Monday, March 4, 2013

Essie Pretty Edgy - My Favorite Green At the Moment

 Hi there!

I am happy to share with you this gorgeous green polish I recently acquired, Essie Pretty Edgy. I love this shade of jade green. This is the exact shade and formula I have been craving! 

Essie released this shade in 2010 as part of a Summer collection. It is described as a bright palmetto green. This green is making me as excited about green cream as OPI Jade is the New Black made every one else. I have JITNB and I don't particularly like it, and I felt sad that I missed the excitement.  It is too dark, I prefer bright green jade.

But this, this green is so beautiful in and of itself, I could stare at it all day long.  It does not stain. It has a slightly translucent property to it, which makes it very jade like! I even liked it at just one coat, where it is slightly streaky, yet I do not even mind it. This polish is a revelation. I plan to do a manicure for St. Patrick's Day with this and some glitter! Look for that one soon!

This formula in terms of application is perfection. As to wear I can not speak to that as I only wore it one day. It dried fast. I really enjoyed ordering this nail polish based on fantastic blogger reviews and swatches, anticipating it's arrival in the mail, and wearing it when it arrived so very much!  Don't you love experiencing colors that live up to their promise to bring joy to your nails and eyes?

Essie Pretty Edgy


The most gorgeous kelly green cream I have ever seen or own
Formula is great, two coats is sufficient
Big 3 Free


Limited Edition shade no longer in production, available on Amazon, where I bought mine
Since Essie was bought by L'Oreal, it is unclear if they test on animals  this makes me sad : ( I was thinking of buying more Essie polish. This puts me off.

That's it

Love to each

I got this polish on Amazon using cash back points on my credit card.


  1. Hi Essie Rae thank you! It would seem a great color for you in every way, with a name like Essie Pretty Edgy!

  2. I love greens! I bought some of the Barry M greens just before Christmas which are keeping me happy for now, and the China Glaze running in circles glitter which i LOVE. Great photos x x x

  3. Shannara, Thank you! : D Isn't she? <3

    Wendy, Oh I love them too! It is so restful on the eye. I have gone overboard with green, Running in Circles should have been the last green I EVER NEEDED that green is so Gorgeous!!!!

    Maria, Oh you are so right Maria <3

    Thank you all for your kind comments on this, my new favorite green !!!! <3 Muaaaaah! *

  4. I love this green as well and I'm glad I own it. It's calling for some glitter do you agree with me? Ha Ha :)

    1. Hahaha, thank you! I am happy you have it it too, it is so cheerful and restfull on the eyes! Funny you mention glitter! I am wearing this polish with glitter on my toesies and I have been for a week! I totes agree, glitter is actually needed here ! : D In fact I have plans to redo the design I have on my toes again on my tips for you here for St. Patrick's Day. I love St. Pat's and Green!


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