Thursday, March 21, 2013

China Glaze Tree Hugger

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You motivate me to try harder and keep going when some days things are not working out. You have those days, right?  Thanks for hanging in here with me : ) I am still full of ideas and inspiration for this blog! I am really excited for the future of nail polish and blogging, here and across nailblogland!  

Today I have a polish which is perfect for me, because I hug trees sometimes. China Glaze Tree Hugger.  Here are some shots from my back yard. Spring is definitely here.

The blossoms look amazing against the dark cypress tree, especially in the last rays before sunset. They really glow.

China Glaze Tree Hugger. From the eco-collection released in 2008. I feel lucky that I was able to pick up this one for $1.65 at Sally's at their last sale. After I brought it home I realized I had a sister polish from the same collection, Solar Power. It was in my purge bin. I brought it back out so Tree Hugger won't be lonely.

The formula is great, this is two coats with no topcoat. I adore this lime green with light blue shimmer. It didn't show up much on my nail, but you can see it in the bottle.



Gorgeous color
Perfect formula- opaque in 2 coats
May still be purchased for a reasonable price, for now
The name!
Big 3 Free
Cruelty Free  Here is a link to their statement on their Facebook page.



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