Thursday, March 28, 2013

Purple Thursday for Peace + Amy Winehouse Portrait


Welcome to another Purple Thursday for Peace : D

I am featuring purple every fourth Thursday of the month, along with my thoughts on how to find greater peace. I post this as a reminder to myself and also to share ways I have overcome bullying and abuse. The idea was inspired by the NoH8 movement. I hope this could help someone else too.

It is much easier to overcome bullying, abuse and trauma when you are living and working in a place you are comfortable. 

ORLY Mysterious Curse - sun
My life was not what I wanted it to be. I took steps to make it that way. 

Orly Mysterious Curse -shade

Long story short, this involved getting a divorce, re-marrying and moving to my choice of places to live.  Now things are SO much better!

In life it is much easier to go with the flow and "grow where you are planted". However, that didn't feel right to me, and despite my fear and apprehension, I worked to make my dreams come true. I am glad I had the courage to fight for my dreams, and finally now I am beginning to realize the benefits.

The most important thing I have done to find peace was to redesign my life around my dreams.  I realize there are things in life I can't control, so having my home and life arranged the way I like it to be gives me a great feeling of peace.  It was not easy to achieve, but in life nothing worthwhile is ever free.

There were many steps to this process, and it took discipline and dedication over a long period of time to get where I want to be, where I am now.  And many other people helped me along the way. I am so grateful, because it has made all the difference.


If you want you can add your link to the inlinkz to join us on the Purple Peace Train!  Do you have tips on how you find peace in your life? I would love if you could share them with us in the comments below!

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I meant to share this drawing the other day when I shared my paintings.  Want to see?

 Can you believe I am using my drawing to hold up my antenna on my stereo? To me this is a shame, she needs a frame!

 But I do love seeing her smile every day : D

For right now, she presides over the stereo in my studio.

Love Lovenailpolish

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