Sunday, March 10, 2013

Simple St. Pat's Mani + Nail Polish Shopping

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I hope you are well and happy today!

Here is a cheerful manicure to brighten your day. This is two coats of Essie Pretty Edgy, featured previously here, plus a bit of glitter to make it even more fun!  This is Pure Ice I'll Behave, green microglitter with large silver hexes. This is the nail polish equivalent of a showgirl, the silver is so flashy!  

LA Colors Silver striper adds a finishing touch and voila! Ready to down a Guinness on St. Patrick's Day, well my nails are anyway! No pinching if you wear this manicure friends!

I used Sally Hansen Insta Dry topcoat, but this glitter is fairly smooth without it. Simple design but this is a flattering manicure on the hands.  I have worn it for two days. My man liked it and complimented my nails without being asked first : D

Fun, simple and I am wearing it now, I am so up to date!

I am sharing some shopping pictures for fun. Here is Sally's Beauty Supply. They  have re-done all the nail polish racks and they are looking pretty sweet!  Here is the Finger Paints display.

Part of the China Glaze and redesigned ORLYs.

The China Glaze display (below left) was nearly full, just a couple of the prismatic shades, now core, were empty. On the right are some new Finger Paints Gel polishes (I think- they don't interest me).  Look at the ugly bottles (!)

A new ORLY Spring collection is on the shelf now.

 And some new Finger Paints too.

 My heart goes pitter pat when I look in the bargain bin, especially on the 50% off sidewalk sale days! : D They moved the plastic boxes to the front of the store, should get more play there. Cirque de Soleil polish, in the right most bin, is now BOGO.

Here is the real reason I popped into Sally's on this day. I wanted to see the name of the polish I used as a base for my Hard Candy black tie optional manicure, shown here.  Angela, because you asked my dear lady, the color is Surfs Up.   I think an apostrophe is lacking here, but never mind the color is BEAUTIFUL.  The names are only listed on this display, and their website not the bottles.

These polishes are available to order online. I have found them to be wonderful without exception, you get 5.3 ml = 0.18 fluid ounces for $0.99!  This is about one third of a regular bottle of polish, which is enough to get about four manicures depending on your nail length, a great idea if you don't mind the tiny bottles. I enjoy them.  I see Way 2 Disco is sold out, not surprising, it is a pretty opalescent duochrome glitter. Yep, I have it! ; )

Now I take you  to Walmart. The nail polish displays are getting bigger and bigger. This must hold 1000 bottles and it dwarfs the woman in the picture.  The pure Ice display they had a few weeks ago was almost the size of a smart car. It is gone now, but it was never even filled all the way. These huge displays are selling out at a rapid clip.

This one though, I am not sure, These are sinful colors and they seem to be core shades, not the new pastels everyone is raving about. There is another display of these polishes at the end of the aisle on the left side, (that black rectangle hanging there) but they seem to linger in the store longer than the other brands.

And the best is saved for last. Here is the latest display to make my heart go pitter pat.  I spent twenty minutes here I know gazing at all the colors.  So far I have snagged three, but right now I have lost one of them between the living room and the bedroom last night and it is REALLY bugging me.

I picked
black tie optional
so so sequins (it ran away?)
and piece of papaya I really wanted little hottie and celebrate sequins but they both sold out. grrrr

 I bought the second one on the left in the pic below so so sequins. I read that the fourth from the left, fire flash has "intentional scallop" or "reflective curling" or "dimensional sequins" or whatever.

I guess you know about the hilarious flap regarding the great and powerful upset over the "intentional scalloping" of glitter. Another chapter in the ongoing saga entitled "As the Polish Turns" aka "The Days of our Polish".  I think a sense of humor is essential when these types of things occur : D

  I bet that mint green candy sprinkles is all gone now.  These have interesting shiny glitters too! It makes them seem yummier. I was mid manicure when I went to the store, a girl has to shop!

I have to admit this sparkly berry smoothie looks yummy (it isn't called that I am sure).

Little Hottie was gone, as was black tie optional, celebrate sequins and  party central.  These were top picks for myself as well, but after seeing swatches, I don't care for party central as much.  I want one of the chrome crush shades next. The candy ones don't appeal as much to me, though I will buy one eventually I am sure : D  If you missed it, my post here has the coupon link.

LOST one bottle of Hard Candy so so sequins, if found return to lovenailpolish. Whaaaaaaa!



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