Monday, March 11, 2013

China Glaze Frostbite + Hard Candy so so sequins

Happy Monday : )

  Today I have for you China Glaze Frostbite and another Hard Candy from the new line, so so sequin.

Frostbite is shown with two coats. I love this electric blue!  Cobalt blue with matching shimmer. I wore this once when I bought it and have been wanting to wear it again. 

Three coats would eliminate the VNL, it was less apparent in real life.

I didn't wait but a minute before I tried a glitter gradient, it worked ok, but failed on the ring finger. This glitter is thick and clumpy, but that means full coverage.  This is one coat.

I chose my lunch chips based on my nailcolor.

So so sequins has small EDIT: "barely pink" holo micro glitters and large blue hexes.  It is beautiful and very holographic in even low light.  It dries slightly rough and needs topcoat. I applied one coat.

My thumbnail dinged when wet, but this wore very well.   Two days and they feel hard like iron, no chips at all. The glitter tip gradient is great for weak nails, this type of manicure reinforces nail tips incredibly well. 

We took a Sunday drive, the wildflowers are in full flower here in beautiful Sonoma County. I want to take pictures every time I leave the house, it is so pretty here.

Those are wildflowers, not snow, between the still bare grape vines. 

I took these from a moving car.  I was the passenger.


HARD CANDY so so sequin

The formula is top quality
They do not test  on animals Here is their statement on their facebook page
This glitter is a essentially nearly full coverage
Big 3 free
The glitter lies flat and doesn't  "taco" or "scallop", however I have seen and heard that this is the case in other shades in the new Hard Candy line "/

You will need topcoat

That's it!
 Here  is the link to the coupon for $1 off Hard Candy Beauty at Walmart ! : D I copied the coupon into a word processor so I didn't have to print the whole page.


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