Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hard Candy black tie optional + Coupon

Hi everyone!

I wanted to get this review out here asap for you so you can grab this deal if you are in the US, or where HARD CANDY is sold at Walmart.

There is a $1 off coupon in Seventeen magazine for Hard Candy Beauty products, including their new line of nail polishes!

Clicky HERE for the coupon.

I am working hard on my first tutorial post that has me very excited, but for now, here is what I am wearing on my nails at this moment. HARD CANDY black tie optional.

I am excited about this new line of 45 new polishes by Hard Candy. This is the one I picked to add to my collection. It has five sizes of black and white glitter, plus black string glitters.  I did not even use topcoat, it is very smooth. This is one coat over another Sally Girl unnamed mini. This is from the core line and it is gorgeous.  I plan to do another post for that polish.

I smeared my manicure, because I didn't wait long enough to do chores.  But I still like it, I just covered up the messed up areas that bothered me with more glitter.  This mani is a bit of a hot mess, but  in real life (when not enlarged to 5x life size)  it looks pretty good and even drew a compliment last night from a kind lady cashier, and I am loving it.

This polish has worn pretty well, with minimal glitter lifting and peeling, I did pick a few off, but I think topcoat would have fixed the problem. But it was  smooth enough I didn't feel the need to use topcoat.  That is right dear reader, I enjoyed wearing this without topcoat.  That tells me this line has done a great job on formulating these glitters, and I am interested to try another one. I have my eye on so so sequins, despite the name. The names are not capitalized on the bottles by the way.

HARD CANDY black tie optional

The formula is top quality
They do not test  on animals Here is their statement on their facebook page
This glitter is especially for great hiding flaws on creme polish manis
Big 3 free
The glitter lies flat and doesn't  "taco" or "scallop", however I have seen and heard that this is the case in other shades in the new Hard Candy line "/


That's it!


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