Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Tumbling Peeps Wish You A Happy Easter

 Happy Easter Everyone!

What is the best part of Easter? I don't know, maybe PEEPS?

Tumbling Peeps.

I used China Glaze Sea Spray, Sinful Colors Unicorn and Revlon Espresso for the bunny eyes and nose.  I painted two awesome coats of Sea Spray, then painted on the peeps using the brush from Unicorn.  After that dried I dotted on the chocolate eyes and nose with a toothpick. Easy peasy. These aren't perfect, but they still made me very happy : D

 The Peeps used in this demonstration were not harmed in the course of making these pictures.  Sadly afterwards, they got munched down by the great peep eater, me.

I kind of want to start biting my nails right now.

Happy Easter!



  1. Oh my, these are adorable, i LOVE them! Brilliant x x x

  2. How cute! I'd have to say these would be the best kind of Peeps (since I'm not a fan of the other kind, lol). Great job!!!


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