Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Joined Bloglovin + Manicures of Memory

Hello !

Today I am adding an option for you to follow my blog!  Have you signed up for Bloglovin yet? I finally did, and it was easy.  They actually had a Terms of Service I could read.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I don't have any new pictures for you today, so you have some pretties to look at, here are some old pics from my archives. Enjoy !

Claire's mood polish and Sally Hansen In the Spotlight.  This was a memorable manicure from my travels to So Cal  a couple of years ago, when I was on a house hunting trip.

 NOPI Iceberg Lotus.

The first orchid I ever got to re bloom.

These nails are a little scary. This was the longest I ever wore them, this was back in 2010, before my three moves in two years. Moving, long nails and DIY don't mix well.

Claire's mood polish with some glitter : D

Thank you for looking : D


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