Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easy Spring Floral Manicure - Blanket Flower v. Oranges and Lemons

Hi everyone!

Here are my nails coordinating with  my Blanket Flower, which is just beginning to bloom.  The variety is Oranges and Lemons.

 I applied three scrumptious coats of China Glaze Refresh-mint.  This polish is pretty much perfect, for an opaque mint creme polish. You may be able to get by with two coats and no topcoat, it is perfectly shiny. I recommend topcoat if you are going to have some rough wear, like gardening, for example.

I used two Sally's mini fruit scented polishes for the floral bouquet,  Banana and Orange.  This was super easy using the brush from the bottle as a dotting tool, I first made a ring of dots in Banana for the petals.  Then I used Orange to dot the center of each sweetly scented blossom.

Speaking of sweet scents, in the photo above you see my beloved freesia, my very favorite floral fragrance ever. I wish you could stand here and smell the fragrance when the sun warms these flowers.

Spring is certainly my favorite season, and a time to celebrate life and nails!

Here is a auto themed collage featuring Refresh-mint.

The big pic of Refresh-mint was taken in my car on the ride home from hauling this new kind of free (*(?)) Candie's polish (Disco Chic).

Do any of you lacquer lovers also have a thing for car paint finishes?  Because it is similar in appearance to nail lacquer, I can not get enough of car paint jobs!  This one looked like a big bowl of mint ice cream!  It was so outstanding I had to share it with you  here and pair it up with my refreshing nails! : D

 I was getting some gas when I saw this truck  and I knew I needed a picture. I hated to bother the owner, so I snapped one from my car.  But then I thought, oh heck, he will probably be flattered.  So I asked him nicely if I could take a picture and he kindly obliged.

To my surprise he asked if I wanted to see the engine and promptly laid down on the ground and reached up under the truck to unlock the hood!  He was so nice to me!  He said the grill lights up with green LEDs at night!  This thing is in absolute MINT condition, MINT tinted and worth a MINT!  When I told him I loved this car I really MINT it. : O

Apple blossoms (white) Peach (pink) Freesia (yellow and red) Blanket Flower v Oranges and Lemons and the purple ones are lavender and pincushion flower.

My floral arranging skills are barely passable. Fortunately it is hard to mess these pretties up : )

* I got the polish because I saw the shoes I bought the day before went on sale so I brought in the receipt to the store and they gave  me the difference back, so I spent some of my refund on polish.  That is essentially free, right?


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