Friday, March 15, 2013

Glittering Sunlight through the Redwoods

Hi! Today I am showing you a manicure inspired by the beauty of nature. This is inspired by sunlight through the redwood trees.

I am pleased with the results of my efforts.  This manicure is very meaningful to me because I am a tree hugger! See?

This was my first time to see redwoods in 2009 and you can see how I feel from this picture!  We decided to move to Northern California and Sonoma County based in large part upon the beautiful redwoods, they are all around.

Except for a few spots now along the Redwood Highway, now instead of redwoods, in certain areas if you drive it you will see are a bunch of ugly stumps where 100 year old redwoods once stood. I went to a meeting to protest the tree massacre, but it was too little too late. By the time they held the community meeting, CALTRANS has already cut over 300 redwood trees which has created a huge area of stumps, where there were once beautiful trees. Here is a link to a picture of just one part of their "improvement" in Petaluma, CA.  They are enlarging the interchanges, but there is no funding currently to enlarge the highway yet or replant trees.

I am not political person, but I attended a community "meeting" and expressed my extreme dismay. More trees were cut than were necessary, in my opinion, and they are definitely not being replaced with redwood trees. They are planting oak and a few other trees in one spot instead, and other trees in a remote area to make up for it, but again, there is not any funding for this currently. It makes me so sad to say this, but maybe we need to change the name of the Redwood Highway in Sonoma County to Redstump Highway or Deadwood Highway.

This manicure is ICING Evergreen, a blue green jelly full of glitter, and ICING Sunlit, golden string glitter with (surprise) small green shimmer.  Three coats of evergreen, and one of Sunlit plus Sally Hansen Insta Dry Topcoat. This manicure was great, the gold string glitter lies flat, I had no problems with application.

Icing Evergreen, 3 coats. 

Far away from cruel chain saws, forever I hope, these redwoods stand today. These are some pictures I took of Northern California.

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