Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Revlon Heavenly over Sally Girl Banana Scented Polish


Here is a banana-riffic manicure I recently enjoyed!  
This Sally Girl mini is banana yellow and banana scented. I picked it up last summer for $0.99 as an impulse buy at the checkout at Sally's, as one does.

This polish turned out to be a fantastic yellow! I love the scent, formula and color. This is two coats of yellow banana perfection. NOTE It only smells when dried completely! 

I chose it that day because it is the approximate color I was painting my hallway, so splatters would blend in, see what I did there?

Revlon Heavenly took it over the top. This polish is so pretty on this light yellow! I think it is best over light milky cremes, since the base is somewhat milky. This is a great polish and manicure for Easter!

I have numbered my polishes with a sharpie and entered them in a spreadsheet to help me find them. It is working out really well.

My man said my nails were pretty. I was surprised at how much I loved this manicure.  But I adore wearing this light shade of yellow. I love it so much I painted my hall and living room almost the same color.

Painting tip: I wrap my brush in saran wrap and pop it in the fridge between painting sessions.  This saves me cleaning brushes again and again. Same with rollers.

I still need to populate my cabinet with my perfume bottle collection, but the pain-ting is over! Next to paint the trim, and the hall is really complete. 

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