because it has made all the difference.


If you want you can add your link to the inlinkz to join us on the Purple Peace Train!  Do you have tips on how you find peace in your life? I would love if you could share them with us in the comments below!

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I meant to share this drawing the other day when I shared my paintings.  Want to see?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easy Spring Floral Manicure - Blanket Flower v. Oranges and Lemons

Hi everyone!

Here are my nails coordinating with  my Blanket Flower, which is just beginning to bloom.  The variety is Oranges and Lemons.

 I applied three scrumptious coats of China Glaze Refresh-mint.  This polish is pretty much perfect, for an opaque mint creme polish. You may be able to get by with two coats and no topcoat, it is perfectly shiny. I recommend topcoat if you are going to have some rough wear, like gardening, for example.

I used two Sally's mini fruit scented polishes for the floral bouquet,  Banana and Orange.  This was super easy using the brush from the bottle as a dotting tool, I first made a ring of dots in Banana for the petals.  Then I used Orange to dot the center of each sweetly scented blossom.

Speaking of sweet scents, in the photo above you see my beloved freesia, my very favorite floral fragrance ever. I wish you could stand here and smell the fragrance when the sun warms these flowers.

Spring is certainly my favorite season, and a time to celebrate life and nails!

Here is a auto themed collage featuring Refresh-mint.

The big pic of Refresh-mint was taken in my car on the ride home from hauling this new kind of free (*(?)) Candie's polish (Disco Chic).

Do any of you lacquer lovers also have a thing for car paint finishes?  Because it is similar in appearance to nail lacquer, I can not get enough of car paint jobs!  This one looked like a big bowl of mint ice cream!  It was so outstanding I had to share it with you  here and pair it up with my refreshing nails! : D

 I was getting some gas when I saw this truck  and I knew I needed a picture. I hated to bother the owner, so I snapped one from my car.  But then I thought, oh heck, he will probably be flattered.  So I asked him nicely if I could take a picture and he kindly obliged.

To my surprise he asked if I wanted to see the engine and promptly laid down on the ground and reached up under the truck to unlock the hood!  He was so nice to me!  He said the grill lights up with green LEDs at night!  This thing is in absolute MINT condition, MINT tinted and worth a MINT!  When I told him I loved this car I really MINT it. : O

Apple blossoms (white) Peach (pink) Freesia (yellow and red) Blanket Flower v Oranges and Lemons and the purple ones are lavender and pincushion flower.

My floral arranging skills are barely passable. Fortunately it is hard to mess these pretties up : )

* I got the polish because I saw the shoes I bought the day before went on sale so I brought in the receipt to the store and they gave  me the difference back, so I spent some of my refund on polish.  That is essentially free, right?


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sonoma Nail Art Bag O Glass + Walmart Lighted Polish Display

Hello fellow lover of polish!

Here I have a special yummy treat for us, a tasty bag o glass!  This nail polish is the collaboration between a local blogger here in Sonoma County, Michelle at Sonoma Nail Art Blog, and her official swatcher and photograper of polish, Sarah of Chalkboard Nails blog.

I couldn't resist this interesting and fun shade, and Michelle can thank Sarah for that, because her swatch picture in the post I have linked above, was beyond amazing. Plus, I seem to remember something about a Saturday Night live sketch about bag o glass as a toy for kids (a fake commercial, that show is known for spoof ads- for non SNL fans).

I think she did a good job making a polish look like a bag of broken glass. What are your thoughts?

  The label is fun and cute, reminding you not to eat the polish. Here is one coat over OPI Ink with topcoat.

This is one coat over OPI Ink, which made a nice contrast to the green and blue glitters in SNABOG. The pink and purple sparkles are from INK.

This polish is a good formula, it applied smoothly with the bits flowing on the nail easily, I found a teensy bit light on the glitter. In other words, there is not a large glitter payoff here, it will not be opaque in a wearable number of coats. This is a topper only as Michelle notes on her etsy page. 

 I had to work to get this much in one coat, but it dried quickly.  There were some iridescent bits which were not lying flat on the nail, but I pressed them down or pulled them off. No big whoop.

This polish contains silvery whitish shards in random pieces, silvery whitish diamond shapes, blue iridescent hex glitter, white hex glitter, blue shards and greenish yellow iridescent glitter in a clear base, plus blue and green microshimmers.

The multicolored sparkles with OPI Ink kept me entertained.

Here is another shot of a previous mani over China Glaze Sea Spray, a recent find at the Sally's Beauty Supply 50% off sidewalk sale. This gorgeous light silvery blue was discontinued, it will become HTF soon. 

 Not sure you can see the small yellowish iridescent glitters which turned slightly green on this manicure.  I imagined this looked like a bunch of  the sea glass you find on the beach. A very nice combo for spring.
One coat of SNABOG.

Sonoma Nail Art Bag o Glass aka  SNABOG


Fun and funny polish
It is unique
A good glitter topper
Big 3 Free
You can buy it here. As of this writing it is in stock (a rare opportunity is knocking!)  Very limited quantity though.


Not sure about animal testing.
A couple of shards were crumpled or didn't lay flat, but this is very easy to deal with by tamping down lightly or removing.

That is it!

So I had an interesting incident recently which you may have read about if you follow me on twitter. My printer had a paper jam that was not clearing. I became determined to pull the printer apart and fixed it, and while doing so looked down inside the opened printer. I saw something that looked odd sticking out of the roller, so I tugged on it, and out popped an artificial fingernail glued on a toothpick.  I had made it to play with swatching polish and had placed it on top of the printer.  It must have gotten fed into the paper feeder.

BONUS: WALMART lighted polish display pics after the jump.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

China Glaze For Audrey - Struggle Art

 Hi everyone.

This manicure was deemed a failure, but within each failed manicure are the seeds of success and lessons to be learned, so I am sharing anyway.

I picked up a new striper and decided to play around after I tried to stamp and that failed. Failure to the second power. Am I bovered?

Can you see the stamping under one nail?

The design succeeded in demonstrating again that gold and turquoise are exploding with WIN. I quickly removed it however. But I do think this LA Colors striper in the shade 14K is a good buy for a buck.  I found it at Dollar Tree and couldn't resist the shiny metallic bottle.

The cashier at the grocery store said my nails looked like turquoise stones. I let her know all about this polish, because I am an unpaid world ambassador for China Glaze, they just don't realize that.

 Here is how this manicure went with my Van Gogh print t-shirt. I live in these shirts. Here is link to one of them on ebay. I have that one too. These t-shirts make me happy : )  I adore Van Gogh, he is my favorite male artist, and my favorite print media artist of all time.

China Glaze For Audrey


Dries hard and shiny
Formula is fantastic, opaque in two coats
Big 3 Free
Not tested on animals
Easy to find, part of the China Glaze core line of colors


I previously posted this polish here in one of the first posts ever on this blog in 2010. I like this polish better now. I think I wasn't used to wearing blue polish back then.


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Gorgeous OPI Ink


OPI Ink, not a new one, but still a great one! I was re-swatching my polishes on my spreadsheet and I decided that Ink needed to be back on my nails right away.  It is a perfect base for a new indie glitter I plan to show you soon : D


Two coats, no topcoat. LOVE.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

China Glaze Tree Hugger

Hi everyone!  

I want to welcome my followers who now are following via bloglovin. 

You motivate me to try harder and keep going when some days things are not working out. You have those days, right?  Thanks for hanging in here with me : ) I am still full of ideas and inspiration for this blog! I am really excited for the future of nail polish and blogging, here and across nailblogland!  

Today I have a polish which is perfect for me, because I hug trees sometimes. China Glaze Tree Hugger.  Here are some shots from my back yard. Spring is definitely here.

The blossoms look amazing against the dark cypress tree, especially in the last rays before sunset. They really glow.

China Glaze Tree Hugger. From the eco-collection released in 2008. I feel lucky that I was able to pick up this one for $1.65 at Sally's at their last sale. After I brought it home I realized I had a sister polish from the same collection, Solar Power. It was in my purge bin. I brought it back out so Tree Hugger won't be lonely.

The formula is great, this is two coats with no topcoat. I adore this lime green with light blue shimmer. It didn't show up much on my nail, but you can see it in the bottle.



Gorgeous color
Perfect formula- opaque in 2 coats
May still be purchased for a reasonable price, for now
The name!
Big 3 Free
Cruelty Free  Here is a link to their statement on their Facebook page.



Thank you to those of you who now follow my nail polish adventures on bloglovin! When I joined up I already had 27 followers, that was a great and surprising welcome! Thank you for reading my blog, you, my reader, and I are the ones I do this blog for. : D

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Joined Bloglovin + Manicures of Memory

Hello !

Today I am adding an option for you to follow my blog!  Have you signed up for Bloglovin yet? I finally did, and it was easy.  They actually had a Terms of Service I could read.

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I don't have any new pictures for you today, so you have some pretties to look at, here are some old pics from my archives. Enjoy !

Claire's mood polish and Sally Hansen In the Spotlight.  This was a memorable manicure from my travels to So Cal  a couple of years ago, when I was on a house hunting trip.

 NOPI Iceberg Lotus.

The first orchid I ever got to re bloom.

These nails are a little scary. This was the longest I ever wore them, this was back in 2010, before my three moves in two years. Moving, long nails and DIY don't mix well.

Claire's mood polish with some glitter : D

Thank you for looking : D


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spoiled Show me the Money and Toad-ally Amazing

Happy St. Patrick's day nail polish fans!

Here are two coats of  Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing with one coat of Spoiled Show me the Money and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Topcoat, for my money one of the best topcoats around.

This combo reminded me of grasshoppers, the cocktails and CASH.

First I applied two coats of Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing, this was not easy to do.

The problem was this brush that removed as much polish as it applied! The bristles were extra stiff and thick, and not smoothly trimmed, clearly you see a "magic hair" poking out as well.

I ended up swapping the brush with one from a Sinful colors green that I don't really care for, the caps are an exact fit.  I bought Sinful  Colors Show me the Way three years ago, despite the fact that I thought it was ugly.  I bought it because it was green and unusual, but really, I never liked it.  It was a bit sheer, and looked exactly like pond scum.  So it got the yukky brush and I was able to apply the Toad-ally Amazing easily. 

TA is GORGEOUS.  I didn't think so as much before when I first tried it but now I see how pretty it really is.  It is a soft pale green with a silvery shimmer.   

Brushes for reference.

 Show me the Money looks in the bottle like Emerald Crush, but it is not a dupe. It is much less packed with glitter, but it is just as sparkly, if not more!

Pure Ice Emerald Crush is much more dense, below I show is two coats covering completely on my pointer.  Spoiled Show me the Money is better used as a topcoat, as it is not as packed with glitter.  They look quite similar in the bottle, and I was concerned I had bought a dupe, but nope! Whew!

L Pure Ice Emerald Crush, R Sinful Colors Show me the Money 

I love the celebrating the Irish culture, and St. Patrick's Day! Slainte!

To your health!

This was taken in 2003 in Kilkenny, Ireland. There is nothing like a friendly Irish pub, anywhere in the world. You know you are likely to be greeted warmly with a restorative pint. Hey lookie, I had some nails going on there! 

After we were well lubricated, we strolled down to the Irish version of McDonalds Supermac.  I love this picture of my husband, he is about to be naughty and eat a hamburger.  

So cuuuute!

Kilkenny Castle, the back yard.

Dominican Black Abbey in Kilkenny

This place had atmosphere.